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Empire Serenity Screening

Empire Online are offering a free screening of a ‘Mystery Film’ in 20 cities across the UK. From the description of the film it sounds very likely that this could be Serenity, although, of course, we can’t be certain. Here’s how to get a ticket:

We can’t tell you what this month’s reader screening is. UIP, who have kindly agreed to give us one of their top films, have done so on the condition that we don’t let you know what it is. All we can say is that it’s fab, and that you’re going to want to mosey on down to your nearest Vue cinema as soon as possible, clutching the attached voucher in your hands and exchange it for a shiny new pair of tickets to the mystery film – and we’re not telling you what it is, no matter how hard you beg!

Now thanks to our friends at UIP, Universal Pictures and Vue Cinemas, you can see it first – and for free!

How To Get Your Tickets – You can see this surprise film (cert.15) first, some time before it opens, and for free, on September 19, at the Vue Cinemas listed below at 6 for 6.30pm. Tickets can be collected at participating Vue cinemas from Monday September 12. As ever, demand for tickets is likely to be high, so do get there early. Please remember that the attached voucher is NOT a ticket, and must be exchanged for tickets at the cinema.

Participating Vue Cinemas: Acton, Belfast, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, Croydon Grants, Edinburgh Ocean, Fulham, Portsmouth, Reading, Red Cinema, Shepherds Bush, Staines, Watford, York, Islington, North Finchley, Harrow.

This post was transferred from the old version of this site on 29 August 2011 and backdated to the original posting date.

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