TV Line Interviews Nathan Fillion

July 23, 2011 07:55 PM PDT

Nathan Fillion Previews ‘Repercussions’ of Castle’s Love Confession, Premiere’s Big Fight

Even the great geek god, Nathan Fillion, isn’t immune to Jedi mind tricks, as the Castle star realized upon sitting down in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite to answer some questions about the ABC hit’s shocking finale and the aftermath coming in the Season 4 opener (airing Monday, Sept. 19).

fter lamenting the exit of cast member Ruben Santiago-Hudson (and in turn pitching a way to bring the late Capt. Montgomery back), Fillion clears the air about the season-ending shooting, confirming that Beckett (played by Stana Katic) indeed was shot in her “important bits.”

He then goes on to say that, given Castle’s declaration of love as Beckett lay wounded, “Certainly there are repercussions. Once you say something like that… it’s going to have to be dealt with.”

Fillion also reveals what it’s like to get shoved around by on-screen rival Victor Webster‘s “manhole cover”-hands when the gents clash, shares the overall theme for Season 4, and offers his informed take on for just how long Rick and Kate can “do this dance” before diving into romance.

Press play — you know you want to.

Original interview at EW

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