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Marc Blucas Talks Necessary Roughness With Collider

August 23, 2011

Marc Blucas finds familiar role

By Rick Bentley

Art’s certainly imitating life these days for Marc Blucas. On the USA Network series “Necessary Roughness,”he plays Matthew Donnally, a former college hoops player who has become the trainer for the Hawks, a professional football team. He’s the guy who brings in Dr. Dani (Callie Thorne) to help the players deal with any emotional or psychological problems that might be affecting their play.Before becoming an actor, Blucas played basketball at Wake Forest University from 1990-1994 where he had a career total of 387 points, 187 rebounds and 114 assists. After graduation he played one year in Europe.

“As an actor you want to play all different kinds of roles. When I saw the script for this show, I knew the apple’s not falling too far from the tree because sports was my passion for so long,” Blucas says over breakfast at the Beverly Hilton. “Because sports was such a big part of my life before, I thought I could bring something to the character and the overall storytelling.”

Blucas isn’t attracted to acting parts where all he gets to do is stand and say his lines. He wants to be a part of the process and as soon as he met with the team behind “Necessary Toughness,” he knew they were interested in everything he had to say. He calls working on the show an “ego-less environment.”

During his playing days, Blucas saw athletes with all different kinds of egos and personalities – not unlike the acting world – and many of them needed some mental coaching. He says Tiger Woods could use some help because until he admits that his personal life has changed dramatically, he’s never going to be the golfer he was.

As for which sports have the craziest characters, Blucas says it’s individual sports like golf, tennis, swimming, etc. With team sports, the characters may be bigger than life but there is a point where they have to work with the team.

Blucas appeared in a few TV shows and films after he switched from his sports career but he credits his role as Riley Finn for two seasons on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for giving him the biggest acting boost. He’ll always be indebted to that show because that’s where he got his most training to be an actor.

Had he not had such a great experience on the series, Blucas would have probably quit acting because he had a full scholarship to go to law school. Then he could have been on the USA Network series “Suits.”

“Necessary Roughness” airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on the USA Network.

Original Interview at Fresnobeehive

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