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Slayalive Q&A with Scott Allie for Buffy Season 9 #1

Q&A with Scott Allie for Buffy Season 9 #1

Hey all!

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This is a whole new era so be creative with your questions. Within reason, of course. No questions that are meant to simply further your agenda (especially in shipping!). Everything else is fair game, but be respectful of each other AND the guy who’s gracious enough to take your questions. Be advised that blatant spoiler fishing may be met with a simple “No spoilers”.

Anyone who’s reading this and not a member, I’m accepting questions at wenxina[AT]slayalive.com. Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Alright… GO!

1. Bamph: First of all. Loved Angel & Faith #1. Very strong start to season 9.

My first question is in regards to Buffy. There are going to be several new characters and I want to see if we’ve got them straight so far. There’s El Draco who is a new demon character. Then there is Severin who is this new human guy who slays vampires in a new unique way. Finally there is this new gay male character who will be introduced by Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg later in the season. So my question is, has the guy with shades from Buffy #40 been talked about yet in any of the info out there on the new season or is he still a mystery character and can we assume that he will be appearing in Buffy and not Angel & Faith?

Scott: Is El Draco the guy in the green scene in #1? He is a demon. Yes re: Severin. Yes, Jane and Drew’s story will come later, and yes, we will be getting into the guy teased in Season 8 #40. But there are a lot of other characters coming too.

2. Veiriti: Hi Mr. Allie,
As a huge Spike fan I’m eager to know more of his role in S9. Is there any reason we, the Spike fans should be excited and proud of our favorite character? And as much as I love Spike and Buffy together I don’t want Spike to turns into her shadow (or a lap dog). Will he have his own story arc and/or his own mini series? Will he interact with other characters instead with Buffy? Will he meet his Bug’s crew again? Can you tell us if you had any interesting or funny scenes for Spike?
Thank you!

p.s. I loved the first issue of Angel&Faith! The artwork is FANTASTIC. Rebekah Issacs is very talented artist. Reading the issue is just like I’m watching a real tv show! I would love to see a crossover with Spike and Angel drawn by Rebekah Issacs. (it’s not a question, just a fan wish!)

Scott: Spike is going to be central to the Buffy title. He’s got good things coming up, great scenes, interactions with the other key characters, including some of the new guys—he takes on a bit of a role with local law enforcement—and so hopefully all that will make Spike fans happy. There was talk about giving him his own title, but we felt it was more important to keep him in this one. That’ll probably piss off more of you than it pleases, but there you go.

3. Stoney: Hi

I’m really looking forward to seeing some real character progression in S9, particularly with Buffy and Spike, but my question is actually about Xander, one of the often quieter characters:

Will Xander get to address his feelings/reactions about Angel and Giles?

Scott: In short, maybe. No promises, but there is a lot of aftermath from the end of Season 8. But the Buffy title is moving forward more swiftly than the Angel & Faith title is.

4. zamolxis: Hello,

I haven’t managed to read the issue (I will in about 2 weeks) but, similar to Stoney’s above question, I’m curious to know if Buffy will get to address her feelings about Angel being Twilight and killing Giles.

Scott: Buffy’s mostly dealing with the question of where she is right now, and what she’s going to do next with her life. She’s reeling from what happened, but she’s focused on the future.

5. Morphia: Hi Scott

Thanks very much for doing this Q&A. I’ve just read the issue. Lots of interesting stuff in it. I like the San Francisco setting and all the hints of trouble to come and the last page was very funny. I have several questions I want to ask but since we’re only allowed one at a time, I’ll start with the one that’s most pressing to me.

When she isn’t drunk in this issue, Buffy is kind of rude to Spike considering he’s trying to help her. In fact, that’s been her default with him ever since he came back in season 8 no 36. It reminds me of the way she treated him in season 4 and 5 of the show. I know Buffy isn’t good at talking about her feelings, but will there ever be some explanation for this?

I hope this question doesn’t come across as shippy. It’s not meant to. It’s more about respect really. I just want to see more varied interactions between the two characters.

Scott: Since he got a soul, she’s alternately treated Spike like her sole confidante, the only one who understands her, or like a dog. I don’t know that it warrants explanation—her behavior speaks for itself—although one would hope she would evolve. But there won’t be a scene where she says, This is why I’m so inconsistent with you, Spike. One could also asks why he puts up with it, but I think his motivations and drives are a bit more straightforward.

6. Sosa Lola: Xander has always been good at hiding his pain and suffering, but after all that has happened to him in the last few years, from losing Anya, an eye, his hometown, Renee and the castle, to watching Buffy betray them with Angel, and watching Giles be killed right in front of him, is it possible that we’re going to see Xander break emotionally?

Scott: He’s definitely in for some emotional trouble of his own, and the stuff you list is part of why he’s withdrawing from the Scooby aspect of things, toward more domesticity. I hope he doesn’t break. Buffy has enough problems coming up.

7. AndrewCrossett: I’ll start off with an Angel & Faith question, since I don’t have my Buffy issue yet…

Fulfillment of the Shanshu Prophecy would require proactive magic to restore Angel’s humanity. Likewise, his “perfect happiness” curse requires proactive magic to strip away his soul. Can either of those things happen in a world where doing magic (as opposed to being magic) is impossible? Will these questions be addressed at all this season?

Scott: think there’s an argument to be made that somewhere between After the Fall and Twilight, Shanshu was done in. There could be an argument for that—I’m not saying it’s a done deal. But I agree with you that Shanshu could not happen today, so to speak, given where the world is at right now. Faith and Angel talk a little about this, in terms of potential apocalypses…

8. Maggie: Hi Scott! Interesting first issue! My question: Is there any chance we’ll see a new love interest for Spike? This issue makes it seem like it’s well past time for him to move on.

Scott: We’ll definitely address Spike’s love life and emotions, and the question of whether or not it’s time to move on.

9. Matrim: Will Willow and Xander rebuild their friendship in S9? Willow needs to learn how to be “normal again”, after spending years of being a powerful witch and ignoring her talents in other areas like hacking, and Xander should be the perfect guy to help her with that. Both have had plenty of scenes with Buffy in the comics but almost no scenes with only the two of them. Will this change in S9?

I hope the above counts as just one question.

Scott: This isn’t really gonna change anytime soon. There are things going on with both that prevent us from focusing on that. You’ll see soon…

10. Lone Wolf: Hi, Scott, now “After the Fal”l is been confirmed canon, what is the canon status of the other Angel titles: “Spike: After The Fall” and Angel #23 “After the Fall: Epilogue” ( where Gunn wakes up ) and will we get an update on Gunn, and Wolfram & Heart seeing they have a London branch? Thanks. Also I love the Angel and Faith title but the portal he came from in Season 8 still confuses me

Scott: Thank you for not asking a question about canon, so I don’t have to talk about that. We will be getting updates on a lot of the old characters from the Angel series, though not all of them. We probably won’t much tell you who’s coming in advance.

11. zianna: A question from me about Angel. We read a kind of retcon or should I call it an attempt to white-wash him. Angel in issue 1 tells us that Twilight influenced him more and more and Angel didn’t have any memories of his actions in season 8, or some of them. How are we supposed to know now what he did and what was Twilight’s influence acting? Are you trying to get him off the hook by using the Twilight influence? Was he influenced when he was in the Twilight dimension with Buffy (so that’s the reason why he wanted to stay there and let everyone on Earth die)? Does that also mean that Buffy was very much influenced by Twilight when she was saying the lines “bestest day”? Was he under the Twilight influence when he was watching soldiers and slayers getting killed by the goddess doing nothing? Or when he ordered the death of the “spike” person? Sorry if they seem more than one question, but all of them are actually one: How are we supposed to know now when Angel was acting under his own free will and when it was the Twilight acting and speaking throught him?

Scott: You need to read it and interpret it, like any story. Like why Buffy is a bitch to Spike much of the time. You read it, you make your own sense of it. Part of reading is interpretation, of motives, of meaning, of emotions, and this is part of the grey area of Angel. He let himself be a part of this thing that got worse than he ever imagined. And we’re not trying to get him off the hook by using the Twilight thing—the Twilight thing is what happened. The Twilight thing had an influence on him that got him to do some of the worst things that he’s ever done. Angel & Faith, the comic, is about the quest for redemption. We’re not saying he didn’t do bad things. We’re not saying it was all someone or something else’s fault. We’re looking at what he can or should do to make up for the things he did, and for me part of the question is whether this is just too much. I don’t see how it’s a retcon or a whitewash, but yes, there’s room for debate and disagreement on how much he was influenced and how much it was really him—how much it was him simply going along with Twilight, which it certainly was at the start, and how much of it was him sort of possessed by Twilight, which is more of what happened in the last issues of Season 8. But he let himself get into that situation, because of weaknesses in his character.

12. wenxina: Hi Scott. Thanks for doing this with us. I was wondering if there was any word on whether the Dollhouse books will continue beyond the current 5-issue “Epitaphs” run?

Scott: There will, we just don’t know when. The writers are super busy, including Andrew on Buffy and Once Upon a Time, and we only want to do the next story when we can get the same team together.

13. Sosa Lola: Considering the snarky background to their interactions and that Spike had a protective/brotherly role with Dawn at one time, will we get to see any new dynamics between Xander and Spike and how they react to each other anew in S9?

Scott: Yes, but not right away. There’s a scene early on where they’re together, but what you’re talking about doesn’t play out. It will, though.

14. Bamph: I didn’t get the ending with the student loan and the demon collecting on it.Was that just supposed to be a joke to end the issue on or is there more to that?

Scott: Yeah, it’s a joke … but it does point toward some of the sort of problems Buffy is going to be facing now. Also, the sorts of jobs demons are stuck with after the end of magic.

15. Morphia: Hi again Scott

I hope you don’t mind my saying, but I didn’t think the Everyone Loves Vampires Now storyline in season 8 was that well set up. There was too much tell and not enough show, and it just didn’t seem realistic to me that people would behave that way just because Harmony had a TV show, especially as vampires were still killing people. I know (or I would imagine) that the story was trying to make a point about how the mass media can manipulate people’s emotions and make them believe all sorts of stupid things, but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me and I would hope to see the ramifications of such a huge game changer in the ‘verse dealt with in greater depth in season 9.

My question is, how will the ‘outing’ of vampires continue to impact on Buffy and her friends, and given that everyone loves vampires now and hates slayers how did Buffy manage to slip so easily into relative anonymity in San Francisco?

Scott: While Slayers were outed, Buffy didn’t become a household name. And Riley pulled some favors with the government, because of how screwed up things got with that one faction of the military. The outing of vampires will definitely pose some problems for our characters who make a past-time of killing them.

16. Stoney: Hi Scott

As there has been a gap in the relationship between Spike and Buffy which hasn’t been visited directly in the comics, will S9 show any progression for them which encompasses their emotional history to help fill the void?

Scott: If you mean flashbacks, no. But their relationship moving forward will be a part of the story, and rebuilding that relationship, whatever type of relationship it ends up being, is all about progress. But I suspect you’re looking to address the time before his appearance in Season 8, and not much time will be spent on that.

17. zianna: Hi again

I read the issue, and some things I don’t get. Issue 40 in season 8 has Spike with his ship going to Buffy and warn her giving her the pep-talk. We had already known that six months had passed ever since the end of issue 39. And then at the end of Spike/Buffy’s meeting, Spike leaves inside his bug-ship.

Then we have the webcomic, where we learn that Spike was in space at least 2 months after the end of issue 39. And at the end of the webcomic, Spike leaves the bugs and returns home, so the webcomic basically tells us that Spike left his bugs.

Now we see in issue 1, which takes place several months after the end of season 8, that Spike still lives with his bugs. And Buffy tells Riley that the last conversation she had with Spike was a pep talk (but that happened months ago) but from the issue we get the impression that Spike has been close to Buffy all those months.

I am really confused about not only the timeline, but also how the things have happened, could you please explain some things? How long was Spike away from Buffy until issue 40? 2 months? Less? More? What about after the end of season 8? Has Buffy only met Spike once all those months? How long was Spike in space? Did he leave his bugs at the end of the webcomic? And when did the webcomic take place? Again they seem many questions, but I really don’t understand the timeline of the facts we have read in the issues.

Scott: Is this really what people want to know? In order to answer I have to go look at the stories again, and I can’t do that right now with the release and the signing and Georges here visiting, but I’ll try to answer this one tomorrow if Wenxian wants to throw it back in with the next batch.

* NOTE: @zianna : The timeline in question is quite straightforward. The 8-page short took place immediately after Spike runs off to chase the demon in #39. He comes back, but his closing lines definitely don’t imply that he’s leaving the bugs for good. Which is why when we meet up with him again in #40, he leaves in the ship.

** Scott added this: Thanks to Wenxian for taking the time to answer this. The signing, by the way, was a big success tonight, great turn out, great time with Georges in the bar afterward talking about Dr Who 52, Hack Slash, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s Criminal, and Mad Men.

18. Moscow Watcher: When you were breaking down season 9 together with Joss, have you discussed a possibility of Xander changing his profession so that he could spend more time around Buffy and help her in a professional capacity – as a cop or a reporter or a private investigator?

Scott: No, we’ve been real sold on the idea for a while that Xander would really be looking for more of a very normal life, and mostly putting Scooby activity of any kind behind him. We talked about that sort of thing with other characters, but not Dawn or Xander.

19. Wenxina: Any idea of when the spinoff/minis will start? Will these books run concurrently with the two main books, or will they replace one or both books to give the creative staff some time to catch up?

Scott: We have dates locked in, but not ready to announce anything yet. Nothing before next summer. They’ll be concurrent with the regular series, with new creative teams.

20. Matrim: Okay, thanks for the answer! Now, onto the next question – in the latest issue Willow mentions having a job. What is her job and is the job going to be important plot-wise or just mentioned as an explanation for Willow’s source of money?

Scott: The job won’t be important plotwise. It’s a computer service thing, but it won’t feature in very much.

21. tigerfan: Many fans are very excited to see an emotional storyline for Xander like seeing him so gloomy and secretive in this issue. We’re excited at the prospects of seeing Xander go through the emotions of all that affected him instead of just being told that he dealt with it all off screen. Would you say this is leading to something big for him story arc wise that would last the whole season as oppose to just a few issues arc? Many Xander fans were afraid that he would disappear into the background with Dawn and wouldn’t play much of a role this season, but we’re excited and eagerly waiting to see what he’s up to and how he’s feeling. We just don’t want to be burned again on the idea of an emotional story and it mostly play for background growth or a storyline that has more affect on other characters than it does for him. Thanks for continuing with the Q&As!

Scott: Lot of love for Xander, which is great. I can’t say how much of this you’re getting this season. We’re balancing things to make sure that we get through the story in twenty-five issues, not balloon past it like last time. I love the character too, but I’m sure he won’t get as much as some readers would like.

22. Bamph: You mentioned in a previous answer above that there was talk about giving Spike his own title, but felt it was more important to keep him in this one. I know we are just starting Season 9 but could you see Spike maybe getting his own monthly title as part of Season 10 then? For that matter, could you see the whole make up in Season 10 being different in regards to which are the monthly books and how many, who are the leads of the monthly books and which books have which supporting characters?

Scott: It’s totally possible that Spike could have his own series in Season 10. The landscape will be different next time, for sure.

23. zianna: Next question, and another kind of “retcon”.
Whistler in season 2 says that

Nobody saw you
coming. I figured this for Angel’s big day. But I thought he was here to
*stop* Acathla, not to bring him forth. Then you two made with the
smoochies… now he’s a creep again.

So Whistler in season 2 had absolutely no idea that Angel and Buffy would fall in love.

And then in season 8, Whistler says

Some of them aren’t likely, like Angel and Buffy falling in love which was a longshot that paid off

So, Whistler in season 8 knew that there was a chance that Buffy and Angel could fall in love.

So, my question. Is this a retcon, or not? Because if it’s not, that means that Whistler is not telling the truth either in season 2 or in season 8. And if he lies, when is it? In season 2 or in season 8?
Maybe it means that Whistler was working all that time for Twilight? Even back before season 1? When he first found Angel? And if that’s true, does this also mean that The Powers to Be were also behind Twilight?

Scott: Sorry, I’m not going back over the scripts right now, but just from the bits you’ve quoted here, I don’t know. It was not intended as retcon. If you’re right, and there’s a contradiction here, I guess it’s a mistake. Saying that it was a longshot that paid off does not mean that he knew at the time that it might happen. It means that the whole notion of it happening is a long shot; not that it’s a notion that he himself had. Is that what you’re inferring?

24. TimeTravellingBunny: How much time has passed between #40 (present day – e.g. Buffy talking to Spike on the fire escape, Buffy being attacked by the three Slayers etc.) and #1 Freefall?

Scott: More than a month, less than a few.

25. AndrewCrossett: I see that Willow’s new girlfriend is named Aura. Is this the same Aura who was Cordelia’s friend early in season 1? She looks very much like her.

Scott: Wow. Crap. I believe that’s a total coincidence. It never came up in what turned into very detailed conversations about getting her look right. If it was supposed to be her, I’m sure Joss would have directed us to IMDb.

26. Chad Schwartz: I was disappointed there was no mention of Xander’s complicity in Buffy’s bankrobbing and so on. He used to be willing to challenge her when she was going off course and he never did that in S8. I think that fits where they are, but I wish it had been a plot point for further development of that arc. Will it be addressed in S9?

Scott: Xander will call her on some stuff in Season 9, yeah. But he won’t say, Remember when you robbed banks, that was bad. But he will have input about better choices going forward.

27. Moscow Watcher: There is a lot of debates about the panel where Buffy calls Spike “Stalky the Clown”. Her facial expression is neutral, so it’s not clear if she’s joking or is annoyed or angry at him. Are there any remarks in the script that describe her attitude? Also, is there a mention in the script that Spike must be located above Buffy on that panel – i.e. it is conceptualized by Joss or not?

Thank you for replying to our questions!

Scott: You’re welcome, and I’m sorry, there’s actually very little info in that panel description, nothing describing the look on her face or in which spot to place him. Joss went over layouts and pencils very closely with this issue, though, so I believe this is at least fairly true to his intentions. And I read it as playfully shitty, but not unshitty.

28. Reddygirl: Hello Scott.

Will we see some kind of “detente” between Buffy and her Sister Slayers? Will we see Buffy confronted by Satsu or say Vi and then get the chance to explain herself? Thanks.

Scott: I don’t think we’ll get much more of that. We probably won’t get a detente, just because the conflict will subside, be less of a point. What’s going on with other Slayers will be a bigger part of Faith’s life than Buffy’s, actually. But the issue won’t entirely subside for Buffy.

29. Maggie: We’ve been told that Drusilla will be appearing in season 9. Will she be appearing in A&F as well?

Scott: Too early to say … sorry, Maggie!

30. zamolxis: How did you (the writers) selected the “Freefall” name for the first arc and will be a tough landing/wake up call in issue #4?

Scott: The title came from Joss, and it describes more than the first four issues … there will be various wake up calls this season.

31. Sosa Lola: I have really enjoyed the issue, especially the part with Xander having a secret and hiding it from Dawn. I love how Buffy knows about it and is being supportive. Is Buffy the only one who knows about it? Does the secret involve her?

Scott: This needs to remain open to interpretation for now.

32. cheryl: Hi Scott, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. The issue was great today, btw.

My question is this…”Will there be a moment in the over all plot for Xander this season that will have us screaming Holy cow!”

Scott: You mean that hasn’t happened yet? Sorry. I don’t know that we will succeed in amping Xander’s situation that high.

33. willow_boy: Hi Scott, thanks for answering everyone’s questions. I know this was asked a lot during Season 8 but will Marcie Ross maybe make an appearance this season? And what about Amy: do you have more plans for her and her loss of Warren and her magics ?

Scott: Sorry, wanna stay mostly tightlipped on who’s coming back until we’re ready to announce or surprise.

34. Stoney: Hi Scott, thanks for carrying on with the Q&As. It is hard to picture how Xander and Dawn will feature if they are no longer playing an active role in the Scooby gang and whether they can, therefore, work independently of each other as well. Many Xander fans are afraid he will become more ‘Dawn’s boyfriend’ and disappear into the background once again. Are they going to have a decent level of autonomy from eachother and will Xander end up isolating himself if he isn’t within the Scoobies, won’t be re-establishing his friendship with Willow and is keeping secrets from Dawn?

Scott: Sorry, the only real answer I can give there is that Dawn and Xander will appear together most of the time at least in the early part of the season.

35. hann23: Great job on both comics!

In Angel and Faith # 1 opening scene, Giles is exorcizing a demon from a little girl. Was this during Season 8, pre-Season 8 or pre-Buffy? The child’s outfit in the first scene as compared to the child’s outfit in the last scene made me wonder if it was pre-Buffy. I truly had no idea that one of the Watcher’s duties included exorcism outside of the slayer world. Will we see more memories of how the Watchers’ Council managed Giles’s duties? I’ve always been curious.

Scott: We like to keep this stuff flexible for the sake of future stories, but it’s somewhere before the middle of Season 8, but after his full-time stint in Sunnydale.

36. AndrewCrossett: Will we find out whose pants and belt Buffy woke up naked in bed next to?

(Whoever it was, he apparently went home without his pants.)

Scott: The question will certainly come up.

PS: If you’re wondering why fans made the leap with Aura being Cordy’s old friend, this is a pic of her:

Scott: Wow, I see. Yeah, she was never mentioned in our conversations. Coincidence.

37. Bamph: This is sort of related to zianna’s question about Whistler. Will Whistler be showing up more in Angel & Faith or was Issue 1 his only planned appearance and will we find out more about what’s going on with him and did he set Angel on the Twilight mission knowing what would happen? Quite honestly with everything that happened I’m really dying for Angel to get his hands on Whistler and force him to explain himself.

Scott: He will be around a bit more, yes. We will find out more about what’s going on with him, dunno if we’ll specifically flashback to why he did what he did, but will definitely explore why he’s doing what he’s doing. Whistler is an enigmatic character, and we’re excited about digging into him some more.

38. zamolxis: You said you were “working”

Scott: I know, I’m sure this really upset someone somewhere. Thanks to Assistant Editor Jim Gibbons for posting that. I was actually emailing with my boss, who’s on set of a movie that we’re shooting on the East Coast.

I like very much Steve Morris’ covers, but what about Jo Chen?

Thank you for your time with Q&As.

Scott: She’ll continue to be around a bit, but she wanted a break from likenesses, and has been doing Kull and BPRD covers for us.

39. Reddygirl: I’m curious about your saying Spike might have his own title in 10. I love Spike, he’s my favorite character after Buffy, but I have zero interest in reading a long-running comic with only him in it or him and new characters. Would this comic be only a mini or would you pair up Spike with someone like Xander?

Scott: Anyone might have their own title in Season 10. No more thought has gone into it than that, so he might. Him or Marcie Ross, I guess.

40. Chad Schwartz: In S8, we got a reprise of seasons 2/3 where Buffy’s love for Angel is horribly destructive. Xander’s reaction to what happened in S8 (his faith and trust in Buffy without judging her or yelling at her) is a big contrast from his anger and going on a mission to kill Angel with Faith in S3. If we are going to be treating Xander as a rich well-developed character, shouldn’t the writers deal with how that echoes with the season 3 conflict between Buffy and Xander?

Scott: That is definitely a path we could explore, not so much in contrast to Season 3, but in terms of how he’s reacting to things that have happened lately.

41. Sosa Lola: Is poor Xander going to have a guy friend this season? After Jesse’s death I don’t think he really had a close guy friend. I wonder if he can form a strong friendship with a guy like he did with women. A Xander/Spike friendship would be awesome.

Scott: There are new male characters coming into the cast, so one would hope, but he really does form better friendships with women, from Willow on down the line.

42. Maggie: Thanks for all your answers! Re: Spike in season 10 — can I put in a plug for Spike/Vi? Vi has that Felicia Day vibe going and I think that could be a fun thing to explore.

Question: There is interesting speculation that the dead girls are vampires who were de-demonized by Severin. Also that it’s not obvious that the demon that got released is ‘evil’ since “kill them all” echoes Angel’s season 1 intention to kill all the vampires. At the same time the public is still pro-vamp. Is it fair to say that the status of vampires is one of the issues for season 9? And does Spike’s role have something to do with how a vampire with a soul fits into all of that?

Scott: Yes and yes, actually. Not so much the question of the soul, as the fact that he’s on the good guy’s team. But yes, vamp status is something that changes the dynamic for Buffy. But this is secondary to other things going on with Buffy and with Spike.

43. Veiriti: Thanks a lot for your answers Mr. Allie!
Oh, it’s great Spike to have his own title in S10! I love him with Buffy, but I’d love to see him as a man of himself. I loved Spike’s IDW mini series and the other Brian Lynch’s comics for Spike. I don’t mind if Spike reunites with Betta George and Beck again – they were a cool team. And I prefer to see him with Willow or/and with Illyria instead with Xander. Sorry, not a big fan of Xander (and the idea Spike/Xander together) – I think that these two characters have nothing in common.
And if Spike gets his own title in Season 10 I would love Paul Lee (or Rebekah Issacs) to do the artwork!
And I would like to ask Mr. Allie another question, if is not too late – is it possible to see Spike as a guest star on Angel&Faith title for one arc or issue? I would love to see him interacting with Angel and Faith in London? London is Spike (William) hometown after all! And yeah, I would love to see Spike and Angel together and what are Spike’s thought/feelings/reaction to the post-Twilight Angel and his redemption.
Thanks again to Scott Allie and Wenxina for doing this Q&A sessions!

Scott: Everyone clear on the fact that I very hypothetically said Spike MIGHT have a title of his own in Season 10? No one heard me say he would, right? And no, it is unlikely, although not impossible, that Spike will make it to Angel and Faith’s book.

44. tigerfan: Yes, there is a lot of love out there for Xander. I’ve noticed from looking around the interwebs that there seems to be a lot of excitement and buzz about Xander and his secret and the possibility of a great role for him to play for the season. Many Xander fans have been amped up before at the idea of a possible juicy role only for it to fizzle out. I’m hoping to see a role that takes him off the sidelines and actually see a storyline that focuses on his emotions and part in the story. Would you say that this secret is a big part of his story this year or is it something else?

Scott: No comment, sorry.

45. bishopcruz: Scott, any idea on whether or not we’ll be getting digital releases of Buffy? I love floppies, but space has become an issue and I would much prefer to be able to buy Buffy and Angel digitally day and date like I do most of the rest of my comics. I noticed that outside of Fray, there were no Buffy books available on the digital store? Is there a reason that Buffy isn’t up there?

Scott: Working it out with Fox. Digital is coming.

46. Stoney: Hi again. Spike is by far my favourite character but I would prefer to see him long term in BtVS with some crossover opportunities than others/his own title. Regardless of specifically whether Spike or Buffy end up in a relationship, is it ever going to be possible for Buffy to settle into a long-term relationship even if her ‘other half’ isn’t always featuring in her title or is it a necessary dynamic of the show that this is never settled?

Scott: I think Buffy has a lot of growing to do before she can make a longterm positive relationship work. Maybe if she meets the right person.

47. zianna: Hi again

Another question.
Spike in #36 reads the titles in a newspaper “Buffy Summers terrorist, slayer jihad”.
And yesterday you replied to a question “While Slayers were outed, Buffy didn’t become a household name.”
And then you added “Riley pulled some favors with the government, because of how screwed up things got with that one faction of the military.”

Ok, maybe a single soldier with no actual power in the military can pull some favours and be able to cover such major things, what about the press though which lives and chases things and scandals like that? How were they able to shut up the fourth power?
Is that a retcon, or is it a mistake?

Scott: Yeah, having her name on that paper was a bad call, I guess. Frankly, there was talk of what REALISTICALLY she’d need to do to go forward with her life, and basically it would make the story suck. She’d change her name, dye her hair, and her and all her friends would get shoved into different small towns in states like Arizona and Nevada, working in insurance companies. We decided not to do that, and to say that the story would be better if we could make this work. It’s not completely realistic, and I forgot her name was on that paper. I am apparently not the only one who forgot (glancing around at my partners in crime). But yes, we wanted to get Buffy away from the big political schemes and conflicts, down to a personal level in an interesting city, and I guess we strained credulity in doing so. We didn’t want the story to spend a bunch of time dealing with the intrigue of how she winds up working in a coffee shop and living with some other twenty-somethings. However, Riley is a somewhat important guy in the US military at this point, so I standby the idea that after everything that happened he could have had a role in getting her exonerated by the government.

48. Morphia: Hi again, Scott

Last question from me, and it’s about a piece of dialogue in the issue. In the comic, when Buffy’s drunk and Riley’s giving her a pep talk, she tells him he sounds like Spike, which Riley of course doesn’t like much. Then she says, “The last conversation we had was a pep talk”. Does she mean her last conversation with Spike – i.e. the one on the balcony outside Dawn and Xander’s apartment in Season 8 # 40, or is she talking about a previous pep talk Riley gave her?

Scott: Sorry, I don’t remember. Probably whichever one makes more sense.

49. Wenxina: Is Joss scheduled to write any more issues by himself in the near future? I’m sure Andrew Chambliss will be great as co-writer of the Buffy book (he’s doing great in the Dollhouse ones), but I gotta say that no one writes the way Joss does.

Scott: Not scheduled, as we’re waiting to see how things roll out with Avengers, but he’s said that when his time frees up more he wants to get back into it, and I know there are certain parts he really wants to do himself.


Right, that got your attention, right? Okay, Scott sent me this note to pass along to you guys:

I’ve learned to never assume that any of the characters will get enough spotlight to please their most diehard fans. So while I’m reluctant to say that Xander fans will be satisfied with how much of his own plot line he gets this season, there is something coming for him that I think you’ll find really compelling, a thread that is entirely Joss’s idea. It will answer some of your questions about Xander, about the direction of his character through Season 8, his relationship to Buffy and to others around him, and his response to all that’s happened and all that’s been done. Like everything in Season 9, it’s related to fallout from the destruction of the seed, but it’s much more about his emotional life stretching way back into the TV show. And it all ties in to the very brief conversation between him and Buffy during the party, and the “secret.” So in all honesty, everything said about Xander in this Q&A will be addressed to some degree, some of it delved deeply into, and it’s all connected to a single thread that was hidden behind his time alone with Buffy at the party.

And that’s a wrap, folks. Thank you all for contributing to a fun session… Not sure when we’ll do this again, but believe you me, you’ll be the first to hear.
A huge thank you to the ever gracious Scott Allie for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.

Feel free to share this with the interwebs…

Original Interview at Slayalive

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