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Slayalive Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #1

Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #1

Hey all!

Rules are simple: Post THREE (3) questions per member until I submit your questions to Georges. I will post a note to let you know when I send off questions to reopen the floor.

Keep it clean, keep it civil. Simple right? Entries are welcome until I post a closing post.

This is a whole new era so be creative with your questions. Within reason, of course. No questions that are meant to simply further your agenda (especially in shipping!). Everything else is fair game, but be respectful of each other AND the artist who’s gracious enough to take your questions. Please also remember that Georges is the artist and not the writer; he may not be the best person to ask editorial or writerly questions.

Anyone who’s reading this and not a member, I’m accepting questions at wenxina[AT]slayalive.com. Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Alright… GO!

1. Bamph: Have you changed anything in how you approach your art this season that will be different from Season 8?

Georges: Like did I use a conscious style when drawing the book this time around? Like Mobius, who is reputed at being ambidextrous and thereby has two distinctive styles? I wish I could say I was that savvy, but no. I’m drawing Season 9 like I drew Season 8, with all the heart and skill that I can muster. I have always striven that with each issue I try to make it a little better. Like pushing yourself at the gym when lifting weights. But other than that it’s the same old drill, I hope that doesn’t come as a disappointment.

2. Bamph: Did you give any strong consideration about doing the art on Angel & Faith instead of Buffy this season and what did you think of Angel & Faith #1?

Georges: When Season 8 was coming to a close, Joss and I were talking on the phone on day and he asked me what my plans were. I told him I didn’t have anything specific in mind. He asked if I would like to come back and I asked what his involvement would be with a new season and little by little he told me of the 2 books that would be coming out and as he talked more about the Angel book, I was really getting inspired. I thought it was a great journey and I really wanted to be a part of that. But, more and more, I realized I’m best staying with the girl I came with so we agreed I should continue Buffy’s adventures. I will be reading Angel and Faith, because I can’t wait to find out how it all pans out. I don’t have too much involvement with that title so I get to read it like a fan.

3. Bamph: I asked this in the Rebekah Isaacs Q/A here two weeks ago for Angel & Faith #1 and I want to ask you the same thing. We know there are going to be crossovers later on down the line in Season 9. Joss said at Comic Con that after establishing both books on their own, they will then get crazy with the crossovers. With that in mind, do you think it would be fun to do a creative team crossover? Meaning that you would get to draw a issue/one-off or arc of Angel & Faith and Rebekah would get to draw a issue/one-off or arc of Buffy. Would you have any interest in something like that?

Georges: Nothing has been nailed down yet, but yeah, that would be great. I’d go so far as to suggest that I draw a book and with Rebekah’s inking talents, she could ink it. There are going to be a lot of books coming out over the course of the next 2 years. A lot of limited series accompanying the regular series.

4. Stoney: Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I’m looking forward to seeing S9 and just wanted to ask one question about the character portrayal of Buffy. I came to Season 8 once it had finished and was surprised at how young Buffy was portrayed in the comics. I feel that this detracts slightly from her experience and presents her as being more immature than she is or should look (considering all she has been through, not just in terms of her age). Is it intentional to stray away from Buffy’s TV image and make her look different and younger and, if so, why?

Georges: I’m sorry to hear that. I try and draw Buffy with a youthful slant, I mean she’s only like 26 at this point and I think she’ll still look relatively young. Sarah Michelle’s in Ringer right now still looks like she just entered her 20s so I suspect she wouldn’t look like she’s aged that much in Season 9. Depending on her emotion mood I draw her with what’s she’s feeling in mind than how old she is. I hope it doesn’t detract too much for you.

5. Sosa Lola: We finally got rid of Xander’s uniform *wink* what’s Xander’s style in clothing in S9? For example, he used to have a thing for Hawaiian shirts until S5.

Georges: Xander’s more of an adult these days. I will be putting him in much hipper clothes. He’ll be wearing a suit from time to time, but look for him to be a little more fashion conscious this season.

6. Lone Wolf: Hi, Georges, hope your well. From what you’ve drawn so far, will Giles be in Season 9 and be a big part of it like in Angel and Faith?

Georges: No. Giles will be mentioned but he won’t be a big part of Buffy’s Season 9.

7. Lone Wolf: Also Drusilla is meant to be back, how do you feel about drawing her if she’s in your title?

Georges: I can’t say much on the Dru front. I can say she will be back, but in what for and in what book, hell in what century, I can’t say.

8. Lone Wolf: Also Andrew’s hair in Season 9 looks like the hair he had in Angel season 5 but then in Buffy season 8 that came after he had the same hair he had in Buffy season 7 wich was before Angel season 5, why is that? Thanks and love your art.

Georges: Yeah, the official story is that Andrew cut his hair back to his faux-hawk, and then grew it out for Season 9. The real reason that happened is I never caught the last season of Angel and so didn’t know what Andrew was looking like. With Season 9 I wanted to bring him back to his more ‘current’ form.

9. Sosa Lola: I really love Buffy’s new roommates: Anaheed and Tumble. Did you have someone in mind when you drew them? And how did the script describe them exactly for you to come up with their final look?

Georges: Joss had those two characters in mind when I started drawing Season 9. He knew what those guys looked like from the get go. I can take no credit for their appearances. I really like them. I hope they stick around.

10. Wenxina: Has the schedule for the art been all laid out? Do you already know which issues you won’t be drawing?

Georges: That is an ongoing discussion with me and the editors. Issue 5 will be a fill-in but from there I’m not sure where we would need more. I would love not to have any fill-ins and I’m going to try my best to do as many issues as possible.

11. Wenxina: Georges, you’ve worked with your inker, Dexter Vines for quite a while now (Vines did the inks for the variant covers in S8). How much instruction do you give him when it comes to inking your pages?

Georges: When someone is as good as Dexter, you don’t give too much instruction. He knows what he’s doing and if you’re smart you get good people to do the work and then you stand back and let them do it. I love what Dex has been doing. I couldn’t be happier. I hope he can stick around for a good long time!

12. Bamph: What was the most challenging aspect of drawing this issue?

Georges: It was a two fold thing coming back to Buffy. At one time it felt very comfortable coming back to something I was very familiar with and on the other hand it was intimidating coming back to a series that I had done so much in already. Maybe people would want something new on the book. It was more my own insecurities coming to the book. You wanna make sure you do your best work when you do anything and I was concerned if I was still able to give my best work to this book. Aside from that, the challenges were and continue to be getting these characters down as they look in the series.

13. Bamph: Which of the new characters have you had most fun working with artistically?

Georges: Let’s see, I am really enjoying drawing more of Spike. He is something I really want to get right. Spike has so much character about him and I want to inject ass much of that in Season 9. Spike’s going to be growing this time around, I think you’ll be surprised.

14. Bamph: I know the stance right this second is that Buffy and Angel themselves probably won’t crossover and interact. I hope that’s just for now and towards the end of the season this changes and/or in Season 10. This will be a big deal whenever it happens so my question is, as the artist of Season 8 and Season 9, would you want to draw this yourself or would you be fine with another artist getting the chance to in another book like Angel & Faith or Season 10 if you aren’t back for that? And if it was in Season 10 and you weren’t the regular artist anymore, would you want to come back just to pencil that? Like Mark Bagley came back for The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man after leaving that book a few years before.

Georges: I don’t think I would ever stray too far from Buffy at this point in my life. What the future holds I don’t know, but I am committed to Buffy through Season 9. I would hope that in the future Dark Horse would want me to come back to the book. But on a personal level… I can’t imagine someone else doing this book. You stick around long enough to something and you get attached.

15. tigerfan: The Xander fans are eager to see his role in S9. Can you tell us if you had any interesting or exciting scenes of Xander to draw for lately?

Georges: Not yet, but the Season’s just getting started. Xander had matured a lot when we get to him in Season 8. Season 9 will see him continuing that maturity. There will be a little controversy at the beginning, see if you can spot it.

16. zamolxis: Hi Georges.

Loved the Magical Mystery Tour. Did Jane Espenson gave you some details regarding the art for this comic, Spike’s double belt and high boots made him look like John Hart played by James Marsters in Torchwood, and who’s idea was for B+S on the table in a heart shaped form?

Georges: While I take away nothing from Jane’s script, which was a dandy little 8-pager, I had a lot of fun putting in the visuals. I loved Torchwood and when I did the 8-pager, I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I put Spike, who was doing his little star traveling thing, if I put him in another star traveling James Marsters’ character’s clothes. “B&S” on the table was just window dressing. I wanted that scene to really play like Spike had a lot of time on his hands and he was going slightly mad being among these bugs.

17. zamolxis: How did you like working with Dexter Vines? I see he’s also the inker for S9 #1

Georges: He’s great. We’ve been friends for years and he’s inked over me in various other titles that I’ve drawn. We also shared studio space at one time for a few years. He is always on my short list of inkers when asked. Dex has inked for years on numerous tiltles like Marvel’s Civil War, Old Man Logan The Hulk and dozens of others.

18. zamolxis: About your cover for issue #2 I admit I didn’t get the feeling that it was Buffy (and sooo much different than your lovely #1 cover) Please tell us something about that unrecognizable (to me) Buffy concept.

Georges: That’s a new one. I don’t know what I did different, but I was trying to do another Buffy cover that portrayed something about the issue. I’m sorry you didn’t take to it. Sometimes when you do this sort of thing you hit the target, and sometimes you only hit the tree.

19. Moscow Watcher: Hi, Mr. Jeanty! Thank you for answering our questions!

In the scene where Buffy calls Spike “Stalky the Clown” was it specified in the script that Spike should be located above Buffy? Or it was your decision to draw him on the fire escape?

Georges: That was in the script. Spike was looking down at the both of them. C’mon, this is Spike, he’s good at stalking!

20. Moscow Watcher: Have you and Joss been discussing how Aura should look today? Was there a debate if she should look more like actress Persia White the way she looks today than the Aura from “Buffy” pilot?

Georges: As pointed out by Scott Allie in his Q&A, the Auras aren’t the same person. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

21. Moscow Watcher: My third question may sound a bit strange, but could you remember the circumstances of one specific panel in Issue 6 in Season 8? The panel on the penultimate page – that of the exterior of Giles’ flat in London – features a red phone box and two persons who look like Dr. Who and Rose. Can you remember how this panel was described in the script? (I ask this question because, as you may know, Angel plans to resurrect Giles, so I wonder if that panel could be a foreshadowing of Angel planning to travel back in time to fix the mess he did).

Georges: Ha, ha. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?! We would look like geniuses! To have planted that seed so far back just to have it grow years later. Brilliant!
Alas, no. There was no such forethought. In Brian Vaughn’s script he writes the ‘exterior of Giles’ London flat’ and from there I took it upon myself to inject a few of my favorite things. I was a fan of Dr. Who and I thought oh, clever me, wouldn’t it be cheeky to put in the Doctor and Rose (who was the companion at the time). I thought about putting in the Tardis but I thought that might be a little too obvious, so I settled for those red phone booths you see. So, no grand design, sorry, but, the Doctor and Angel..? Now that’s interesting….

22. Lone Wolf: Have you drawn any of the cross over charecters from Angel and Faith, yet?

Georges: No. But that’s not to say there wont be. Keep posted.

23. AndrewCrossett: Was it your decision to have Buffy wear a Satsu hairstyle at her party, or was that Joss’s idea?

Georges: You’re the first person to notice that. Yes, that little hair style was a nod to Satsu. Years ago Joss mentioned that Buffy was really into Satsu because she envied her sense of style, so when it came time for the party it seem cute to do. Good looking out!

24. AndrewCrossett: We haven’t seen Buffy wear an outfit this revealing since season 2 of the TV show (if even then). Was that a deliberate attempt to show that she’s trying to emotionally retreat back to her happier high school days, before her encounter with Angelus forced her to grow up pretty suddenly?

Georges: Not so much. It was more of an attempt to dress her up in the clothing style of today. Season 2 was like 10 years ago. Fashion has changed as I’m sure you have noticed, and I was just trying to make her more contemporary. Joss did say that this was a party and it was going to get a little out of hand, so I wanted to reflect that maybe Buffy was ready for that eventuality. You could say it’s her clothing that made it so easy for her to get a little reckless as we’ll learn in a future issue (well, that and the alcohol). Make no mistake. This party is going to have serious ramifications on Buffy’s life. Does that sound a little dramatic? Good. It should….

25. AndrewCrossett: Can you get me a date with Anaheed? Seriously, I think she is this season’s Satsu in terms of being a new character who jumps right off the page and makes me immediately like her. My real question is, is she going to be a significant character this season?

Georges: I don’t know how far Anaheed will go, but I do know she makes it as far as issue 6 as I am drawing her in that issue. A date? Well, she is a real person. Maybe after all this comes out she’ll start doing some shows as Anaheed?

26. Wenxina: While I’m a big fan of your storytelling mechanic, I’m a bigger fan of your close-ups of the characters, either when you’re trying to get an emotional moment across, or in the very quiet moments like in “Retreat”, when Xander and Buffy are talking in the field. Any good ones coming soon?

Georges: I hope so. That’s the stuff I love. I get to shine when I can just put characters together and let the emotion speak. That’s the toughest part of this type of storytelling. It’s finding that right pose or posture or facial expression that will get across all you need to know. Some times I succeed and some times I don’t, but the effort is always there. I’m doing a scene now with Nikki Wood and her Watcher that I think came out particularly nice. There are so many things coming up that are ripe with drama that 25 issues isn’t going to seem like enough! You wait and see!

27. Bamph: How far along are you right now on the art?

Georges: I am in the thick of Issue 6. Lots of stuff happening. Robin Wood is in this issue and he’s involved with some heavy drama stuff with Buffy. I can’t say more, but come the new year, Buffy fans are not going to know what is going on..!

28. Bamph: Can you give any visual or artistic teases for next issue?

Georges: Next issue, Issue 2? We will start to meet some people that will have a major impact in Buffy’s life. More of Spike. Dawn’s mad at Xander, and I make a fashion flub.

29. Wenxina: So, the Mass Effect game that Tumbler is playing… blatant product placement for Dark Horse? Since they also publish the Mass Effect books.

Georges: Yes! When that scene was written it stated that Tumbler was just sitting there. I thought he would be doing something. Why not a video game? I left a space there for Dark Horse to fill on the TV. I didn’t know what game it would be since I don’t play video games, I left it up to them.

30. Wenxina: That picture that can be seen in a panel where Buffy and Willow are talking while Buffy is hungover, I’m assuming that’s this photo, with Xander obscured by the beer bottles?

Georges: You are correct sir! And maybe a little too detail obsessive..? As you all know I love to sneak those things in there. I really do wrestle with just how much to put in because if you follow the logic, Sunnydale is a pit and all of Buffy’s belongings would have perished along with everything else once the Hellmouth caved in. I actually asked Joss about this, and in true genius fashion, he came back with “when they loaded the bus in the last episode they knew they weren’t coming back so they packed all their stuff to take with them.” Good enough for me. I want to keep doing this but I have to make sure it’s plausible to me first and then I can justify sneaking it in.

31. TimeTravellingBunny: There has been a discussion about the panel in which Buffy says “So you came out to protect me?!” and whether she was talking to Spike or Willow or both. I thought that the art made it look like she was turned to Spike, but I may be wrong. Did the script specify who she was talking to?

Georges: She’s talking to Spike. Willow at this point would have no witchy powers so that wouldn’t apply to her.

32. TimeTravellingBunny: You’ve mentioned that you based some of the new characters on actors, such as James McAvoy for the character that is still to be introduced. Did you have such models for Anaheed and Tumble?

Georges: There are. Anaheed is someone Joss knows and Tumble is based off of the actor, I can’t remember his name, he was in Scott Pilgrim Saves the World. He was the lead singer of Sex Bomb.

33. TimeTravellingBunny: If I may ask a very belated Season 8 question: were you told to draw the Claddagh ring on Buffy’s hand in the threesome panel in #3, and if you did, did you get any specific instructions which hand it should be on and how it should be turned?
If may sound like a weird question, but it’s because Claddagh rings have very different meanings depending on where and how they’re worn, and Angel actually specifically told Buffy some of it in Season 2 “Surprise” – that they should be worn pointing to yourself rather than to the fingertip, to mean that “you belong to someone”. (However, I think the costume department people on the show ignored it for the most part and just had both Angel and Buffy wear it on the right hand pointing towards the fingertip, which actually means you’re unattached.)

Georges: Yes. That was me. Joss had descried the whole scene (in vivid detail) and when I was putting in the little details I put the ring on Buffy. I had it with the heart pointing in because at least in her mind, Buffy was committed to one of them (or both..?) I was limited with which hand to put it in because of the composition. I think that’s a great ring and every now and again I see people wearing it and I love to point it out. I’m good friends with Miracle Laurie who was on Dollhouse and when she got married, her husband gave her a beautiful version of the Claddagh ring. She’s a big Buffy fan too!

34. Mr.Savath_Bunny: Hey Georges! So excited to have you back for Season 9!! Yay! So, my question (I only have one, artist to artist)!

1) This is more of a request versus a question, but I’ll try and word it as one. In Season 8 you made a variant cover of Buffy, Xander and Willow for Issue #4. I honestly think this was my favorite cover since it portrays just the core Scoobies in a very simple and timeless style. I was wondering if you might do a follow up cover mirroring this one for Season 9 (featuring the changing look of the scoobies in this upcoming story)? As an artist and a fan, I would totally love to see these types of covers coming out just to see how our favorite characters have evolved since their Twilight days. Thanks Georges – BTW, you outdid yourself with DH 25th anniversary cover, most beautiful Buffy portrayal yet!

Georges: Well, thank you! I like that issue for cover too. I do feel it has a classic look. As for revisiting the composition, We did have a “repeat” cover theme for Season 8. Although, there was so much to do we didn’t really revisit it much. The first of the repeat covers was the one with Buffy and Faith looking over a roof with buildings in the background. I think we only ever did it one more time, so, not much of a repeat cover. I would love to revisit that cover #4 again. I think it would be interesting to see, just like you said, how the characters have changed. That’s a good idea. I’ll keep it in mind for the future!

35. Moscow Watcher: At Dragon Con, you were talking about Joss’ stance on Buffy’s relationship with Angel and Spike. The problem is that nobody made a video of that panel; we only have fan reports, but different reports retell your words differently.

Question: could you repeat what you said on Dragon Con about Joss’ stance on Buffy’s relationship with Angel and Spike — for the fans who weren’t there?

Georges: For health reasons I am going to say I don’t remember much of that conversation, but in order to have 2 books, Angel and Buffy have to be apart. And that leaves Spike needing to be in a book. The most logical would be Buffy. As things get heated up, alliances will change. Things the way they have started out are not the way they are going to end up. Keep reading and you’re gonna have all the Drama you can handle!

36. Moscow Watcher: Was the pattern on El Draco’s face described in the script or you created it yourself?

Georges: Yes. Joss wanted a facial pattern on his face and boy did that take forever to agree on! It’s one of those things that when you do it you don’t think it’ll take long to approve and months later you’re wondering why no one can agree on a facial pattern(!)

37. Moscow Watcher: Xander wears “home-y” outfit at Buffy’s party. Was it specified in the script? Are his military-styled clothes gone for good?

Georges: I think the military look is gone for a while. Xander is a citizen these days working for the private sector. He won’t have a ‘costume’ per se. I did put him in a sweater at the party which is the type of stuff he likes so he’s not that far off from his TV roots.

Thanks for doing this, Georges. We’ll do another one soon. Thanks to all who contributed.
Please feel free to share this with the interwebs.

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