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Interview with James C Leary from The Examiner

Interview with James Charles Leary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Wizard World TX

Bobby Blakey, Dallas TV Examiner

November 15, 2011

Bobby: I’m with James Charles Leary who played Clem on Buffy, how are you sir.

James: I’m doing very well thank you.

Bobby: The character of Clem seemed to start off as more of a one off character and then grew from there correct?

James: Yeah, originally he was just a one episode character that didn’t even have a name, he was just called the loose skin demon and he struck a chord with the fans, so they decided to keep bringing me back.

Bobby: Besides Andy Hallet on Angel, you seemed to have the most extensive make-up as a regular character.

James: It looks extensive, but it wasn’t that bad cause it was all in pieces. Like George Hertzberg who played Adam, the Frankenstein creature in season four was way more extensive than me, he was usually in make-up for five and half hours, where as I usually got out in about two and a half or three.

Bobby: So once you were in make-up you had to just walk around, eating your lunch or whatever.

James: Yes, yes once I was in, I was in for the day. So there I was sitting in craft services, but it was Buffy so it was not out of the ordinary to see a table full of monsters eating tacos.

Bobby: Did you ever have a time where you had to leave set in make-up?

James: No, I never did, I wanted to, there was a Starbucks not to far from where we shot, so I always wanted to just walk down there and order coffee like it was no big deal, but I never did.

Bobby: Did they ever have the idea of bringing you on as a permanent cast member?

James: No, I wish there had been. They used me pretty sparingly, mostly for comic relief, which I was fine with it was great, I was happy to do the eight episodes I did. There was so much going on those last seasons, I had hoped to go over to Angel, but that never happened either.

Bobby: Do you have anything else coming up that you would like to promote?

James: I don’t, I live in here in Austin now and I work for a video game company.

Bobby: Cool, thanks for your time and hope you have a great time.

James: I always do.

Original Interview at Examiner
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