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Angel: Gavin Park

Gavin Park

Gavin Park, young, up and coming lawyer at Wolfram & Hart, is brought into the Special Projects division to replace Lindsey McDonald. His arrival sparks a rivalry between him and Lilah Morgan as they both try to please their boss.

Gavin’s first job at Special Projects seems innocent enough, visiting the Hyperion Hotel, he finds no less than 32 building code violations, however, his real task is to install several ‘bugs’ that will transmit everything that goes in at Angel Investigations in full and glorious colour straight back to his bosses at Wolfram & Hart. The only place he missed, apparently, is the toilet. His ingenuousness leads to Wolfram & Hart‘s discovery of Darla’s pregnancy. Round one to Gavin.

Not to be out done though, Lilah is soon in secret consultations with the Senior Partners and their rivalry ends when she takes over as department head. Things go from bad to worse for Gavin when The Beast attacks Wolfram & Hart and kills all the employees, including Gavin, and turns them into zombies.


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