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Angel: Virginia Bryce

Virginia Bryce

Virginia Bryce is the over-protected daughter of wealthy sorcerer, Magnus Bryce. Magnus is approaching his 50th birthday and, unbeknownst to Virginia, is planning to sacrifice his daughter to the Goddess Yeska on that day. In order for the ceremony to work, the sacrifice must be a virgin and, believing Angel to be a eunuch (a misconception of the gypsy curse), Bryce hires him as a bodyguard for his daughter. Angel, however, has taken a little trip away to ‘find himself’ and Wesley takes the job in his place. Unfortunately, Virginia and Wesley grow close and soon the inevitable happens and the pair end up in bed. Despite Wesley’s convincing portrayal of Angel, Bryce discovers the truth and kicks him out of the house. When the celebrated day arrives, Angel Inc turn up to save the day, but it is too late, Yeska has already been summoned. but the sacrifice being ‘impure’, Yeska turns Virginia down and Wesley is most relieved to discover that he did not take Virginia’s virginity.

Wesley and Virginia continue their relationship until Wesley getting shot in the line o duty opens Virginia’s eys to the danger of his job, and, when he refuses to change his occupation, she breaks up with him.


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