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Ange: Lilah Morgan

Lilah Morgan

Lilah Morgan, attorney at law with Wolfram and Hart is 100% dedicated to the firm, it’s evil ways and working her way up the corporate ladder. Being a woman, she’s always found that she’s had to work that little bit extra hard and has now found that she cannot tell the difference between her ‘game’ face and her real one.

Working alongside, Lindsey McDonald, she first tries to get Angel on side, when that doesn’t work, she brings in rogue vampire slayer Faith to kill him, when even that doesn’t work she helps bring back Darla to torture him and turn him dark. Lilah’s relationship with Angel is a mixed one of fear and attraction, and though she would probably kill him given the chance, she knows the Senior Partners want him alive and so plays the game.

Lilah and Lindsey McDonald share an unhealthy rivalry and, when they find themselves the only survivors of Darla and Drusilla’s massacre she is both pleased and pained that they get to share the role of actin head of Special Projects. Fortunately for Lilah, Lindsey McDonald decides to leave, but she soon finds she has another rival in the shape of Gavin Park.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Lilah steps in to befriend Wesley after he has betrayed his friends and they have deserted him. Although her efforts to lure him to the dark side fail, she does find herself in a relationship with him that comes to mean more to both of them than they are ever likely to admit.

Lilah’s hard work pays off when she finds that the Senior Partners have little faith in her immediate boss, Linwood Morrow and, once she has decapitated him, she finds herself filling his shoes quite nicely.

Her relationship with Wesley, however, isn’t going so well, as once he finds himself back in the company of friends (and Fred) he ends the relationship. Although she once again survives a Wolfram and Hart massacre, this time at the hands of The Beast, she finds herself stabbed in the neck by Cordelia who has been taken over by a higher power. To add insult to injury, she is then beheaded by Wesley who believes she has been murdered by the escaped Angelus.

Her contract with Wolfram and Hart, however, extended beyond death, and her last known job for the firm is to return to offer Angel Investigations full control of the fully refurbished L.A. branch of Wolfram and Hart.


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