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Angel: Kate Lockley

Kate Lockley

Losing her mother at an early age, Kate desperately tried to gain her distant father’s love and approval. To this end she joins the police and becomes a detective, following in her father;s footsteps. Her life changes dramatically when she meets Angel, while undercover at a singles bar. She hits on him and he soon becomes her prime suspect in a murder investigation. Of course, he proves his innocence and the two begin a friendship that may have lead to more had she not discovered that he was a vampire. Not believing her eyes, she studies the facts and learns all their is to know about Angelus. Matters become worse when, under the influence of a magic talking stick, she becomes over sentimental at her father’s retirement party, alienating him further.

They have a brief reconciliation before she discovers that he is working in the seedy underworld, trafficking demon drugs to boost his pension. When Angel is unable to prevent her father from being murdered by the vampires he is working for, she blames Angel for her father’s death.

Having been introduced to the demon underworld of L.A., Kate becomes obsessed with it, turning up at any supernatural looking job and gains the reputation of being a bit of a ‘Scully’, no matter how many times she explains that ‘Scully is the sceptic’.

Gradually she begins to regain her trust in Angel and even helps him out a couple of times. When she has to arrest him for breaking in the Wolfram and Hart building, she lets him go believing that he is the only one who can stop Darla and Drusilla on their rampage. She loses her job when Angel not only fails to stop them but leaves them to massacre the Wolfram and Hart lawyers.

Having lost everything of value, Kate hits the bottle and the pills and, leaving Angel a message on his ansaphone, she prepares to die. Luckily for her, Angel comes to his senses in time to save her. Believing that his being able to get into her apartment without an invitation is divine intervention, Kate has an epiphany of her own and heads off to start a new life.


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