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Angel: Lindsey MacDonald

Lindsey MacDonald

Hand picked by Holland Manners, Lindsey came to Wolfram and Hart at an early age and rose swiftly up the ranks. He worked there happily and loyalty until the firm made a decision about the lives of some children that he felt dubious about. Having a crisis of conscience, Lindsey turns to the firm’s enemy, Angel, for help and together they save the lives of the children. While Lindsey’s actions lead Angel to some sensitive information from the bowels of Wolfram and Hart, namely the Shanshu Prophecy, Holland Manners knows which side he wants Lindsey on and promotion and a fancy new office soon get him back on side. So much so that Lindsey loses a hand to Angel in the service of the firm.

Although his hatred of Angel burns with the loss of his hand, he soon gets a new, albeit plastic, one, and, knowing the firm want Angel dark not dust, goes along with their plans. But, falling in love with the firm’s secret weapon, the newly resurrected (and now human) Darla, doesn’t help things along. Especially when it’s Angel that Darla turns it when she finds that she is dying. Lindsey gets hos revenge when he brings Drusilla to revamp Darla right in front of Angel’s helpless eyes.

Things start looking up for Lindsey when the newly recruited Darla and Drusilla gatecrash Holland’s wine tasting party and have a little tasting party of their own, leaving only Lindsey and his rival Lilah Morgan alive. The rest of the Special Projects team dead, he and Lilah become joint acting heads of department. In return for his loyalty, the senior partners arrange for him to receive a new, fully functional hand. Unfortunately, the new hand has a mind of it’s own and he once again turns to Angel for help in discovering the lab full of live human body parts that Wolfram and Hart keep for just such emergencies. Having finally had enough of life as an evil lawyer, Lindsey packs his bags and leaves L.A.

Whilst away, Lindsey studies the Senior Partners to find a way to get revenge on them and Angel. He hooks up and falls in love with Eve, an immortal liaison to the Senior Partners. Covering his body in protective tattoos which will hide him from the Senior Partners, he returns to L.A. too take his revenge. Having retrieved the amulet Wolfram and Hart gave to Angel to help Buffy defeat The First, he sends it to Angel (who is now CEO of Wolfram and Hart) at his new office. On opening the package, the wearer of the amulet, Spike, returns as a ghost. Another little package from Lindsey and Spike becomes corporeal again. His plan coming together, Lindsey, posing as Doyle and with a little help from Eve, sets about convincing both Spike and Angel, that Spike is the real champion and the one who will fulfill the Shanshu Prophecy. His plans are foiled, however, when Cordelia makes a spiritual visitation to Angel and helps to set things right once more. Lindsey puts up a good fight, but this time Angel and co have Wolfram and Hart and the Senior Partners on their side, and Lindsey is defeated. His punishment is to be sent to a holding dimension where his heart is cut out on a daily basis until they are ready to deal with him.

Needing to find out more about the Senior Partner’s plans, Angel busts Lindsey out of his prison and, once he has the information he needs, he dupes Lindsey into helping him defeat the Senior Partners once and for all. To Lindsey’s great disgust, it is Lorne and not Angel who has the pleasure of finally putting an end to him.


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