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Angel: Penn


Born a Puritan on the 18th century, Penn was probably a good boy until one he meets Angelus who turns him into a vampire and a serial killer. Angelus teaches him the pleasures of killing your family and marking your victims with the sign of the cross, which was a favourite hobby of his at the time. Going his own way, Penn arranges to meet his sire in Italy, but unfortunately Angelus gets waylaid in Romany and never makes it.

Left to himself, Penn makes his way through the centuries reliving the times he shared with Angelus, often returning to the same places to commit his identical crimes.

On a return visit to L.A., Penn runs into his old mentor again but finds him greatly changed, after a vicious fight, Penn winds up on the receiving end of a piece of 2 by 4, courtesy of Detective Kate Lockley.


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