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Angel: Rebecca Lowell

Rebecca Lowell

Rebecca Lowell rose to fame playing Raven in the soap opera On Your Own. However, when the soap is cancelled, Rebecca finds herself unemployed with her youth fading fast. In a desperate bid to get some media attention, her agent, Oliver Simon arranges for her to meet with a series of non-fatal accidents. His plans are foiled when a passing Angel rescues her from a car accident and she hires him as her bodyguard.

When Angel rescues Rebecca from another apparent attempt on her life, she clocks his non-reflection and he is soon fessing up to his vampire status. Taking the fact that vampires are real in her stride, Rebecca soon hits on the idea of becoming one as a way to retain her youth and beauty. After pumping Cordelia for information, Rebeca arrives at Angel’s apartment complete with bottle of champagne and a crafty plan. Having spiked Angel’s drink with a happy pill, Rebecca soon finds out what a vampire is really like when she meets Angelus.


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