Christian Kane: Biography

Christian Kane – Biography

Christian was born in Dallas, Texas and, with his family, moved around before finally settling in Norman, Oklahoma where he attended University. When he wasn’t studying, Christian could be found nurturing his love for the entertainment industry by performing in clubs.

He eventually set off for L.A. and here worked behind the scenes before landing his first TV role. Christian appeared as Lindsey McDonald, a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart in the very first episode of Angel. When the producers decided to enhance the theme of the evil law firm, Christian came back and, despite his dislike of wearing suits, became a recurring character throughout the first two seasons of the show. When creator Joss Whedon, asked him to come back for what would be Angel’s final season, Christian was reluctant as first, but Joss assured him the role would be much different than before and he agreed.

Since Angel ended, Christian has continued working, starring in Steven Spielberg’s western mini-series, ‘Into the West’, and appearing in several films, tow of which are due out this year. As well as all this, Christian has been performing and recording with his band, Kane, who recently won New Country Star Band of the year and Star of the year for 2006.

Christian can currently be seen in TNT’s successful drama, Leverage, which is currently filming it’s fourth season.


Christian originally auditioned for the role of Riley Finn on Buffy.

Chris went on to appear in ‘Summer Catch’ alongside Marc Blucas, who got the role of Buffy’s Season Four love interest, Riley, and Freddie Prinze Jnr – Sarah Michelle Gellar’s real life boyfriend (now husband).

Other than lead, David Boreanaz, Christian is the only actor to appear in the first and last episodes of Angel.


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