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Slayalive Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #4

3 January 2012 Leave a comment

Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #4

Hey all!

Rules are simple: Post up to THREE (3) questions per member until I submit your questions to Georges. I will post a note to let you know when I send off questions to reopen the floor.

Keep it clean, keep it civil. Simple right? Entries are welcome until I post a closing post.

This is a whole new era so be creative with your questions. Within reason, of course. No questions that are meant to simply further your agenda (especially in shipping!). Everything else is fair game, but be respectful of each other AND the artist who’s gracious enough to take your questions. Please also remember that Georges is the artist and not the writer; he may not be the best person to ask editorial or writerly questions.

Anyone who’s reading this and not a member, I’m accepting questions at wenxina[AT] Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Alright… GO!

1. hann23: The art in this issue was fantastic. You really captured the quick pace nature of the dialogue. I particularly loved the sequence of scenes where Severin is siphoning power off of both Buffy and Spike. Can you give us any more information about how you decided to draw those two scenes of Spike’s face while he is presumably starting to/really is losing his powers?

Georges: As it was written by Andrew Chambliss who has written the Buffy world ever so capably, this is the climax of the arc. It would have been fun to draw it out even more, but the tension is very high. My job as an artist is to make sure the script is translated visually. When I read that passage, I was taken by how much Spike would be willing to sacrifice for Buffy. No hesitation, no pause on his part and that’s what I wanted to show with Spike. Say what you want about him, that guy cares for Buffy, sometimes to his detriment.

2. Bamph: What are your thoughts now that the first arc of season 9 is concluded as far as your art in “Freefall”? Any easter eggs from the first four issues you want to point out or anecdotes?

Georges: I was ecstatic to have Dexter Vines come in and ink the first arc. If anyone upped my game, it was him. Of course it was great to have the first issue written by Joss. This arc felt like I was coming back home. I was on very familiar territory and it was nice to still feel wanted. Any hidden gems? I never intentionally set out to put something in, it always happens organically if someone else hasn’t already suggested it. Hmm, Buffy’s hair at the party in issue one is her tribute to Satsu. The pool area in Buffy’s apartment is kinda inspired by Melrose Place the TV series. The ‘Nomed Realty’ that Spike goes to is really Demon spelled backward (kind of a cheat, I know).The shirt that Xander wears ‘Human See Human Do’ is a nod to a friend of mine who lovesPlanet of the Apes. The shirt Xander wears in issue 4 is a School House Rock one. The shirt on one of the Zompires is a music group called Fishbone which is a personal favorite of the inker. That’s about it, unless someone else catches something I missed.

3. Bamph: I think it’s clear now that Severin is the guy in the glasses from Buffy #40. Back when that issue came out, I think I remember you saying that at the time you knew nothing about that mystery character. So when did you find out that Severin was the guy in the last issue of season 8 and knowing what you and we know about Severin, would you of approached his cameo and how he was drawn any different?

Georges: You’re right. I probably would have had him glow a little or have static lightning coming off of him. As it was, we reverse engineered him, suiting him more to what he was in issue 40 and using that in Season 9. You haven’t seen the last of Severin.

4. Bamph: I’ve got to say I love your cover for Buffy #6 with The Tomb Of Dracula #10 homage. I was waiting for a first comic cover homage this season and you delivered a fun one. We know the issue has Robin Wood and Nikki Wood factoring in so it’s very easy to see how this cover works and why. But how did this cover come about? Was it you ,Andrew Chambliss or Joss who came up with doing this homage?

Georges: I have to take credit for this one because some of that issue takes place in the 70s and that’s when Blade was created and I was a big Tomb of Dracula fan, but as soon as I did that cover I was kicking myself for not doing it years ago when Buffy teamed up with Dracula. Really, it would have been so cool to do the same cover but with Buffy. Oh well. It was a good substitute regardless. I loved that issue and thought Andrew really outdid himself. I always felt Robin was underused in Season 8 so it was a joy to have him come in for a whole issue. I really hope he makes it into the Angel & Faith book. There is a lot of unresolved stuff between him and Faith in my opinion.

5. cheryl: Hi Georges, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. As always, nice artwork.
The hint that Buffy’s spark is somehow different…is that a new concept into the story or something creeping back in from the past?

Georges: I’m not sure I know about the spark. Thanks for the compliment!

6. cheryl: Can we expect to see Buffy reflect on her feelings regarding the loss of Giles or Angel anytime soon?

Georges: Yeah, I was wondering about that. We are led to believe that there has been some months between Season 8 and 9. I’m sure it’s nothing that Buffy will ever get over and just like reality, will hit her at odd times, so her feeling toward Giles will always be on the fringe and surface from time to time.

7. cheryl: The Scooby dynamic is pretty much MIA at the moment, do you think it’s too much to hope for that it will be found again?

Georges: You’re right, it is MIA. And it’ll be that way for some time, but sometimes you gotta go away in order to come back. Life does take over and the Gang does have their own lives at this point, but the great thing is that they are always there for each other. But things are different now.

8. Tennyo_elf: Thank you for your hard work, you are doing a fantastic job with season 9 and I’m looking forward to more! Also, I loved the Dalek in Xander’s apartment! Thank you for adding that for us Doctor Who fans!

Georges: Oh yeah! Daleks! Everyone behind the couch! I forgot about that. Glad you like. I wouldn’t be surprised if a little blue box happen to show up somewhere…

9. Tennyo_elf: You mentioned before that the new characters are loosely based on real people. I’m curious who you referenced for Robert Dowling? (He’s such a really sweet cop, I’m enjoying his character so far, and Koh too!)

Georges: I think that might be a better question for Andrew. I hate to admit it but Dowling is more a generic character. I didn’t have anyone in mind at the time and he showed up so infrequently that I never got around to referencing him. He is a good guy. I hope he survives…

10. Tennyo_elf: So far, who has been your favorite new character to draw and which character do you have the most creative freedom with? Are you looking forward to drawing anyone in particular?

Goerges: It’s really great to draw more of Spike. The new guys are fun to draw but there are no favorites just yet. It was great drawing Robin Wood. There are some other characters which were on the the series that I’ll get to draw soon so that should be fun, no spoilers!

11. Tennyo_elf: I do really like your fashion for Spike! Will you be able to experiment more so with his wardrobe in the future? And was it specified that Spike should be wearing light colors instead of his usual black? (I loved Spike in Green, since that’s my favorite color!)

Georges: Now that Spike is living on the Ship it’s easier to experiment with his threads. The jacket is a mainstay, but everything else is fair game.

12. zamolxis: Hi Georges, I absolutely loved the Spike and Koh’ boat trip, the Dalek in Xander’s flat and the cynical heavy machinery loading corpses at the end.
A lot of Severin’s magic in #4 is colored green (opposed to #3 yellowish only) and so much green reminded me of Twilight griffin. Is there any connection between Twilight and Severin or is the green just a means to describe bad people’s magic?

Georges: Thanks, by the way, and the green of Severin’s power was more due to intensity. I don’t think it’s related to Twilight in any way. Although there was a comic once where the residential Mage proclaimed that magic was green, so maybe you’re right.

13. zamolxis: So Severin was revealed to be the “red glasses guy” from issue #40, but why was he covered in blood there and not at all now? Was he killing a Slayer?

Georges: Officially the answer might be that Severin was at his work for a while and that pic in issue 40 was just a glimpse of him as some point. Realisticly as it has been stated, Severin was created before it was certain what function he would serve. Joss had an idea about the character, but not the details. We covered most of it pretty well so far.

14. zamolxis: In the panels where Severin is drawing power from Buffy and Spike, to whom is Buffy saying “don’t..” (Sev or Spike)?

Georges: That’s a good question…

15. Morphia: Hi Georges.
Interesting issue. I especially liked the Eldre Koh/Spike scene.
In the scene where Severin is draining Buffy and Spike, you drew a tear coming from Spike’s eye. Is this significant in any way of something deeper going on, or just comic book shorthand for showing that Spike is in a lot of pain?

Georges: It was something I added, reasoning that as Spike was getting back his humanity the guilt was also coming back seemingly overwhelming him. I don’t know this for fact, but it’s what I was thinking when I drew it.

16. Morphia: In the Xander/Dawn scene, their body language seems rather stiff and closed off. Was this to show that they’re still having relationship troubles?

Georges: That’s what I was thinking. I didn’t know if they’ve gotten over their little tiff or if it’s from an entirely new tiff, but that stiffness was on purpose.

17. Morphia: Could you say what Spike is actually doing in the final panel he’s in? He’s either jumping off a roof or running away, but as I’m not clear where he and Koh are standing (on a level with Buffy? Above her?), I can’t tell which it is.

Georges: It was written that they are on a roof top not far from the action. Maybe I should have done more of an establishing shot of them to make that clearer. When Spike leaves he’s jumping off the roof.

18. Moscow Watcher: Congrats with another strong issue. The art in the issue is very expressive and faithful to the characters. Thank you for great work.
On the panels where Buffy and Spike think that they’re dying and say each other’s names – how the script described them? I feel a real connection between them. Am I supposed to feel it? Or it’s just a fantasy of a fan who cares about them too much?

Georges: I think at this point it’s safe to say they care for each other. No ambiguity needed. There’s a scene in issue 7 which will solidify that if nothing else. Besides that, it’s always a dramatic devise when there is the threat of mortal danger, characters will call each other’s names.

19. Moscow Watcher: On page 8 Spike sends group text messages about Siphon. On page 14 Xander and Dawn haven’t got it yet. At least they act like they haven’t. Has it something to do with the plot? For example, Spike didn’t include them into the group message? Or maybe somebody (you, or writers, or editors) decided to move Xander and Dawn panels further away from the panels of Spike texting — for keeping the momentum of the action scenes?

Georges: I think their service was Verizon, they’re always slow!

19. Moscow Watcher: In the scene where Buffy’s roommates discover her slayer arsenal, the stuff on her bed looks too neatly laid out. Plus, there are hand grenades – something very un-Buffy-esque. How this panel is described in the script? Are we supposed to wonder if somebody is framing Buffy?

Georges: The way that I read it is that Anaheed laid out all of the contents of Buffy’s chest, and only after seeing it does she then call Tumble. Those weren’t grenades, they were supposed to be bottles of holy water.

20. spuffyspangellover: Georges, your art continues to astound me. I tweeted Andrew Chambliss this, but both of you completely nailed issue #4. That page when Severin is zapping both Buffy and Spike is arguably the most intense and emotional page of any comic I’ve ever read. It reminded me of how emotional I got while watching the television show, and if reading the comic can remind me that much of the television show, then I know both you and Andrew have done your job in leaps and bounds. In my opinion, it has never been a better time to be a Buffy fan and I could not be more excited to see what the rest of Season 9 has in store

Your new characters have always been fantastic (Detective Dowling, Anaheed, etc.) but I especially love Eldre Koh. It’s nice to see that someone is there that Spike can confide in. Who has been your new favorite character to draw and why?

Georges: I think we covered this, but Koh is a good start. He’ll stick around a while and I’m still artistically getting to know him. I love drawing all of the gang and Andrew is providing some great stuff to go from. He really is the breakout star of Season 9 in my opinion.

21. spuffyspangellover: You’re obviously a fan of Buffy. Did you get overtly emotional when drawing the scene when Severin is zapping Buffy and Spike? If I got as emotional as I did, I can’t imagine the artist! That page is the most memorable page to me since the Buffy comics have started. It is so haunting, beautiful, heart-breaking, tender, intimate, dark and morbid. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that.

Georges: I have to say I didn’t think about it as much as some of you did. I did treat it like it was, the climax. And if you’re ever going to grab a reader it should be at the climax. I’m so happy that this came off as effective as it did. I do feel vindicated that I have done my job. I still love the Buffy universe and I’m always affected when I read the next script, I’m glad I carry that effectiveness on to you the reader!

22. spuffyspangellover: If you don’t mind me asking, how far along are you with the art in Season 9?
Thanks for your time and keep up the incredible work! It’s issues like this that keeps my obsession for Buffy alive and strong.

Georges: I am now doing issue 11. This book will be coming out every month with no breaks this time around, so we have hit a fever pace. In theory I’ll be done with the series about 5 issues before it actually ends. It’s a wild ride as I’ve said before. I hope you guys are along for the long haul!

23. Bamph: The next arc is two issues,#6-7. Will issue 8 be drawn by you or is it another one issue story like next month’s #5 with a guest artist and do you know if the arc following ‘On Your Own’ is a short one or more normal sized?

Georges: Wow, so many questions at once! Maybe these are better questions for Scott. He’s got to be around here somewhere… yo, Scott!

24. Bamph: Relating to the above question,are there any major differences in drawing a two issue arc like the upcoming,’On Your Own’ vs. a normal four or five issue arc from the artistic prespective? Or even a one issue story and which format do you enjoy dealing with more?

Georges: There is no difference when drawing one issue or 4. It’s all about the flow of the story. The only thing I concentrate on is telling the best story I can. I love the character stuff. If there is more in an issue with that, then great.

25. Bamph: Buffy and Angel & Faith started going day and date digital with this month’s new issue. DC started it with the New 52 in August. Marvel soon followed with many of their big books. Dark Horse is now doing it with Buffy Season 9 and their other books and just this week IDW announced day and date digital. As a creator, I’m very interested in your thoughts about day and date digital publishing both for the Buffy franchise and the industry as a whole? Also do you have a preference on which way to read comics?

Georges: I have to say, I’m old school. I like to hold my periodicals, but that’s not the only way I read stuff. I also read on the computer or on my phone. I don’t see digital taking over, just supplementing paper. I have a crap load of long comic boxes full of books and I can tell you that paper is heavy. I enjoy the idea that every thing I’m interested in reading I don’t have to buy and keep in a box that just gets heavier. The stuff I really am interested in and want to keep and collect I like to physically have. I am a supporter of anything that gets the material in a customer’s hand whether paper or digital. So while I understand that paper is on a decline it won’t disappear all together. The was a lot like the iPod. I must have had literally hundreds of CDs and when I was first told that I could have access to all those CDs in the palm of may hand, I scoffed. I felt like I had collected all this music over the years and these CDs were a personification of that, but in reality I bought the CDs to listen to the music and that is what the iPod was giving me. The collectable aspect was secondary and I did keep some of my CDs, but when I let go of the physical I realized all I wanted was the music. I didn’t need the CDs. That’s what I feel about books and the such. Digitally the enjoyment is there.

26. Moscow Watcher: Whenever Severin siphons vampires, he sparks mostly green. In Buffy’s case it was mostly yellow. At those 3 panels that he was siphoning both Buffy and Spike his power was sparking yellow mostly. And when he is almost ready to kill Spike, he sparks totally yellow instead of also green. Then the detective shoots him, he lets go of Buffy and Spike, and he starts sparking green again trying to heal himself.

Was it specified in the script that both Buffy and Spike should spark differently (yellow) when Severin zaps them?

And – thank you again for replying our questions.

Georges: I wanna say I suggested that, but I’m not sure. I know it was done because Severin was syphoning Slayer power so it should be a different color. When Buffy stabs him earlier the point of impact is also a different color. We really wanted to get across that this was a power that was affecting Severin, and not coming from Severin himself.

27. Sosa Lola: From their expression and body language, Xander comes off as angry and resentful while Dawn comes off as worried about Buffy. Can you tell us what was said specifically in the script about how they should be drawn?

Georges: They are both concerned for Buffy, but they’ve both been down this road before. I wanted to get across that maybe these guys were growing up a little and that Buffy and her antics were wearing a little thin. The script just said that they were sitting in the living room watching the TV.

28. nmcil: Just want to say how very much I love your close-ups of Buffy when you are showing her emotional state, particularly her extreme emotional stress. I also really like how you are drawing Spike and with this issue you have equaled your quality with the Buffy emotional close ups. The panels showing them being drained are outstanding. Also loving your Eldre Koh.

I was wondering if you were thinking of the often used expression that the eyes are the reflections of the human soul for these panels.

The simplicity of using such little amount of words, the one tear drop, the shift in eye color, the same darkening of the eye area. Were those visuals used to convey emotional content specific to the event or did you intend to show their emotional state beyond just this encounter? Sorry if I am being simplistic but I really am very interested in how you approached the treatment for these panels.

Georges: When I read the script I am always aware of how I’m feeling. I really try to portray that emotional moment as I felt it when I draw. I’m always thinking what would this have looked like if it was an actual filmed episode. I’ll lay out the whole scene in little sketches just to see how the it plays out. I’ll spend a lot of time at this stage looking at how the scene is staged, what shot looks better, how many panels would work in the. Lots of little things. A good way to see if you’re doing a scene justice is to look at it without the words added. If you can get the gist of what’s going on, chances are you’re doing a good job.

29. FangedFourLover: Hey Georges! Amazing job so far. I can’t imagine Buffy having any other artist

My question is, have you read “Angel and Faith”?

And do you, Christos and Rebekah ever email back and forth?

Also, what’s your favorite season of the TV show “Buffy”?


Georges: Yes I do read the Angel & Faith book. I love it. It’s a part of the Buffy universe that I have no part in creatively so I can read it like a regular person. I go every month to my comic shop and pick up an issue. It’s really very good. Christos is a great writer who has found the voice of the characters. I do talk to those guys once in a while. I’ll certainly see them when we’re at a show together. Rebekah is doing a fine job. She has certainly upped my game on Buffy.
I know I’m in the minority here but my favorite season of Buffy is Season 6. It was the season of change. I love how all the characters grew up in this season. I absolutely love Willow going all dark! That is drama at its best!

30. Jasmin: Hey Georges!
My question: Why does Willow only care about the loss of magic? The loss of Giles she has never mentioned.

Georges: Again, when we get to Season 9 a few months have gone by. Most of the grieving over Giles has already happened. The loss of magic is still an ongoing issue for Willow. I’m sure Will isn’t over Giles’ death and we will see some private moments for her coming up but getting back the magic is what’s ahead of her. Also, magic has always been Willows comfort zone. If she can get it back she knows she can make things right again…

31. Wenxina: Hey Georges. Just wanted to know if you knew in broad strokes where the season is headed and if you had to sum it up with a word, what would it be? Or three words.

Georges: How about 5 words? You can’t go home again.

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Andrew Chambliss Dishes on Buffy and Dollhouse to TFAW

13 November 2011 Leave a comment

Andrew Chambliss Dishes About Writing Buffy & Dollhouse Comics

Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

Nov 4 2011

When Dark Horse Comics launched Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 in 2007, it was a game changer for comics–and television–that’s still impacting the entertainment industry today. A direct continuation of the hit television show, executive produced (and sometimes written) by series creator Joss Whedon, Buffy Season 8was a quantum leap forward for licensed comics and as popular (and as polarizing) as the original show.

Buffy Season 8 was big. Huge! Not only did it swell far beyond its projected 25 issues (topping out at issue #40) and feature 10 different writers, but it cast Buffy as a leader of an immense slayer army, facing off against cosmic foes, ending with a gigantic climax that featured an earth-shattering reunion, a monumental death, and, oh yeah, the destruction of a mystical seed that got rid of most of the magic on Earth. You know those comic book events that promise to “Change everything forever?” Buffy Season 8 actually did it–in spades.

So Buffy Season 9 is a different animal. Smaller. More human sized. Buffy’s on her own once again, fighting baddies while trying to balance the rest of her life–and figure out her tangled relationships with her loved ones. When she’s not avoiding the subject, of course (the more things change . . . ). Plus, this time out she’s in the hands of just two writers: after Whedon penned the first issue, he handed the reins to Dollhouse writer Andrew Chambliss.

We chatted with Chambliss about Buffy and Dollhouse: Epitaphs, which concludes November 9, as part of Dark Horse Month–read on for his insights into Buffy, Alpha, and more! Plus, check out our four-page preview of Buffy Season 9 #3 and a three-page preview for Dollhouse: Epitaphs #5.

SPOILER ALERT! CONTAINS SPOILERS! What was your experience like, writing for the Dollhouse TV series?

Andrew Chambliss: Writing for Dollhouse was a dream job. First off, I was lucky enough to get to work for Joss on a show whose premise thrilled every part of my geeky brain. Secondly, I got to work with a bunch of other really talented writers, many of whom I’m still good friends with and have worked with since (Jed and Mo, Craft and Fain, Steve DeKnight, just to name a few). Aside from the short-lived Bionic Woman, Dollhousewas my first television writing gig and I couldn’t think of a better group of writers to learn from. How did that lead to writing Buffy Season 9?

AC: I was writing the Dollhouse miniseries with Jed and Maurissa, and we were halfway through scripting that run when I got an e-mail from Joss. He said he had heard good things about my work on the Dollhouse book and wondered if I’d be interested in working on Buffy Season 9 with him. It took me all of about two minutes to write back with a resounding yes, and before I knew it I was going to a Buffy writers summit at Joss’ house so we could brainstorm ideas for the season with Dark Horse and other Whedonverse writers. Were you familiar with the Buffy TV show and Season 8 comics before you took the job?

AC: I’d always been a Buffy fan and was very familiar with the show. I had read some of Season 8 while I was working at Dollhouse, but I got pretty busy on the show and working on other projects so I got a bit behind on my reading. Within a couple days of getting the e-mail from Joss asking me to work on Season 9, I caught up on Season 8 and cracked open my Buffy boxed set so I could immerse myself in the show again. Even now that I’m caught up, I still re-read Season 8 and I’m always re-watching the TV series–just to keep myself in that world and keep the characters’ voices fresh in my head. Buffy’s in a really interesting place right now: during Season 8 she was the big leader who everyone respected, with a giant army at her command. Is it anticlimactic for her to be on her own, working as a waitress by day and patrolling by night?

AC: I don’t think it’s anti-climactic for Buffy to go from being a general with an army at her command to a waitress who patrols the city at night. In a way, I think that’s the fun of Season 9. It’s what makes it interesting. Buffy was so used to being able to focus entirely on the mission that she got pretty rusty at all those other pesky things that come along with life. When she’s juggling a job, roommates, and Slaying, it’s not as easy as turning to Satsu or Kennedy and ask them to take care of it. She’s got to figure out how to do both. And that’s what’s exciting for me about Season 9. I think it’s what a lot of people in their 20s end up having to figure out when they get out of school and realize they’re adults who have to balance family, work, friends, paying the bills, etc. Now imagine throwing patrolling into the mix on top of all that other stuff. Buffy’s disappointed a lot of people in her life: most of the “Slayerettes” hate her, her relationship with Willow is strained, and Xander and Dawn are distancing themselves from the “Scooby gang” for a more normal life. Buffy seems to be plugging along and avoiding dealing with this–how long can she keep it up?

AC: If it were up to Buffy, I think she’d be more than happy to avoid dealing with all the fallout from the events in Season 8. Usually life is just easier when you let things coast by. But that doesn’t mean Buffy’s friends (not to mention enemies) are going to let her to continue to pretend like the world hasn’t changed. Buffy’s got a wake up call coming very soon, and it’s going to be a big surprise to her.

By issue #4 or #5, it’s going to be pretty clear to Buffy that she can’t avoid this stuff any longer. However, the one person she’s not going to avoid dealing with is Willow. With everything Buffy’s going through early in the season, Buffy needs her best friend, and she knows the only way to make that happen is to set things right with Willow. Of course, the one thing that will make Willow happy is regaining her ability to use magic, so mending thing between Buffy and Willow isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. At the end of Buffy Season 9 #2 (spoiler alert!) Buffy meets up with a mysterious individual who can turn vampires back into (dead) humans. As a longtime Whedon fan, I automatically think this isn’t as good as it looks on the surface. Am I right?

AC: Severin’s power to turn vampires into dead corpses is definitely loaded with surprises. I don’t want to give them all away, but I will say that the thing that really intrigues me about his power is how, on the micro-level, it mimics what the seed did to the world. Severin’s power isn’t about adding magic to anything; instead it’s another instance where magic is getting sucked from the world–in this case, it’s affecting vampires who up until now seemed to be somewhat unaffected by the destruction of the seed. Everything about Season 8 was big, but Season 9 is more a return to the roots of the TV show. What elements are you focusing on?

AC: The focus of the season is really on the characters. For Buffy, it’s really about her coming to terms with what it means to be living a normal life and being a Slayer. She didn’t die saving the world and she never really thought about how she would live a life beyond that. What kind of job can you keep when you’re up patrolling all night? How do you break that news to your roommates? These are the kind of questions that remind me of some of the coolest arcs on the TV series, so these are the types of questions we’re going to ask this season.

The other thing that’s a big focus of the season is rebuilding Buffy’s family. With everything that happened with the destruction of the seed (Slayers turning on Buffy, Willow giving her the cold shoulder, Dawn and Xander starting a normal life), Buffy’s trying to figure out how her friendships work again. Who’s going to be there as a friend? And who’s going to be there as a Scooby? Will the old gang stay intact as some characters try to have normal lives? So far, it seems everyone (except Willow) would welcome a more “normal life”–Xander and Dawn are already moving in that direction, and Buffy jokes that she’d be fine with being “put out of a job.” Do you think ANY of these characters can really go back?

AC:I don’t think any of these characters, short of having their memories erased, can ever truly go back to being normal. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try to settle into normal lives. Some of the characters are going to be more successful at building regular lives than others–and that’s definitely going to lead to conflict as those with normal lives try to maintain friendships with those who are still immersed in the supernatural. We’re already seeing it a little bit in issue #2 when Xander and Dawn don’t quite understand why Buffy didn’t just try to work things out with the police. And we’re going to see more of this conflict as Buffy makes alliances with some of the new characters we’ve introduced so far in the season. Can you hint at any future developments with Buffy Season 9?

AC: Pretty soon, Buffy is going to realize that she and Willow need to repair their friendship, and Buffy’s going to accept the fact that it might mean letting Willow go off on her own for a little while. Buffy’s also going to realize that there’s a new kind of vampire that’s being sired because the seed was destroyed. This is going to lead to an interesting relationship with the SFPD, once Buffy figures out a way to no longer be a fugitive . . . I re-read Dollhouse #1-4 last night, and I’ve got to say–it’s really, really interesting! How is writing this affecting your perceptions of identity and personal autonomy?

AC: One of the things that always fascinated me on Dollhouse was the question of how much a personality is affected by your personal history, your physical biology, your neurochemistry, etc. If I put my brain into someone else’s body, would I still be me? Or would I be fundamentally changed by being in another body? Likewise, if someone else’s brain was put in my body, would parts of me shine through? Or would their physiology take control?

It’s pretty heady stuff, but I suppose that was the point of Dollhouse. I do think a lot of these questions are a lot more present in my mind as I go about my daily life than they were before I worked on Dollhouse. Since this takes place before “Epitaph Two: Return,” you do have some limits as to where the story can go. Does it feel restrictive?

AC: We intentionally wrote “Epitaph Two: Return” in a way that left a lot of backstory unanswered. We wanted there to be a lot of blanks left to fill in case the series ever continued (either on TV or in comic form). Characters had undergone changes since “Epitaph Part One,” but we didn’t explain a lot of the how or why of these changes. That openness actually made it a lot of fun to write the Epitaphs miniseries because it meant we got to fill in those details. For instance, in the series finale, we never explained how it was that Alpha went from being the villain of the show to an unlikely ally. That gave Jed, Maurissa and I the space to create an arc for Alpha in the miniseries. It looked like Alpha was getting it together, but after his attempted imprinting, he’s back to killing–and making deals to justify it, like an addict. What’s it like writing for this very fractured, flawed character again?

AC: Writing Alpha is blast because he’s so unpredictable. Even when I sit down to write an Alpha scene, I’m often surprised with the direction a scene can take. The only time I actually got to write Alpha during the series was in “Epitaph Two,” so I can’t tell you how excited I was to get the chance to write for that character for an entire miniseries. I think my favorite part is the multiple Ivies and all of their issues and interactions. Was this a scenario that came up while you were working on the show?

AC: The multiple Ivies was something that Jed, Maurissa, and I came up with when we had a brainstorm dinner to talk about the miniseries. Ivy was always a fun character to write, so she seemed like the natural choice when we were trying to decide who to have inhabit the bodies of multiple characters. In a way, I think the multiple Ivies is an outgrowth of the Victor/Topher character from the TV show.

The idea of having two Ivies make out with one another is something I pitched way back on the show. Joss sent us home one night to think of the weirdest fantasies a Dollhouse client could ask for. I came in the next day and pitched the idea of a client hooking up with himself, and I just got blank stares from everyone. Apparently, that was a little too weird, even for Dollhouse–well, I guess not too weird for Dollhouse in comic book form. Are there any plans for future Dollhouse comics, after #5?

AC: Jed, Maurissa and I have spoken about ideas for a continuation to Epitaphs with Scott and Sierra. Right now it seems like the thing that’s limiting us is time. We’d all love to work together, but at the moment we’re all pretty busy and finding the time to all get together to break stories is a bit of a challenge. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Jed, Mo, and I have a strong connection to the Dollhouse characters and would love to explore what was going on with some of the characters we didn’t touch on in the miniseries. We’ve talked about a really cool idea for a Dominic/Adelle storyline, and we’d love to go back and explore Tony and Priya’s relationship. Scott Allie has said on several occasions that it’s much easier to make the shift from screenwriting to comics than from prose writing. How has the learning curve been for you?

AC:I think that’s a fair assessment. TV and screenwriting is such a visual medium that it seems much closer to comics writing than any other kind. There was definitely a learning curve, but the Dark Horse team helped me through it (and continues to do so). I think the biggest challenge in going from screenwriting to comic writing is to think more like a writer/director than just a writer. In a TV or film script, there are lots of things that I would leave up to the director to fill in, but in comics I end up being much more specific. Have you gotten the comics bug? Do you think you’ll embark on some creator-owned comics in the future?

AC: I think I got the comics bug the first time I opened up the file that had the pencils for Dollhouse #1. There’s something really cool about seeing a talented artist create a world, especially something as crazy as the Dollhouse apocalypse. I would love to embark on some comics of my own, but that will probably have to wait until I’m further along with Buffy Season 9.

Our thanks to Chambliss for the stellar interview! You can find all of the Joss Whedon-related comics, graphic novels, statues, and more you crave right here at–and save 10-50%!

Original Interview at Things From Another World



Slayalive Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #2

28 October 2011 Leave a comment

Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #2

Hey all!

Rules are simple: Post THREE (3) questions per member until I submit your questions to Georges. I will post a note to let you know when I send off questions to reopen the floor.

Keep it clean, keep it civil. Simple right? Entries are welcome until I post a closing post.

This is a whole new era so be creative with your questions. Within reason, of course. No questions that are meant to simply further your agenda (especially in shipping!). Everything else is fair game, but be respectful of each other AND the artist who’s gracious enough to take your questions. Please also remember that Georges is the artist and not the writer; he may not be the best person to ask editorial or writerly questions.

Anyone who’s reading this and not a member, I’m accepting questions at wenxina[AT] Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Alright… GO!

1. Bamph: The new character Severin seems to burn out a vampire’s demon leaving a human corpse. Did you have any special instructions on how this should look when he uses his power or were you given total creative freedom in how it would appear?

Georges: Not really. that was something that developed over time. I knew I wanted to have something distinctive for Severin’s power. There was talk of it being electricity, which was fine, but I also wanted to draw stuff that I don’t often do. Jack Kirby became famous for an effect that was later named after him: Kirby Krackle. It’s all those little black spots grouped together in some creative design. That became more of a style thing for Sevrin’s power. Usually the visuals are left up to the artist. It’s one of those things where if you get good people, then leave them to do their work.

2. Bamph: How has it been drawing the more real world C.S.I. scenes we’ve seen so far and the interrogation of Buffy scene in the new issue.

Georges: That’s more true than you think. We are in an age in the Buffyverse where ‘reality’ is starting to creep in. Seriously. If you’ll notice in Seasons 1 through 7, we pretty much had Buffy in Sunnydale and that was for all intents and purposes her world. It became kind of a surreal world where you accepted all the weird goings on (actually you wondered how in the world could anyone live in Sunnydale?!). Yes, there was that time at the beginning of Season 3 where she left, but starting with Season 8 Buffy and the crew were jet-setting all over the globe, bringing her into the ‘real world’, when you think of it. Granted Angel Season 5 had glimpses of Buffy in the real world, but you never ‘saw’ her. Now that she’s out in the world and the general population knows about Slayers, things feel a little more real. The interrogation room scene just drives home how reality was creeping in. Look out for a lot more ‘reality’ in the future.

3. Bamph: I loved the homage covers you did last season especially the ones of famous comic covers during the Twilight arc and Xander as Nick Fury and the slayers as his Howling Commandos during “Retreat”. With the awesome trailer for Joss’s Avengers hitting earlier in the week it got me hoping for some more homage covers this season especially one homaging Marvel’s Avengers in some way around the time the movie comes out in May. A fun way to link Joss’s two current projects, I think. Any chance we’ll see any homage covers in Season 9?

Georges: Yes! Starting with Issue 6, I think. It’s a cover I wish I would have done when Dracula was in the book back in Season 8. it would have been so perfect and I still kick myself for not thinking about it at the time, but what we did also works incredibly well, I think. I can’t say more about it because it would ruin the surprise. It’s very cool, though! I would love to do an Avengers cover, and if the opportunity arises I’ll certainly consider it!

4. Wenxina: I noticed that you’ve stopped doing the one panel first page, which I actually really liked about the Season 8 books. Was this so that you could fit in more panels, or was this a stylistic approach to separate Season 9 from Season 8. I noticed that the Angel & Faith books also lack that one panel first page.

Georges: We all felt that with a new season we should have something new that would distinguish it from Season 8. We all just wanted something different. There were a few ideas I came up with when we were discussing the first page. That page needed to get straightened out quickly because now that Angel was back at Dark Horse and coming out a month before the Buffy book. I like what we did. I liked some of the other ideas too, but this one fit just as well. I’m sure Season 10 will have its own distinction.

5. Wenxina: Is there a reason Buffy ditched her pink coat after her conversation with Spike on the roof in this issue?

Georges: Yeah… that was my bad. When I work I usually work out of sequence and while I was figuring out those pages I think I thought that Buffy would have changed when we got to that point. I didn’t realize it until I had drawn the pages and was looking at the sequence. I e-mailed the Editor, Scott Allie, and told him about the mistake and asked him to maybe put in a line where Buffy says to Spike, “…here hold my jacket.” I wasn’t sure what would happen until the book came out.

6. Wenxina: Let’s talk about Severin’s sense of style. Was that entirely up to you, or were there notes saying that he should be quite the dandy, with his 3-button vest and beads?

Georges: That was me. It was written that Severin was a man of means (… then along come two and they got nothing but their jeans…), he had a nice loft and some money in the back so naturally he would dress nice. It wasn’t a big thing, I just put him in stuff he could move in and use his hands freely. He’s going to have a very interesting arc…

7. bonnaleah: Hi Georges. First I’d like to say how much I enjoy your fabulous artwork and the way your drawings make our beloved characters come alive.

My question is about the rooftop panel where Buffy is telling Spike that fun is overrated. My first impression was that Buffy was so very sad..worn down…wistful…I know that’s a lot to take from one small panel but did I interpret what Buffy was feeling correctly?

Georges: Thanks, first of all, and I am constantly trying to inject emotion in Buffy, and maybe this is just me, but when it comes to Spike I feel there is always an undercurrent of emotions with these two. The way I see it, they never just have a simple conversation, there is always a subtext. Whatever emotion you sense, that means I’m doing my job. It doesn’t have to be the right emotion, but at least you know there is something there!

8. stormwreath: Hi Georges!

This is a very minor question but it’s been bugging me: in Buffy’s bedroom you’ve drawn a big picture of a woman looking over her shoulder – in fact, she seems to be looking straight at Buffy’s bed. Is this just random set dressing or does it have some significance? And who is she, that Buffy would want to have her picture on her wall so prominently?

Georges: I would love to say that it was all planned and there was a reason for everything, but yeah, it was window dressing. I couldn’t think of anything else to put in. Now I’m stuck with it, because if I change it I’ll get letters as to why it’s not there.

9. spuffyspangellover: Hi Georges! I’m a huge fan of your artwork. I was really hesitant to start the Buffy comics because I was worried the art was going to repel me away, especially since I loved the actors from the television show so much. My fears were quickly put to rest ever since the very first issue of Buffy. There are so many moments when I could literally feel the emotions resonating from your artwork.

Who’s your favorite character to draw and who’s your favorite character in Buffy, and why? Are they the same character?

Georges: Wow. Thanks! That’s high praise. As most people know, I do spend a lot of time on the character likeness and the emotion of the scene. My favorite characters are the ones that are easiest to draw, which doesn’t leave me with much. The girls are always the harder to draw. And it’s even harder to draw an emotional response when you have to do that in as few lines as possible with one image to do it in. I certainly don’t always succeed but the effort is put forth. I really like drawing Buffy. I think I’m starting to get better with her.

10. spuffyspangellover: Being a huge Spike fan, I’m really curious as to what his role in Season 9 is. I absolutely adore the way that he has Buffy’s back so far. Very reminiscent of the later seasons of the show. Although they have had some great interactions in the season so far, my favorite Spike and Buffy scene is when they’re on the rooftop. I absolutely loved it. That moment between Spike and Buffy was tender, intimate and very sweet. As much fun as it is to see them at each other’s throats, I love it even more when they do share a nice moment because they are so few and far between. I can only hope we get more sweet moments between them in this season. I’m always blown away by your close-ups, but there was one in that scene that particularly stuck out to me:

I love love LOVE this panel. I love the way that Spike is in the shadows while Buffy looks and feels so bright. Was there any indication in the script to draw this panel this way or was there some creative inspiration for this? Regardless, it is beautiful and quite possibly my favorite panel that you’ve drawn It is now my background on my iPhone 4S.

Georges: I am the same way! I really like the Spike/Buffy dynamic and when they get together there is always more than what’s on the surface. I like their quiet moments too. I am wrecked when I see the episode where Spike is going over all in a huff to kill Buffy once and for all and when he gets to her house, she’s crying about her mom and all he does is sit by her and put his hand on her back. I always lose it at the end of Season 7 where Spike is keeping back the Hellmouth and Buffy says she loves him and he says “no you don’t. But thanks for saying it.” There is never a dry eye for me when I watch that. If I can bring a ittle of that in the comic, I have done my job in a big way. When I read the script I read it as a fan and if there are scenes like that I can think I can bring out, and the writing is usually so good that it pops out, I know I have my job cut out for me to bring that emotion out visually. There is one such scene like that in Issue 6 where Buffy is going through a MAJOR life change and Spike is there for her. It’s only 2 pages but it really resonated with me like the scene on Buffy’s back porch. I can’t wait to hear wait people think about it.

11. spuffyspangellover: What has been your favorite panel to draw so far in Season 9? Have we seen it yet?

Georges: That scene I was just talking about in the last question. It’s not fair to say what’s the best scene in a series that’s just getting started, but I suspect there will be a lot of things.

12. zamolxis: Hi Georges. I also love the rooftop panel, big thanks for the smaller details like Spike’s spikier hair!

You had me laughing when you made the Collector Demon look so pathetic complaining that he lost his home. He’s dripping slime and smoke (?) and made me think “fungus” demon (Drusilla cheated Spike with a Chaos demon – all slime and antlers as we saw in “Fool for Love”, but also with a fungus demon that we didn’t see on the show).
Does he have a name or a race? How did you came up designing him?

Georges: Thanks again! No. That demon was just written in as demon #1. I remember that Joss did want him dripping stuff. I used the smoke just as a artistic device but beyond that it was one of the regular demons. I always like to make the demons bigger than Buffy because when she goes off on them she looks more bad ass when cutting them down to size.

13. zamolxis: The demon that breaks into Buffy’s room has some glowing blades. Are those something natural to him similar to vampires growing fangs or regular weapons? Are those the only weapons that he’ll use?

Georges: Hmmm…. more about that guy (who you will be talking about to a great degree!) later…

14. zamolxis: I noticed that Severin (the new “Slayer” boy) wears assorted bracelets and a necklace. Is this jewelry set what gives him powers to kill vampires?

Georges: No. It was just a way to make him a little different. Everyone has an affectation and I think that’s Severin’s.

15. Sosa Lola: I really really loved your work in this issue, especially Buffy, she looks so beautiful here! I’m not sure which close-up is my favorite, I love the panel where she shrugs to Spike about why she doesn’t have the money she stole in S8. She looked so cute there. I wonder if we’re going to see Buffy in different hairstyles this season, like the Satsu hairdo.

Georges: I’ve always felt that Buffy’s hairstyle is more function than fashion. That’s why she usually puts it up. So that will be the leading style more often than not. As far as her look, sure, I would love to see some other styles for her and I will be injecting that where I can. I really love when she braids her hair so there’ll be more of that.

16. Sosa Lola: I have noticed that Xander and Dawn wear the bottoms of Xander’s ducky PJs occasionally. We first saw those PJs in S8 #2, we saw Dawn wearing the bottoms in #40 and now in S9 #2 Xander is wearing them. That’s adorable. Was that your idea?

Georges: Yeah. I really love continuity when i see it in other things like TV shows or books or what have you. When Xander and Dawn started dating and living togerther it just seemed natural that she would start wearing his stuff (can’t you just imagine the fights that would come out of that? “Dawn, that shirt is a classic it should be worn with pride because when the Hulk gets mad it’s something that should be feared..! Now take it off!” It wasn’t noticed often, but I gave Buffy a jacket that she wore throughout Season 8. It was a jacket I saw in a Oakley catalog. I loved that jacket and thought Buffy should wear it, and when the end of the season came around I thought it was poetic that the jacket gets ripped to shreds in her final battle. I’ve been told that Buffy needs a costume of sorts, which I would be fine with but I just don’t know what it would be. She’s a Slayer and a cape would just look silly.

17. Sosa Lola: Is Buffy’s apartment based on a real one in San Francisco? Who decided which apartment building Buffy lives in?

Georges: It was never stated that she lives anywhere specific. Joss wanted certain things. He wanted Buffy to be in her own room on the top floor and it was an apartment complex with an open area and a pool. Other than that I had free rein. I thought of the apartment complex in the show Melrose Place. I thought it would be kinda cool if she lived there. We haven’t seen all of the complex, so what we need can come in and out as we see fit in the future.

18. Bamph: How much contact do you have with Joss now in season 9 with Andrew Chambliss doing the main writing vs Season 8 where Joss was more hands on in the direct writing of the issues?

Georges: Joss is still very much involved, and with the Avengers wrapping up, I assume he’ll be even more visible. He wrote the first issue and outlined the whole season. Andrew Chambliss is acting as his number one. All he writes has to go through Joss. I usually get scripts that are the 2nd or 3rd drafts. Joss is very into Season 9, but there’s just so much of the man to go around. We talked a little about Season 9 back at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Andrew has the direct link with Joss so he’s never too far away.

19. Bamph: Illyira will be showing up in Buffy in Season 9. It’s been confirmed that Joss has big plans for her here. She has such a unique comic booky look. Have you begun preparing yet for drawing her and what are you looking forward to as far as doing the art on such a visually distinct looking character?

Georges: I heard about that rumor too. I haven’t been prepping just yet, but I look forward to the challenge…

19. Maggie: Hi Georges, I’m really enjoying season 9 so far, and hope you are having a blast drawing it.

My first query is a blast back to season 8, though. Were any specific directions given for drawing Spike’s captain’s quarters on his ship? It’s an interesting choice to give him curtains for his bed, for example. Will we be seeing more of Spike’s bug ship going forward?

Georges: Yes. That’s where Spike lives now. And I think he likes that a whole crew of cockroaches worshiping him. The design of the ship was me. Joss said he wanted a porch outside for some scenes but after that I was on my own. The curtain in the bed is actually real. I looked at a lot of ships and Submarines for research, and since quarters usually so confined on vessels, they had curtains for privacy. But knowing Spike he probably really likes the curtains. The ship will be around for a while.

20. Maggie: Was it your idea to give Xander a “human see, human do” t-shirt? It seems like an interesting comment given that this season will be dealing with the status of vampires.

Georges: It was. I’m a huge Planet of the Apes fan, and I have this book with all this memorabillia from the Ape movies and one shirt they did have back in the 70s was the one Xander’s wearing. I can see him being a fan of the films, no question. And when I was laying this issue out a good friend of mine Deveril, who is also a fan, and we just happen to be talking about the Apes film, and those two things came together to make me put it in the book.

21. Maggie: You might have been asked this recently, but are you getting a chance to redraw any of the slayers we met last season: Leah, Rowena or Satsu? Any chance we’ll be seeing any of the non-Kennedy slayers from season 7 like Rona or Vi?

Georges: Not yet. I wouldn’t count them out, and one Slayer in particular will be coming back, but as for the rest of them, it remains to be seen if they show up. I would love to see some of the girls again, especialy Vi. I’m friends with Felicia Day and I would relish calling her up and saying “hey Felicia, do mind if I come by and take some reference for the Buffy book?”

22. TimeTravellingBunny: Hi, Georges.

I really liked this panel:

Buffy looks embarrassed or overwhelmed. Was that the idea? Did the script specify what she should look like or did you decide to draw her that way?

Georges: Yes, the mood is described and then it’s left up to me to relay that feeling. One of my major concerns is getting the right tone. Comics are a collaboration and everybody has their part. I take what the writer wants and from there the the inker embellishes the pencils and from that the colorist brings out the mood. If we’re all doing our part, the final product looks amazing and seamless.

23. TimeTravellingBunny: In the panel near the end when the guy who kills the vampires by severing the demon from them (who, I think, is supposed to be called Severin) says “I told you I could help”, he looks weird and quite scary, as if he was possessed, or a monster himself – white eyes, the way the shadow falls right in the middle of his face, the hair. Was that your intention and is it supposed to hint at something sinister about him?

Georges: Hmmm…

24. TimeTravellingBunny: A belated question about #1. In the panel where Buffy is showing Xander and Dawn in, some people thought that she was stroking Xander’s hair, and that assumption was quite popular, until some people pointed out that it didn’t look physically possible for her hand to be even close to his head. I think the panel was simply showing Buffy outstretching her hand to show them the way in, like she did in a couple of other panels. Could you definitely settle this issue?

Georges: Yes, she was extending her hand to invite them in. I hadn’t heard about that one.

25. Reddygirl: Hello Georges, I know you drew Spike for “Last Gleaming”, but did you go back and watch particular seasons to prepare for drawing Spike a lot more in Season 9?

Georges: Sure. A lot of Season 7 and some of Angel Season 5. I knew Spike was going to be in this season so I was ready to draw him.

26. Reddygirl: Do you look through women’s fashion magazines for clothing ideas for the ladies?

Thanks for participating in these Q & As.

Georges: That’s the biggest joke I tell when I do interviews. I know more about women’s fashions than I ever wanted to. Joss had told me early on that if Buffy were to go shopping she’d shop at Anthropologie. From there I just took off and started looking at different places for different characters. I’m always making a wardrobe list for the primary characters when I get a new issue. I go back and forth with what people are wearing. Most of what I decide on is what they will be doing in them.

27. zamolxis: Last Q&A you mentioned that Drusilla will appear but, obviously, you couldn’t mention in which century. Would you like to draw some flash-back stories with Darla, Angel, Drusilla and Spike when they were all evil?

Georges: Yes!

28. Lone Wolf: Hi, Georges. I love your art in #2 when Buffy is being questioned by the SFPD, they show her picture’s of the victims and one looks like Willow. Anything to that?

Georges: No. That was not the case. I’m sure which pic that was but Willow was never a part of that. Thanks for the compliment.

29. Moscow Watcher: Hey, Mr. Jeanty! I loved issue #2 – thank you for your art and thank you for answering our questions!

One of the best panels in #2 is the one where Buffy sits on the rooftop and watches the sunset – not a real sunset, but a sunset featured on a giant poster. It’s such a powerful, multilayered image. Was it in the script or it’s your own idea? Was is supposed to be a clue to Buffy’s discomfort of living in a big city? Missing her life in the Scottish castle? Or an ironic commentary on how modern people perceive the world they live in?

Georges: Wow. That’s a lot of reading into it. Yes, I put that sun rise intentionally but more for the idea that it’s usually always dark and I wanted to inject a little light into her night. Nothing so grand in design.

30. Moscow Watcher: My second question is about the last panel on the same page. When Buffy says to Spike that she’d probably miss him, the angle changes and we see black sky with stars in the background. Does the script mention that the last panel should feature sky and stars? Was it intended as a reminder that Spike still has his ship and can leave Earth any moment? A foreshadowing of upcoming separation?

Georges: No. That was probably more of a design element.

31. Bamph: In the last Q/A you were asked and talked about including the Claddagh ring in the Season 8 dream sequence from the first arc. Something that is a unique symbol to the Buffy/Angel relationship. My question is about these little visual treats you include in issues. Have you ever had Joss, Scott or one of the other writers reject a visual easter egg you wanted to include in a issue or do the opposite and note one of your visual treats and maybe ask you to put more emphasis on it in a panel?

Georges: All the time. If I think something I’m putting in might cause some sort of issue I’ll bring it up. Otherwise I wait to hear back from the writers or the editors if they happen to see something and comment, great, if not then it goes unnoticed until one of you guys say something. For the most part they all support putting in stuff that makes people talk. I didn’t expect any feedback from the little cameo of the Doctor and Rose I did, yet people still ask me about that panel. I never intend to put something in, it’s just when I start to layout the story I’ll go “wouldn’t it be cool if…” No one has really requested I put something in, it’s just a cool little thing I do every now and again.

32. zamolxis: Hi Georges.

We just got a sneak pic of one of your new covers featuring Buffy, Spike and the new cop fighting some monsters, but Buffy doesn’t seem to be involved in the fight. What’s your impression about Buffy’s character so far, considering that at the end of Issue 2 she seemed happy to be put out of her job (slaying) by the new boy wonder? Why do you think she’s resenting her slayer calling so much?

Georges: It’s not that. I think what the cover was trying to get across was while there are still demons to fight, Buffy is facing a time where she no longer will be part of the fight. It’s one of those interpretive covers. You don’t see that cover depiction in the issue itself. That cover came out better than I thought. I was real happy that I was allowed to put the logo on the floor. I love when I can inject perspective in the covers. There are so many surprises coming your way. Once this arc reaches its climax, all bets are off. Nothing and nobody is safe. And I’m so not kidding!

That’s it folks! Thank you for participating, and as per yoosh, a great big thanks to Georges!

Original at Slayalive

Slayalive Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #2

27 October 2011 Leave a comment

Q&A with Scott Allie for Buffy Season 9 #2

Hello again! It’s Whedon Wednesday and we’re here to celebrate the release of Buffy Season 9 Freefall Part II!

We’re going ahead with the rules established in the last Q&A session with Scott. To borrow Wenxina’s words, since he expressed it so well:

  • Everyone is free to submit ONE (1) question at a time. Again, we’ll be limiting the Q&A to a total of ~30 questions. I’m going to collect ~15 questions, and then close the session until the answers come back. I’ll then reopen the session for new questions, or follow-ups if deemed necessary.
  • Since we have a limited number of questions, let’s not squander them on spoiler-baiting. While I understand that it’s hard to resist, I reserve the right to not include those, if spoiler-baiting seems to be the only function of the question. An example of a spoiler-baiting question would be “When will Connor show up in A&F and will he and Angel have a long and heavy talk about how Angel could be willing to leave him on a dying world while he and Buffy traipsed off into paradise?”
  • I’ll also be selective about clarification questions. Too often, this has become a fan exercise in demanding answers for things that are meant to be interpreted, and the material is there for that. An example of a topic oft-repeated would be “Does Angel remember ordering the execution of the “spike” guy in “Retreat”? Can he be held accountable for the massacre on the Tibetan mountainside, pitting depowered Slayers against soldiers?” Such questions are better asked in the relevant discussion threads, as they’re provocative and discussion-worthy. These Q&As are not meant to be tools to help you prove a point.
  • Continuing in that vein, let’s avoid shipping questions during this session which typically boil down to rooting out an answer to prove who Buffy loves the most/will be with in the end.
  • As usual, rudeness will not be tolerated. Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to seeing your questions. I’m also accepting questions and questions about questions at emmie[AT]

Please try to be thoughtful and creative with your questions, looking beyond your favorite character or your favorite ship to other areas which get less attention but are nonetheless fascinating and would make for intriguing discussion. It’s pretty amazing that we get to have access to the creators of the Whedonverse comics, so let’s try to bring our best to this Q&A.

The floor is now open!

1. Wenxina: We know the female cop’s name from the a script page released a while back, but when is she going to be named in the text? It seems like her name shoulda popped up by now (her partner, Dowling has been mentioned by name at least twice now)… Just checking, just in case. Didn’t want to end up with another Soledad (Slayer who tried to kill Harmony in S8) situation where a major player’s name gets forgotten.

Yes, her name pops up in the dialogue in the next couple issues. One can infer that Dowling is the more important character …

2. AndrewCrossett: Jumping back to issue #1 for a question: at Buffy’s party, Spike at one point looks out the door and says something to the effect of “buzz off, mosquito, I only hire roaches.” Who or what was he talking to?

Did he see a bug, or is something weirder going on? It’s a mystery …

3. Shirty: Can you tell us the status of the season 8 big collected edition?

I cannot, at this time.

4. Morphia: Back before AtS season 5 Joss stated there would never be a male slayer. Now suddenly there is. What made him change his mind?

Are you talking about Severin? Much remains to be seen about him. Or the character Jane and Drew are gonna introduce later in the Season? Even more remains to be seen about him … But we have seen Harth, in our future, so we’ve definitely got men exhibiting aspects of the Slayer. I dunno the quote from Joss, but the thing we’re doing with Jane and Drew was all worked out at his house with him, so he’s on board.

5. Bamph: Georges Jeanty has already confirmed Robin Wood is returning in issue 6.Is this just a one-shot appearance or could he potentially make some more in season 9 and is he a character who could crossover and drop by Angel & Faith to see his ex and meet the other vampire iwth a soul?

Anything is possible … which is to say Robin does not die in the issue Georges just drew.

6. Sky: Hi Scott, a question about Spike. Spike’s personality in season 9. Will it resemble Spike’s personality from Buffy seasons 2,4,5,6,7, Angel season 5? Or mix some of those. Will he have a funny side like in As5 and a soft gentle side like Buffy season 7?

I think he has the funny side, but he’s been focused on some downer stuff so far, to be sure. Certainly the goal is to make him consistent with what’s come before. There are certain aspects of the character that, in my opinion, have matured past where he was in Angel Season 5. All a matter of opinion, though. He’s definitely not meant to be season 5 Spike, or Season 2.

7. KingofCretins: Hey Scott. Question for you, and if you’re game, one to even poll the various writers, artists, editors, and Josses that work on Season 9 and “Angel & Faith” — of all the shows you guys have worked on and/or just loved, can you name the characters in those other series’ that remind you most of the characters in the Buffyverse? I’m obviously a big Xander fan, so that’s my biggest curiousity, but I’d love to know for any and all characters — how much Faith do you guys see in, say, Kate Austen? Or how much Buffy in Veronica Mars? Who is “the Xander” or “the Dawn” to you guys when you watch things like “Vampire Diaries” (hi Andrew Chambliss!), “Lost”, “Heroes”, “Veronica Mars”, etc.?

Interesting question. I like it. I don’t know most of those shows, so let me share two things that I can share. Last Christmas I wanted to give my girlfriend something she’d been asking for. She always wished that Rob Thomas had continued Veronica Mars as a comic. We know Mr Thomas had talked to DC Comics about a VM comic, but alas. So for Christmas, I wanted to do one page of a Veronica Mars comic, which I’d write, and get friends of ours to draw, color, and letter. I started watching Veronica Mars on the sly, without her knowing, so I could get enough of a grasp to write one page. Eventually she caught on that I was watching it, but I downplayed it, and we were cool. I kept watching. We neared Christmas without me figuring out what to write. Fortunately her birthday is in January, so I got her something else for Christmas and kept going. I talked to Sierra Hahn about it, and she helped me get there, but I was still struggling. Then one night watching the show on Netflix, I got busy doing something else, and listened to the show in the background. And … ding! … I heard it. I went into work the next day, and I said to Sierra, “Veronica Mars is just Buffy without vampires.” And she said, “Oh, you didn’t know that …?” Having made it all the way into Season 3, I realized that the epitome of the show, the soul of the show, was Veronica and Logan hating each other. So after all that, I wrote a page set in Season 1. So I think Veronica is in many ways Buffy, and her computer chick has some things in common with Willow, but I don’t feel like Logan is remotely any of our guys in Joss’s shows.

My son got it much faster than I did. One night he woke up while I was watching an episode of Season 3. He crawled into my lap, and looked at the screen, and said, “Is this Buffy?” I told him no, and he said, “Then who’s that pretty girl?”

Another little anecdote I found interesting. I’ve heard the producers of Dexter refer to characters like Miguel and Arthur as Big Bads. In fact, former show-runner Clyde Phillips, who deserves a lot of credit for the quality of Dexter, talked about the Big Bad in an interview in which it sounded like he thought no one had heard the term before. When I talked to Drew Greenberg about his stint on Dexter, he felt that the folks running the show were generally unaware of Joss’s work—although there are many ways in which I feel you can see the Whedon influence at work in the show in very positive ways.

Doesn’t answer your question, but probably the longest you’re getting from me this time. Weird.

8. Stoney: Hi Scott. Thank you for doing another batch of Q&As so soon for us. I have, what I hope is, a straightforward query, will the breaking of The Seed have any direct effects on the mythology of vampires, such as their ability to sire etc?

I agree, that is a very straightforward query. Yes, vampires will be generally affected by the destruction of the Seed.

9. Sosa Lola: Will there be any follow up about Xander and the slayers in his squad?

Sorry, this may not fully answer your question, but Xander’s very unhappy about how things went down in Season 8 and is trying to put it behind him, put everything behind him, and live a life. That will be his focus, and we won’t be bringing in a lot of the other Slayers from Season 8—really want to focus on the core characters. There definitely could be a storyline where we bring back some of those girls, or one of those girls, but we don’t feel like that would achieve the goal of the new Season.

10. drywallman: Hello Mr. Allie. I just have one question; whats up with Xander and Dawn refusing Buffy when she needs their help? It just seems so uncharacteristic for the guy who has always been there when Buffy needed him. I get that he and Dawn have their own stuff going on right now but its still very disappointing.

It is definitely disappointing, but they have their own shit to deal with, and a certain amount of selfishness might be at work. Which brings us to …

11. Giles_314: Hi Scott, It seems like Willow is being really unfair with Buffy, to the point where I am almost completely on Buffy’s side in their argument over the destruction of the seed. Willow keeps telling Buffy that she screwed up when she destroyed it, but isn’t really explaining what she should be doing now to make things better. She speaks in general terms about accepting the fallout and not sitting around, but it mostly just seems as though she is trying to make Buffy feel bad for a hard choice she had to make. How much would you say that Willow’s current attitude is motivated by anger and loss compared to how much comes from genuine concern for the world?

There’s definitely a mix of those things—Willow IS concerned for the world—but the negative feelings are affecting how she’s expressing it. Willow’s rejection of Kennedy—while I’m sure few of you mind it—was in my opinion a self-destructive move. Yes, she’s kind of being awful, but I can sympathize.

12. tigerfan: Hi thanks for another Q&A! When there are tensions in the Scoobies, between two or more of them, it tends to be Xander’s point of view which is the least explored. Is this a deliberate portrayal of a more ‘closed’ personality trait or is it likely to be something that will vary in future? Because I have to say, after reading this last issue it makes me a little nervous. It seems as if Xander is getting painted in a rather bad light unfairly to him because we don’t get to see what ever conflict that is going on with him.

Hm, a very Xander Q&A. Yes, Xander is less likely to talk openly about what’s going on with him, but also there’s a plot point at work here. Xander’s stuff will be addressed later.

13. Emmie: I know you’re at NYCC and I was wondering if there would be any Whedonverse comics news to look forward to in the coming days. Possibly about a potential Season 9 mini-series?

I think we might announce something on the panel. No major announcements, though, no new series being announced yet.

14. Ceciliaj: How much more will we learn about the deal Riley struck between the slayers and interpol? I loved the way season eight took up the loaded term “terrorist” as a way of thinking about slayer violence, and I’d love to see more different characters weigh in on what kinds of negotiations and compromises are necessary in a world in which the slayers retain their power.

That’s probably exactly the stuff we’re gonna stay away from, to keep it more focused on the personal stuff, the emotional, individual stuff.

15. Gonzalo: Will we be seeing more of the Collector Demon Guy? It’s interesting to see how demons are dealing with the fallout of being stranded on Earth.

We will see more about how demons are dealing with the fallout of being stranded on earth, but it will not be a focus of the story—it’ll be texture around the main characters.

16. Maggie: Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time to do the Q&A! Are we going to meet Buffy’s neighbor Heinrich and if he is going to play a role in the story is there any significance to his name?

No comment. Sorry, Maggie!

17. Morphia: My second question involves both books really and concerns the relationship between Spike and Angel. Sorry to mention the dreaded word, but this isn’t a ‘shippy question in the romantic sense so I hope it will be allowed. Season 8 seemed to leave that relationship at its lowest point for a long time, given that Angel was obviously a lot less than pleased to see Spike in 36, and then tried to kill him. However, even if you leave the After the Fall story out of consideration, their relationship had evolved beyond raging hatred (I thought) by the end of Angel season 5, and if you do include After the Fall in the equation it certainly had. Will there ever be some kind of in-story explanation for the way their relationship has devolved again (I have the impression the hostility is mostly coming from Angel and Spike just reacted to it). As always, I’m just looking for clarification of an emotional situation that I can’t explain from the text as it currently stands. Thanks.

Good job expressing the question, but is there any way I can answer without provoking the shippers? I’d say that Angel was reacting badly to Spike’s presence because Buffy was there—which she was not in Angel Season 5 or After the Fall. I’m sure these two characters will cross paths again, but we will not deal with their relationship until that happens.

18. Reddygirl: Scott, can we assume that Spike also has his own apartment now?

As absurd as it seems, he is living with the bugs for now.

19. Stoney: Hi again Scott. Apologies for the possibly repetitive nature of this, on the plus side it is another straightforward query, I am just uncertain about one of the characters. I understood your answer in the previous Q&A to be that the demon in the green pages in issue 1, the one we see breaking into Buffy’s room and going into her weapons chest in issue 2, is just A.N.Other demon, yet to be named, however, many people talk about him as being El Draco, which assertion is correct?

His name is neither El Draco or A.N.Other. Next issue he starts interacting with other characters, and soon you’ll learn his name.

20. Sosa Lola: Hey, Scott, thanks for doing Q&A. I’m curious about Dawn’s major in college and if she’s repeating her Freshman year?

She is repeating her freshman year, but I don’t know what her major is.

21. AndrewCrossett: Severin’s power seems to be to “sever” the vampire spirit from its human host, leaving a) a dead human body and presumably b) a homeless demon spirit. Those spirits now have no way to return to whatever hell dimension they came from. Should we (and Buffy, and Severin) be concerned about all those disembodied vampires floating around, or won’t that be an issue?

That is a very interesting observation. Your interpretation of the metaphysics of his power may not be quite right, but it’s definitely a possibility.

22. Bamph: Season 8 seemed to be a bit of a repeat of season 2 but told in a different way. As you noted in your Buffyfest interview for Buffy S8 #39:

Buffyfest: Season 8 seems to be the adult version of Season 2. Was that the intention?

SA: No, not the intention, but I think I know what you mean. I love Season 2, and what you’re saying wasn’t the intention, never anything we specifically decided upon, but there’s clear similarities. I think what was great about Season 2 appealed to us in the setup of Season 8, and we ran with those things. But the differences are interesting too. In Season 2, it was fairly easy to say that Angel was not Angelus, but there’s more ambiguity here, in terms of how responsible Angel is for Twilight’s actions. I like moral ambiguity. I find that more adult.

I’m starting to notice now that season 9 is doing the same as season 8 but this time for season 6. The theme of season 6 was, “Oh grow Up” as Joss put it back then and Life being the big bad that season. It was about being in your early 20’s and being a bit adrift. Trying to find work and dealing with bills and how you sort of drift away from your high school friends. That seems to be what season 9 is also doing again but telling from the mid 20’s perspective. Is season 9 supposed to be seen as a bit of a retelling of season 6 like season 8 was of season 2 but from a different slant? I’m curious about your prespective and if this is non intentional like it was in season 8 with season 2?

Well, again, neither Season 8 or 9 is meant to be a retelling of a previous season. There was no intention to compare seasons, and in no way does one retell the former. That’s different from there being similar plot points—Angel as villain—or similar themes—growing up. When we were hammering out the thematic stuff, we talked a little bit about past developments with Buffy. The story is always in some way about Buffy growing, becoming something more, or becoming what she’s meant to be. The corner she will turn in Season 9 is different than anything she hit before.

23. Veiriti: Hi Mr. Allie, First I’d like to thank to you and to Emmie for doing that Q&A session. And I’d like to thank you for these two issues – a nice beginning of the new season, I loved the story so far, and as a Spike fan I’m happy with his role in Season 9. In the previous Q&A session you mentioned that Spike “takes on a bit of a role with local law enforcement”. Does this mean that Spike will be involved into the “dead vampire bodies” case? Thank you again.

Not exactly, but kind of …

24. zamolxis: Hi Scott and thanks for your time with us. Some time ago (in a Buffyfest interview I think) you promoted Season 9 with “feminist icon getting drunk with calamitous results”. In how much time (issues) we can expect to see these results, because some of the fans are speculating that Buffy got pregnant sleeping with somebody at the party while drunk (to which I quote Buffy: Eew and gross)?

Well, I was being flip, obviously, but the results of her poor judgment and foresight will take us a ways into the season.

25. Sky: Hey Scott, thanks for doing Q&A. My second question is: Will Spike’s role in season 9 be something like Giles role. Bringing information’s about demon world and just being knowledgeable about those stuff, just like Giles was. Something like a new version of a watcher to Buffy. Or will his role be something like Angel in Buffy season 1. Bringing useful information’s, but mostly staying in the shadows. Or something completely else? I apologize if the question is somehow a spoiler, and I understand if you can’t answer it.

No, his role is way more emotionally connected than information dump. I don’t think Veiriti would be happy with that role for Spike …

26. KingofCretins: My second question is a bit tougher — I’ve to ask ask about the end of magic. There is a perception out there that the effects of magic ending are mostly Willow losing her powers. I mean, we have a collection demon that can’t go home, but we also have Nash and Pearl, demons more powerful than most MOTW and some Big Bads have been, we’ve got Severin, with probably the most impressive superpowers for anyone not named Willow.

So, while there is a lot of end-of-magic sizzle, there hasn’t been much end-of-magic steak yet, in terms of the “rules” of the Buffyverse. So when can we expect some real sign of just how much things have changed? I don’t mean the “consequences” that Willow has hinted at, that’s a story; but rather the supernatural aesthetic, the new “rules” for the Buffyverse — because so far it doesn’t “feel” much different. I can think of a few fans who are deeply concerned that “nerfing” Willow was the entire point of the exercise, and for their sake, I hope there’s more we can look forward to that will reflect that the status quo has changed.

It might not feel that different because there weren’t always that many characters using magic in the way that magic is no longer available. You’ll see some other things come due to the end of magic. And it’s only magic that is drawn from elsewhere. Pearl, Nash, and Severin all have powers that are innate to themselves, not like Willow or Giles, who called upon powers from elsewhere. With the mystic realms closed off, that sort of magic can’t be drawn down anymore, but magic that is innate to a person, a creature, or an object remains basically unchanged. Obviously this allows us some useful wiggle room …

27. Lone Wolf: Hi, Scott. I hope you’re well. Why those Buffy and the rest of the group not seem to botherd about Gile’s death? There was no mention of him in #1, I’ve not read #2 yet. Will we get to know how Willow, Xander and Dawn feel? Thanks.

What happened in Season 8 hangs over their heads, Giles’s death among other things. None of them are happy about it, but they’re not living in the midst of that pain in the way that Angel and Faith are. There may or may not be opportunity for different characters to talk about Giles’s death, but some time has passed, and one can assume they’ve talked about it to some degree already.

28. ThatEvilLawFirm: Hi Scott! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I LIVE for character updates! While I enjoyed Season 8 immensely, the general consensus seems to be that it was on too large of a scale, and that characters (such as Riley, Fray, The Master, Oz, Warren, Amy, etc.) were brought into the story for no other reason than fan service and that they didn’t move the plot along. I actually LOVED seeing old characters again, and I’m wondering if now that we have an update on them during season 8, will we get to revisit any of them? For instance, I was slightly surprised to see Riley in issue 1, will he be recurring? (He for some strange reason is one of my favorite characters, I like how he is basically a badass average Joe)

Well, I don’t agree with the part about the returning characters not moving the plot along. All of the ones you mentioned played a part in it. Some of the ones we got in Season 8 will be back, and some other ones will get thrown in. Anyone who pops up will be there for reasons, whether obvious or other.

29. hann23: Hi Scott, Great issue. I was particularly pleased that you addressed the Season 8 bank robbing. I wondered what happened to that money. Pretty simple question, will Spike and Dawn ever get a panel or two together where they chat? Thanks!

I hope Dawn and Spike get time together. We’ve talked about that aspect of where we are today. It depends on how things continue to develop, and even I’m not sure of that specific detail.

30. bonnaleah: Hi Scott, How is a demon with an innate ability to burn out a vampire spirit different from a Mohra demon? If at all.

Well, I think the answer to your question is that the Mohra blood also has innate qualities, which we saw in that episode of Angel, so one can assume that those qualities have basically survived the destruction of the Seed.

31. zianna: Hello, here you replied:

2. AndrewCrossett: Jumping back to issue #1 for a question: at Buffy’s party, Spike at one point looks out the door and says something to the effect of “buzz off, mosquito, I only hire roaches.” Who or what was he talking to?

Did he see a bug, or is something weirder going on? It’s a mystery …

So my speculation is that we are talking about a fairy here, I can so hear Spike nicknaming a fairy as a mosquito. If not, and considering the panel in #40 showing us a little fairy, will we see more of fairies and their story/connection to Buffy’s story in season 9?

We will get back to the fairies soon.

32. Emmie: Final question for you, Scott. What do you think makes Buffy heroic? Thanks for sharing your time with us!

Wow … good question … Sheesh, Emmie, way to nail me at the end of a convention day. Buffy’s a hero because she’s strong, she’s smart, she is possessed of great convictions, and she’s willing to make hard choices. Her choices and her beliefs are not unassailable, she’s not perfect in any way, but she always means to do good, and she lives in a world, Joss’s world, where there are many shades of grey, even if some of the characters think they see black and white. Buffy does her best in a challenging world, and she’s fiercely committed to her beliefs and to her friends, and always willing to put her life on the line.

Original interview at Slayalive

Slayalive Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #1

17 October 2011 Leave a comment

Q&A with Georges Jeanty for Buffy Season 9 #1

Hey all!

Rules are simple: Post THREE (3) questions per member until I submit your questions to Georges. I will post a note to let you know when I send off questions to reopen the floor.

Keep it clean, keep it civil. Simple right? Entries are welcome until I post a closing post.

This is a whole new era so be creative with your questions. Within reason, of course. No questions that are meant to simply further your agenda (especially in shipping!). Everything else is fair game, but be respectful of each other AND the artist who’s gracious enough to take your questions. Please also remember that Georges is the artist and not the writer; he may not be the best person to ask editorial or writerly questions.

Anyone who’s reading this and not a member, I’m accepting questions at wenxina[AT] Feel free to send me your questions and I’ll add them to the queue with credit to you.

Alright… GO!

1. Bamph: Have you changed anything in how you approach your art this season that will be different from Season 8?

Georges: Like did I use a conscious style when drawing the book this time around? Like Mobius, who is reputed at being ambidextrous and thereby has two distinctive styles? I wish I could say I was that savvy, but no. I’m drawing Season 9 like I drew Season 8, with all the heart and skill that I can muster. I have always striven that with each issue I try to make it a little better. Like pushing yourself at the gym when lifting weights. But other than that it’s the same old drill, I hope that doesn’t come as a disappointment.

2. Bamph: Did you give any strong consideration about doing the art on Angel & Faith instead of Buffy this season and what did you think of Angel & Faith #1?

Georges: When Season 8 was coming to a close, Joss and I were talking on the phone on day and he asked me what my plans were. I told him I didn’t have anything specific in mind. He asked if I would like to come back and I asked what his involvement would be with a new season and little by little he told me of the 2 books that would be coming out and as he talked more about the Angel book, I was really getting inspired. I thought it was a great journey and I really wanted to be a part of that. But, more and more, I realized I’m best staying with the girl I came with so we agreed I should continue Buffy’s adventures. I will be reading Angel and Faith, because I can’t wait to find out how it all pans out. I don’t have too much involvement with that title so I get to read it like a fan.

3. Bamph: I asked this in the Rebekah Isaacs Q/A here two weeks ago for Angel & Faith #1 and I want to ask you the same thing. We know there are going to be crossovers later on down the line in Season 9. Joss said at Comic Con that after establishing both books on their own, they will then get crazy with the crossovers. With that in mind, do you think it would be fun to do a creative team crossover? Meaning that you would get to draw a issue/one-off or arc of Angel & Faith and Rebekah would get to draw a issue/one-off or arc of Buffy. Would you have any interest in something like that?

Georges: Nothing has been nailed down yet, but yeah, that would be great. I’d go so far as to suggest that I draw a book and with Rebekah’s inking talents, she could ink it. There are going to be a lot of books coming out over the course of the next 2 years. A lot of limited series accompanying the regular series.

4. Stoney: Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I’m looking forward to seeing S9 and just wanted to ask one question about the character portrayal of Buffy. I came to Season 8 once it had finished and was surprised at how young Buffy was portrayed in the comics. I feel that this detracts slightly from her experience and presents her as being more immature than she is or should look (considering all she has been through, not just in terms of her age). Is it intentional to stray away from Buffy’s TV image and make her look different and younger and, if so, why?

Georges: I’m sorry to hear that. I try and draw Buffy with a youthful slant, I mean she’s only like 26 at this point and I think she’ll still look relatively young. Sarah Michelle’s in Ringer right now still looks like she just entered her 20s so I suspect she wouldn’t look like she’s aged that much in Season 9. Depending on her emotion mood I draw her with what’s she’s feeling in mind than how old she is. I hope it doesn’t detract too much for you.

5. Sosa Lola: We finally got rid of Xander’s uniform *wink* what’s Xander’s style in clothing in S9? For example, he used to have a thing for Hawaiian shirts until S5.

Georges: Xander’s more of an adult these days. I will be putting him in much hipper clothes. He’ll be wearing a suit from time to time, but look for him to be a little more fashion conscious this season.

6. Lone Wolf: Hi, Georges, hope your well. From what you’ve drawn so far, will Giles be in Season 9 and be a big part of it like in Angel and Faith?

Georges: No. Giles will be mentioned but he won’t be a big part of Buffy’s Season 9.

7. Lone Wolf: Also Drusilla is meant to be back, how do you feel about drawing her if she’s in your title?

Georges: I can’t say much on the Dru front. I can say she will be back, but in what for and in what book, hell in what century, I can’t say.

8. Lone Wolf: Also Andrew’s hair in Season 9 looks like the hair he had in Angel season 5 but then in Buffy season 8 that came after he had the same hair he had in Buffy season 7 wich was before Angel season 5, why is that? Thanks and love your art.

Georges: Yeah, the official story is that Andrew cut his hair back to his faux-hawk, and then grew it out for Season 9. The real reason that happened is I never caught the last season of Angel and so didn’t know what Andrew was looking like. With Season 9 I wanted to bring him back to his more ‘current’ form.

9. Sosa Lola: I really love Buffy’s new roommates: Anaheed and Tumble. Did you have someone in mind when you drew them? And how did the script describe them exactly for you to come up with their final look?

Georges: Joss had those two characters in mind when I started drawing Season 9. He knew what those guys looked like from the get go. I can take no credit for their appearances. I really like them. I hope they stick around.

10. Wenxina: Has the schedule for the art been all laid out? Do you already know which issues you won’t be drawing?

Georges: That is an ongoing discussion with me and the editors. Issue 5 will be a fill-in but from there I’m not sure where we would need more. I would love not to have any fill-ins and I’m going to try my best to do as many issues as possible.

11. Wenxina: Georges, you’ve worked with your inker, Dexter Vines for quite a while now (Vines did the inks for the variant covers in S8). How much instruction do you give him when it comes to inking your pages?

Georges: When someone is as good as Dexter, you don’t give too much instruction. He knows what he’s doing and if you’re smart you get good people to do the work and then you stand back and let them do it. I love what Dex has been doing. I couldn’t be happier. I hope he can stick around for a good long time!

12. Bamph: What was the most challenging aspect of drawing this issue?

Georges: It was a two fold thing coming back to Buffy. At one time it felt very comfortable coming back to something I was very familiar with and on the other hand it was intimidating coming back to a series that I had done so much in already. Maybe people would want something new on the book. It was more my own insecurities coming to the book. You wanna make sure you do your best work when you do anything and I was concerned if I was still able to give my best work to this book. Aside from that, the challenges were and continue to be getting these characters down as they look in the series.

13. Bamph: Which of the new characters have you had most fun working with artistically?

Georges: Let’s see, I am really enjoying drawing more of Spike. He is something I really want to get right. Spike has so much character about him and I want to inject ass much of that in Season 9. Spike’s going to be growing this time around, I think you’ll be surprised.

14. Bamph: I know the stance right this second is that Buffy and Angel themselves probably won’t crossover and interact. I hope that’s just for now and towards the end of the season this changes and/or in Season 10. This will be a big deal whenever it happens so my question is, as the artist of Season 8 and Season 9, would you want to draw this yourself or would you be fine with another artist getting the chance to in another book like Angel & Faith or Season 10 if you aren’t back for that? And if it was in Season 10 and you weren’t the regular artist anymore, would you want to come back just to pencil that? Like Mark Bagley came back for The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man after leaving that book a few years before.

Georges: I don’t think I would ever stray too far from Buffy at this point in my life. What the future holds I don’t know, but I am committed to Buffy through Season 9. I would hope that in the future Dark Horse would want me to come back to the book. But on a personal level… I can’t imagine someone else doing this book. You stick around long enough to something and you get attached.

15. tigerfan: The Xander fans are eager to see his role in S9. Can you tell us if you had any interesting or exciting scenes of Xander to draw for lately?

Georges: Not yet, but the Season’s just getting started. Xander had matured a lot when we get to him in Season 8. Season 9 will see him continuing that maturity. There will be a little controversy at the beginning, see if you can spot it.

16. zamolxis: Hi Georges.

Loved the Magical Mystery Tour. Did Jane Espenson gave you some details regarding the art for this comic, Spike’s double belt and high boots made him look like John Hart played by James Marsters in Torchwood, and who’s idea was for B+S on the table in a heart shaped form?

Georges: While I take away nothing from Jane’s script, which was a dandy little 8-pager, I had a lot of fun putting in the visuals. I loved Torchwood and when I did the 8-pager, I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I put Spike, who was doing his little star traveling thing, if I put him in another star traveling James Marsters’ character’s clothes. “B&S” on the table was just window dressing. I wanted that scene to really play like Spike had a lot of time on his hands and he was going slightly mad being among these bugs.

17. zamolxis: How did you like working with Dexter Vines? I see he’s also the inker for S9 #1

Georges: He’s great. We’ve been friends for years and he’s inked over me in various other titles that I’ve drawn. We also shared studio space at one time for a few years. He is always on my short list of inkers when asked. Dex has inked for years on numerous tiltles like Marvel’s Civil War, Old Man Logan The Hulk and dozens of others.

18. zamolxis: About your cover for issue #2 I admit I didn’t get the feeling that it was Buffy (and sooo much different than your lovely #1 cover) Please tell us something about that unrecognizable (to me) Buffy concept.

Georges: That’s a new one. I don’t know what I did different, but I was trying to do another Buffy cover that portrayed something about the issue. I’m sorry you didn’t take to it. Sometimes when you do this sort of thing you hit the target, and sometimes you only hit the tree.

19. Moscow Watcher: Hi, Mr. Jeanty! Thank you for answering our questions!

In the scene where Buffy calls Spike “Stalky the Clown” was it specified in the script that Spike should be located above Buffy? Or it was your decision to draw him on the fire escape?

Georges: That was in the script. Spike was looking down at the both of them. C’mon, this is Spike, he’s good at stalking!

20. Moscow Watcher: Have you and Joss been discussing how Aura should look today? Was there a debate if she should look more like actress Persia White the way she looks today than the Aura from “Buffy” pilot?

Georges: As pointed out by Scott Allie in his Q&A, the Auras aren’t the same person. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

21. Moscow Watcher: My third question may sound a bit strange, but could you remember the circumstances of one specific panel in Issue 6 in Season 8? The panel on the penultimate page – that of the exterior of Giles’ flat in London – features a red phone box and two persons who look like Dr. Who and Rose. Can you remember how this panel was described in the script? (I ask this question because, as you may know, Angel plans to resurrect Giles, so I wonder if that panel could be a foreshadowing of Angel planning to travel back in time to fix the mess he did).

Georges: Ha, ha. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?! We would look like geniuses! To have planted that seed so far back just to have it grow years later. Brilliant!
Alas, no. There was no such forethought. In Brian Vaughn’s script he writes the ‘exterior of Giles’ London flat’ and from there I took it upon myself to inject a few of my favorite things. I was a fan of Dr. Who and I thought oh, clever me, wouldn’t it be cheeky to put in the Doctor and Rose (who was the companion at the time). I thought about putting in the Tardis but I thought that might be a little too obvious, so I settled for those red phone booths you see. So, no grand design, sorry, but, the Doctor and Angel..? Now that’s interesting….

22. Lone Wolf: Have you drawn any of the cross over charecters from Angel and Faith, yet?

Georges: No. But that’s not to say there wont be. Keep posted.

23. AndrewCrossett: Was it your decision to have Buffy wear a Satsu hairstyle at her party, or was that Joss’s idea?

Georges: You’re the first person to notice that. Yes, that little hair style was a nod to Satsu. Years ago Joss mentioned that Buffy was really into Satsu because she envied her sense of style, so when it came time for the party it seem cute to do. Good looking out!

24. AndrewCrossett: We haven’t seen Buffy wear an outfit this revealing since season 2 of the TV show (if even then). Was that a deliberate attempt to show that she’s trying to emotionally retreat back to her happier high school days, before her encounter with Angelus forced her to grow up pretty suddenly?

Georges: Not so much. It was more of an attempt to dress her up in the clothing style of today. Season 2 was like 10 years ago. Fashion has changed as I’m sure you have noticed, and I was just trying to make her more contemporary. Joss did say that this was a party and it was going to get a little out of hand, so I wanted to reflect that maybe Buffy was ready for that eventuality. You could say it’s her clothing that made it so easy for her to get a little reckless as we’ll learn in a future issue (well, that and the alcohol). Make no mistake. This party is going to have serious ramifications on Buffy’s life. Does that sound a little dramatic? Good. It should….

25. AndrewCrossett: Can you get me a date with Anaheed? Seriously, I think she is this season’s Satsu in terms of being a new character who jumps right off the page and makes me immediately like her. My real question is, is she going to be a significant character this season?

Georges: I don’t know how far Anaheed will go, but I do know she makes it as far as issue 6 as I am drawing her in that issue. A date? Well, she is a real person. Maybe after all this comes out she’ll start doing some shows as Anaheed?

26. Wenxina: While I’m a big fan of your storytelling mechanic, I’m a bigger fan of your close-ups of the characters, either when you’re trying to get an emotional moment across, or in the very quiet moments like in “Retreat”, when Xander and Buffy are talking in the field. Any good ones coming soon?

Georges: I hope so. That’s the stuff I love. I get to shine when I can just put characters together and let the emotion speak. That’s the toughest part of this type of storytelling. It’s finding that right pose or posture or facial expression that will get across all you need to know. Some times I succeed and some times I don’t, but the effort is always there. I’m doing a scene now with Nikki Wood and her Watcher that I think came out particularly nice. There are so many things coming up that are ripe with drama that 25 issues isn’t going to seem like enough! You wait and see!

27. Bamph: How far along are you right now on the art?

Georges: I am in the thick of Issue 6. Lots of stuff happening. Robin Wood is in this issue and he’s involved with some heavy drama stuff with Buffy. I can’t say more, but come the new year, Buffy fans are not going to know what is going on..!

28. Bamph: Can you give any visual or artistic teases for next issue?

Georges: Next issue, Issue 2? We will start to meet some people that will have a major impact in Buffy’s life. More of Spike. Dawn’s mad at Xander, and I make a fashion flub.

29. Wenxina: So, the Mass Effect game that Tumbler is playing… blatant product placement for Dark Horse? Since they also publish the Mass Effect books.

Georges: Yes! When that scene was written it stated that Tumbler was just sitting there. I thought he would be doing something. Why not a video game? I left a space there for Dark Horse to fill on the TV. I didn’t know what game it would be since I don’t play video games, I left it up to them.

30. Wenxina: That picture that can be seen in a panel where Buffy and Willow are talking while Buffy is hungover, I’m assuming that’s this photo, with Xander obscured by the beer bottles?

Georges: You are correct sir! And maybe a little too detail obsessive..? As you all know I love to sneak those things in there. I really do wrestle with just how much to put in because if you follow the logic, Sunnydale is a pit and all of Buffy’s belongings would have perished along with everything else once the Hellmouth caved in. I actually asked Joss about this, and in true genius fashion, he came back with “when they loaded the bus in the last episode they knew they weren’t coming back so they packed all their stuff to take with them.” Good enough for me. I want to keep doing this but I have to make sure it’s plausible to me first and then I can justify sneaking it in.

31. TimeTravellingBunny: There has been a discussion about the panel in which Buffy says “So you came out to protect me?!” and whether she was talking to Spike or Willow or both. I thought that the art made it look like she was turned to Spike, but I may be wrong. Did the script specify who she was talking to?

Georges: She’s talking to Spike. Willow at this point would have no witchy powers so that wouldn’t apply to her.

32. TimeTravellingBunny: You’ve mentioned that you based some of the new characters on actors, such as James McAvoy for the character that is still to be introduced. Did you have such models for Anaheed and Tumble?

Georges: There are. Anaheed is someone Joss knows and Tumble is based off of the actor, I can’t remember his name, he was in Scott Pilgrim Saves the World. He was the lead singer of Sex Bomb.

33. TimeTravellingBunny: If I may ask a very belated Season 8 question: were you told to draw the Claddagh ring on Buffy’s hand in the threesome panel in #3, and if you did, did you get any specific instructions which hand it should be on and how it should be turned?
If may sound like a weird question, but it’s because Claddagh rings have very different meanings depending on where and how they’re worn, and Angel actually specifically told Buffy some of it in Season 2 “Surprise” – that they should be worn pointing to yourself rather than to the fingertip, to mean that “you belong to someone”. (However, I think the costume department people on the show ignored it for the most part and just had both Angel and Buffy wear it on the right hand pointing towards the fingertip, which actually means you’re unattached.)

Georges: Yes. That was me. Joss had descried the whole scene (in vivid detail) and when I was putting in the little details I put the ring on Buffy. I had it with the heart pointing in because at least in her mind, Buffy was committed to one of them (or both..?) I was limited with which hand to put it in because of the composition. I think that’s a great ring and every now and again I see people wearing it and I love to point it out. I’m good friends with Miracle Laurie who was on Dollhouse and when she got married, her husband gave her a beautiful version of the Claddagh ring. She’s a big Buffy fan too!

34. Mr.Savath_Bunny: Hey Georges! So excited to have you back for Season 9!! Yay! So, my question (I only have one, artist to artist)!

1) This is more of a request versus a question, but I’ll try and word it as one. In Season 8 you made a variant cover of Buffy, Xander and Willow for Issue #4. I honestly think this was my favorite cover since it portrays just the core Scoobies in a very simple and timeless style. I was wondering if you might do a follow up cover mirroring this one for Season 9 (featuring the changing look of the scoobies in this upcoming story)? As an artist and a fan, I would totally love to see these types of covers coming out just to see how our favorite characters have evolved since their Twilight days. Thanks Georges – BTW, you outdid yourself with DH 25th anniversary cover, most beautiful Buffy portrayal yet!

Georges: Well, thank you! I like that issue for cover too. I do feel it has a classic look. As for revisiting the composition, We did have a “repeat” cover theme for Season 8. Although, there was so much to do we didn’t really revisit it much. The first of the repeat covers was the one with Buffy and Faith looking over a roof with buildings in the background. I think we only ever did it one more time, so, not much of a repeat cover. I would love to revisit that cover #4 again. I think it would be interesting to see, just like you said, how the characters have changed. That’s a good idea. I’ll keep it in mind for the future!

35. Moscow Watcher: At Dragon Con, you were talking about Joss’ stance on Buffy’s relationship with Angel and Spike. The problem is that nobody made a video of that panel; we only have fan reports, but different reports retell your words differently.

Question: could you repeat what you said on Dragon Con about Joss’ stance on Buffy’s relationship with Angel and Spike — for the fans who weren’t there?

Georges: For health reasons I am going to say I don’t remember much of that conversation, but in order to have 2 books, Angel and Buffy have to be apart. And that leaves Spike needing to be in a book. The most logical would be Buffy. As things get heated up, alliances will change. Things the way they have started out are not the way they are going to end up. Keep reading and you’re gonna have all the Drama you can handle!

36. Moscow Watcher: Was the pattern on El Draco’s face described in the script or you created it yourself?

Georges: Yes. Joss wanted a facial pattern on his face and boy did that take forever to agree on! It’s one of those things that when you do it you don’t think it’ll take long to approve and months later you’re wondering why no one can agree on a facial pattern(!)

37. Moscow Watcher: Xander wears “home-y” outfit at Buffy’s party. Was it specified in the script? Are his military-styled clothes gone for good?

Georges: I think the military look is gone for a while. Xander is a citizen these days working for the private sector. He won’t have a ‘costume’ per se. I did put him in a sweater at the party which is the type of stuff he likes so he’s not that far off from his TV roots.

Thanks for doing this, Georges. We’ll do another one soon. Thanks to all who contributed.
Please feel free to share this with the interwebs.

Original at Slayalive


Komic Interview Georges Jeanty

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EXCLUSIVE! Interview with Georges Jeanty

By On October 4, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Here at KomiX Towers, we are huge Buffy fans, right from the very beginning. We owned the VHS, we upgraded to DVD when at college. We collected the merchandise, went to Buffy conventions in costume, and swooned when Nathan Fillion showed up in Season 7. We are guilty of having written fan fiction, a fact that has not been publicised until now. We actually did a happy dance when it was announced the Buffyverse would continue in comic-book form with Season 8.

And here we are now, in the Autumn of 2011 and we have in our hands the first issue of Season Nine. How better to celebrate this than to bag an exclusive interview with the Buffy artist Georges Jeanty? Our brand-spanking-new KomiX reviewer, Crom catches up with Georges and talks comics, influences and envy over not being able to work on Angel & Faith as well:

I’ve read that Frank Miller’s Daredevil #183 was crucial to your becoming a comic artist. What was it about that issue that made such an impression on you?
Well, all you have to do is look at the issue to know why. I always loved comics and collected them rabidly all my life, and around that time I was in High School, and like most high school kids, I was looking for purpose, identity. I found it in comics. I was already picking up Fantastic Four and most Marvel titles regularly, this was also a time when I got into the Teen Titan which was sacrilege since the Titan were… gasp… published by DC, and I was a full fledge Marvel zombie. I never had any interest in Daredevil past his involvement in the Marvel Universe, so picking up that book was never an option. This Drug Store I used to go to after school on the way home had a couple of those spinning racks (“Hey Kids, Comics!”) and the guy who ran the place was a cliché of the Drug Store variety. He was this balding overweight guy who planted a cigar in the side of his mouth when he talked. The kind of guy who tied his belt around his ample stomach to keep his pants up instead of at his waist. And why is it these guys never seemed to like kids?! And if so, why sell comics?! But I digress. 

After school I would stop in and look and see if there were any new comics (this was before the general comic going public knew what an important day Wednesdays were). So there were a lot of titles with previous issues all bending in the rack. I had read all that I was interested in and 183 of DD was sitting there like a quiet invitation. I was impressed that the cover showed DD actually getting shot by the Punisher’s rifle. Bored more than anything, I picked it up and decided to take a chance, until the new issues of my regular crop of books came in. What happened next, quite literally changed my artistic life.
Who was this Frank Miller and why was I praising him on a title that I didn’t even like?! The storytelling is what grabbed me most. This guy was amazing. Everything seemed so effortless and I was totally engrossed. Needless to say, I went back to the Drug store the next day after school and praised the fat man with the cigar in his mouth and the belt around his stomach for not getting rid of at least 5 months of Daredevil back issues. I was in heaven. I began to ask another question; who is this Elektra chick….?

Your first big break in the comics’ world was Paradigm #1 in 1994. How did that come about, and how long did it take you to get that first job?

I was working for a comic shop at the time and we were doing a local show in Miami, just a one day thing, in the ballroom of a hotel. There were mostly dealers but also a few creators signing. Believe it or not we were set up across from Stan Lee who spent a lot of his time just sitting around (this was before the age of Superhero movies as we know it). Another guy who was down from Detroit was signing his latest book U.N. Force published through Caliber Press. We struck up a conversation and before you know it, he was looking at my work saying some very impressive things. He said when he got back to Detroit he’d get in touch with me. Caliber comics was wanting to start a superhero line and this guy, Brent, who I was talking to, was in the lead to head these books. Paradigm was actually a spin off from U.N. Force. I was so nervous. I questioned every artistic decision I made when I was drawing that book. It was awful. That’s why nowadays I tell young hopeful artists who want to break in the business that it’s better to get your start on small press books because years later when you look at your first published work, and you will, at least you cut your teeth on a book that hardly anyone’s seen. I did that book in 1992, I think, and it only took a few months from meeting Brent to drawing the first issue. I was starting on the 3rd issue when the book was cancelled. Thankfully, those pages will never see the light of day. I loved the book, I just didn’t like my work.

Was there a point when you felt like you’d ‘arrived‘? (Perhaps working on big DC characters such as Superman, Superboy and Green Lantern, or your first ongoing series Bishop: The Last X-Man?)

Aw, man. There were several times I thought I had arrived! I must have done 3 high profile books before I got to “the Big Two” I scored a job at Tekno Comics, and then at Defiant, and a couple of others I can’t even remember now. I always say that my career has been a series of false starts. Just when I thought I had arrived something happened and I was back to square one. It wasn’t until I moved to North Carolina to join the staff of London Night Studios (of Razor fame) that I thought I was at least a working artist… until they folded a year later).

Having worked on so many iconic characters like those mentioned above, are there any characters/titles out there you’d still like to work on?

How much time have you got? Pretty much every character out there I would consider a challenge to work on. I’m still a Marvel fan, I’d love to work on their characters, but DC has been very good to me over the years and it’s always a pleasure to do their books. Sorry, that’s a short answer to a long question.

Moving on to Buffy, I believe I read somewhere that you hadn’t seen the show when you were offered the job on Season Eight. Is that correct and, if so, what went through your mind when you did get to watch the series knowing you’d be working on the comic?

You are correct, sir. I was aware of Buffy from pop culture, but I wasn’t into the show. Not knowing the much of the character, what struck me most in the begging was how much this little blonde girl got hit. I was a little turned off in the beginning. I didn’t get the extent of her Slayer strength. As I continued to watch, I was taken at just how good the writing was and how many comic references there were. Ultimately I was hooked, as I’m sure most Buffy fans will attest.

Season Eight featured a lot of returning characters. Was it difficult capturing these characters having only come to the TV series so recently?

YES! I hope I didn’t put too fine a point on that. I was frozen with intimidation, because my whole career I wanted to do a licensed book. I thought it might be a Star Wars book or a Star Trek thing. And then came Buffy. While I didn’t know it at the time, I was the luckiest boy at the prom to get to be asked by this girl to dance. And 5 years later, we’re still dancing. The first 4 issues of Season 8 were hard. I spent so much time on the likeness that I probably ate up a whole month just on faces! If I had it to do again, I would certainly go back and re-do that first arc. I used, and still use, a bunch of pictures where possible.

Do you have any favourite moments from season eight, either as an artist or simply as an admirer of Joss Whedon’s work?

It’s certainly a treat to get to read one of Joss’ issues. I’m always a fan when Joss writes the character stuff. Give me 2 characters in a room with Joss’ wizardry and I’m a happy camper. I love reading his scripts. I really enjoyed the Faith arc. That one was written by Brian K. Vaughn I thought that character experienced a lot of growth in Season 8. I love that forever after, when people are looking up stuff on Faith, they will have to refer to Season 8 at some point.

I have – to my shame – only just discovered the existence of the Spike online comic set towards the end of Season Eight. Do you know of any plans to make this more widely available?

Yes. I believe that story, which needs no apology, thanks, will come out in one of the future trades to Season 9. It was a lot of fun to do for a few reasons. It reunited me with Jane Espenson who wrote a gem of a script and it gave the chance for inker Dexter Vines, who until this had been inking the covers, to do some extraordinary work on interiors, and it was the first story I worked on after a brief hiatus from Season 8 to Season 9. All around a good looking 8 pages.

Are there any characters you particularly hope to see more of in Season Nine? (I was very happy to read that Andrew will have a significant role.)

Yeah, Andrew will be around and a few other fan favourites that I’m not at liberty to divulge. One teaser; Robin Wood makes an appearance. I would love to see all the characters come back so I could draw them, but I think the cool thing is that there will be some characters that were exclusive to the Angel series that will show up….

With fans looking forward to the launch of the season – at the time this interview was conducted – how far ahead have you read, and how far ahead are you with the artwork?

I’m on the 6th issue. I know what Season 9 will go on to become and I’ve read through the next arc, but everything hasn’t been written yet. I know the broad strokes and believe me, all that I know about the series so far has made me think that Season 9 could turn out to be a little more intense than Season 8. Just wait. You guys will be busy writing about all of the spoilers that are soon to come!

How much of Angel & Faith have you seen, and what was your impression of it? Any regrets about choosing Buffy over this title?

I’ve seen a bit of Angel but not as much as Buffy. I remember talking to Joss and we had a conversation about me coming back to the series and he started to tell me about how the Angel book was going to go and I have to tell you, I was really considering doing that one, but in the end I chose to stay with the girl I came with. I love what Cristos and Rebekah are doing on the book. I’m jealous when I see the book. I wish I had it in me to do 2 books a month, I would have lobbied for both of them! But this way, I get to read the Angel series without having too much knowledge about it.

David Cromarty

Original Interview at Komix

Georges Jeanty on Geek in the City

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Issue 126

September 09, 2011 Categories: PODCASTS by Aaron

Greetings programs! A fun issue this week as the crew records live from the Landmark Saloon so Scott and Kielen may partake in their Cornhole Championship Tournament. After their mighty game, Aaron sits down and has an in-depth conversation with Georges Jeanty, the talented artist on Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Dark Horse Comics. They talk about Season 8, dedicated fans, and the upcoming Season 9 premiere on September 14 at the Hollywood Things From Another World. Finally, Mailman Chris drops in to talk about some games and Kielen gives the ugly truth on dating stereotypes on Face With Race. See you all next Saturday at the Boo Yah Strikes Back on September 17 at Guardian Games. Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

Download Issue 126 HERE

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