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Short Video Interview with Robert Downey Jr. From Comics Continuum

14 December 2011 Leave a comment

Comics Continuum recently interviewed Robert Downey Jr where he spoke about The Avengers. You can watch the interview here.

Robert Downey Jr.: Biography

7 December 2011 Leave a comment

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. was born in New York City to filmmaker Robert Downey and Elsie Ford.  His first acting job came at the age of 5 when he was a puppy in his father’s film, Pound, he went on to appear in four more of his father’s films.  Due to his father’s work, he spent his childhood moving around and lived in Connecticut, California, London (where he briefly studied classical ballet), Paris and Woodstock.

Robert attended Santa Monica High School, but left before graduating to move to New York and become an actor. Here he worked as a waiter in before becoming a member of the Saturday Night Live cast in 1985. He appeared in several films including Weird Science before landing his breakthrough role in Sir Richard Attenborough’s 1992  film Chaplin for which he gained an Oscar nomination.

Since that time he has appeared in many films as well as gaining notoriety for several stints in prison on drugs charges. Most notably are Tropic Thunder and Iron Man, for both of which films he earned many awards and nominations in 2008 and 2009.  Most recently, of course he has starred in Sherlock Holmes, and it’s sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and continued to work on the Marvel franchise with Iron Man 2, The Avengers and Iron Man 3 which is currently in pre-production.

As well as acting, Robert is a singer and has performed many songs for his various films and TV appearances, including performances on his much-acclaimed guest starring role in Ally McBeal. In 2004 he released a solo album, The Futurist, which included eight original songs.

Sources: Legacy Recordings and IMDB


The Avengers “dis-assembled” with Entertainment Weekly

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‘The Avengers’ dis-assembled! EXCLUSIVE cast portraits revealed

The whole fun

of The Avengers is seeing these characters joined together as one fighting force, but for now Marvel Studios has unveiled solo portraits of the six superheroes.

Read more about the May 4, 2012, movie in this week’s issue of EW, on stands tomorrow. But in the meantime, here’s a little online exclusive with the actors discussing their high-powered alter-egos and working

with writer-director Joss Whedon (the geek demi-god who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.)

BLACK WIDOW: “The other day we were doing this big reveal shot of all the Avengers. Thor has got his hammer, Cap’s got his shield, Hawkeye has his bow and arrow, and Hulk is huge. Then it pans over to me and I’ve got guns. Iron Man’s like, hovering above all of us, ready to go,” says Scarlett Johansson. “I was like, ‘Joss… um… do I look okay holding these guns?’” Whedon’s response reassured her: “She’s a total badass. She’s a killing machine.”

IRON MAN: What were Robert Downey Jr.’s first meetings like with Whedon when the script was being developed? “Well, I said, ‘I need to be in the opening sequence. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but Tony needs to drive this thing.’ He was like, ‘Okay, let’s try that.’ We tried it and it didn’t work, because this is a different sort of thing, the story and the idea and the theme is the theme, and everybody is just an arm of the octopus. But what was I like?” He laughs. “As usual, just f—ing aggressive and hurtful; whatever. The usual.”

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Chris Evans says the Steve Rogers we see in The Avengers is a much darker, more cynical version after awakening for the first time since World War II. “It’s just about him trying to come to terms with the modern world. You’ve got to imagine, it’s enough of a shock to accept the fact that you’re in a completely different time, but everybody you know is dead. Everybody you cared about,” Evans says. “He was a soldier, obviously, everybody he went to battle with, all of his brothers in arms, they’re all dead. He’s just lonely. I think in the beginning it’s a fish out of water scene, and it’s tough. It’s a tough pill for him to swallow. Then comes trying to find a balance with the modern world.”

THE INCREDIBLE HULK:  Mark Ruffalo says his Bruce Banner really wants to join The Avengers, but because of his past and the group’s sort of overall fear of him, he’s the outcast among outcasts. “He’s the most mild-mannered guy, but a total loose cannon. No one wants to set him off except for Iron Man, except for Downey, who just wants to see him pop,” Ruffalo laughs. “It’s funny, there’s a really cool dynamic between Tony Stark and Banner. Banner actually enjoys it, and finds it really refreshing. They’re a lot alike in a strange way. They’re both these kind of scientists who are mavericks, kind of renegades. Banner, for all his mild-mannered mythology, he’s still the dude who was testing some pretty crazy s–t on himself, so he has that rebel streak in him.”

THOR: Chris Hemsworth says his hammer-pounding god is not just once again fighting Loki, his villainous brother from Asgard, but also secretly trying to protect him. “I think [Thor’s] motivation is much more of a personal one, in the sense that it’s his brother that is stirring things up. Whereas everyone else, it’s some bad guy who they’ve gotta take down. It’s a different approach for me, or for Thor. He’s constantly having to battle the greater good and what he should do vs. … it’s his little brother there,” the actor says. “I’ve been frustrated with my brothers at times, or family, but I’m the only one who is allowed to be angry at them. There’s a bit of that.”

HAWKEYE: Like Black Widow, he’s one of the only regular humans in The Avengers, which gives him a working-class-superhero pride. “The only sort of thing I cling to is the relationship of past experiences with Scarlett’s character, with them both being human. I can cling to that,” says Jeremy Renner. But there’s no insecurity. “Quite the opposite,” the actor says. “He’s the only one who can really take down The Hulk with his tranq tip arrows. He knows his limitations. But when it comes down to it, there has to be a sense of confidence in any superhero.”

Original Interview at Entertaiment Weekly

Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr Talk The Avengers with Collider

24 August 2011 Leave a comment

Exclusive: Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. Talk THE AVENGERS at D23

by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub    Posted:August 20th, 2011 at 4:17 pm

At today’s D23 (essentially Disney’s Comic-Con), I got to ask Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. a few questions about The Avengers before their presentation to the fans.  We talked about if they’d been enjoying their D23 experience, what footage are they showing the fans from The Avengers, and what’s it been like for them as tons of images and video have been leaking from the set and there is so much interest in the project.  Hit the jump for what they had to say.


Finally, I’m going to be posting a lot more video interviews from D23, so make sure to keep checking back.   But for more on The Avengers, here’s Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson, and Cobie Smulders.

Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.

  • How are they enjoying the d23 experience
  • What footage are they showing the fans from The Avengers
  • What’s it been like for them as tons of images and video have been leaking from the set and there is so much interest in the project


Watch the video here

Original article at Collider


The LA Times Interview Robert Downey Jr.

27 July 2011 Leave a comment

‘Avengers’: Downey says Joss Whedon brings ‘depths of discovery’

July 20, 2011

If any actor knows the anxieties and payoff of stepping onto the silver screen as a superhero, it’s Robert Downey Jr., who super-charged his career by donning the armor of Iron Man for a franchise that has pulled in more than $1.2 billion  in worldwide box office. On Tuesday at the premiere of “Captain America: The First Avenger” at the El Capitan Theatre, Downey said he knew what it was like to walk a mile in the red boots of Chris Evans, the latest Marvel Universe star.

“Evans has had just a nerve-racking summer up to this point,” he said. “Up until this night, you’re starting to get the feedback and people are saying, ‘Wow, this really works. And we’re happy and reviews are good and it looks like the numbers are gonna be good.’ It’s a horrible part of the job that we do. But it’s nice when he’s on this side of it, I imagine, for him.”

It remains to be seen how the public will receive “Captain America” – but Evans already has a big fan in Downey. “First of all, look at the man’s profile. Very handsome. Second of all — very capable actor,” the actor said. So the pair and the rest of the team are getting along on the set of “Avengers”?

“It’s a nightmare,” Downey said with a winking tone. “I’m not talking to these clowns. No. It’s really fun. It’s been surprisingly fun. Also, [‘Avengers’ director] Joss Whedon has really taken us to new depths of discovery for our characters. And I think the movie going audiences – myself among them – should be pleased.”

– AmyKaufman

Slash Film Interviews Robert Downey Jr.

27 June 2011 Leave a comment

Robert Downey Jr. And Jon Favreau Talk ‘Iron Man 3’ Difficulties, Plus ‘The Avengers’

Posted on Sunday, June 12th by Germain Lussier

Fresh from the New Mexico set of The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. made a surprise appearance alongside director Jon Favreau at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood on Sunday. In full Tony Stark beard, hair and swagger, the actor, of course, spoke about the two films that were screening, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, but also the on-the-horizon third film, Iron Man 3, which will be helmed by director Shane Black.

Favreau and Downey talked about how the former Iron Man director will be helping the upcoming Iron Man director as well as some of the greatest difficulties, both serious and not, in creating the May 3, 2013 film. Check out what they had to say, and also read what Downey had to say about the first six weeks of shooting The Avengers, after the jump.

The Iron Man 3 talk got started when a fan asked if Downey could talk about Shane Black, who Downey previously worked with on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I’ll just run the transcript then extrapolate after.

Downey Jr: Here’s the first thing I want to say. The most difficult part of making Iron Man 3 is going to be negotiating Jon Favreau’s acting deal.

Favreau: If The Freak isn’t in it, I’m not doing it. If Happy Hogan doesn’t turn into The Freak, I’m not doing it. Here’s what happens to Happy Hogan, he marries Pepper Potts…

Downey Jr: Wait a minute, you want both?

Favreau: I want a love scene with Pepper Potts with my shirt on and I want to transform into The Freak.

Downey Jr. – The negotiations have begun and so far I’m in agreement on every point. Well Shane, interestingly enough, there was a point when Jon and I were stuck on an idea [with a previous film]. We were just in an exploratory phase. So I said, ‘We should talk to Shane.’ And I was like, ‘Shane, we can’t really pay.’ And he was like, ‘Bring me some salmon and some blueberries.’ And we went to Yoda’s house in Miracle Mile and it wound up coming in handy, particularly for a couple scenes. So what I can say about this kind of circle of life thing is Shane, as he’s getting into the process [to direct Iron Man 3] and getting his sea legs and stuff, he goes, ‘When can we talk to Jon?’ So there’s going to be this kind of conglomerate of efforts.

Favreau: And I love the franchise and I’m a big fan of Shane’s as well so hopefully I can be helpful because I want to see this thing grow and transform. And actually, when it finally landed on Shane, it was like, ‘All right, that’s gonna be something interesting.’ Especially because it’s gonna be so difficult for whoever does that one because although it’s Iron Man 3, the whole Avengers thing…I guess in comics you can say that it’s an individual storyline and you can break it off into a group. But in movies, it’s hard not to take into consideration what just happened. What are you gonna say? ‘They all just lost their cell phones and you can’t get help?’ So it’s going to take a lot of ingenuity to make it make sense to a mainstream film audience as well as a comic book audience.

Downey Jr. But again the toughest man of Iron Man 3 will be Jon Favreau’s day rate. It’s gonna be huge and I’ll see that they pay it.

Witty banter aside, it’s interesting that Black has already asked for Favreau’s help and that Favreau is willing to help, despite his extensive and ongoing research for Magic Kingdom as well as finishing Cowboys & Aliens. Also, while Favreau has previously been quoted talking about the difficulties in making Iron Man 3 in a post-Avengers world (it’ll be the first Marvel movie after The Avengers) he really hammers it home with the cell phone quote. It’s going to be very difficult to come up with a plausible reason for Tony Stark to combat whoever he will without the help of the team. Maybe…a drinking problem? That’s pure speculation of course.

Speaking of problems, Downey talked about a problem he usually has with his films that he doesn’t have after working for a month and a half on The Avengers:

Well, I hate everybody. [Audience laughs] I’m not talking about the cast, I’m not talking about Joss. What I mean is I tend to look at a scene and say ‘This is absolutely impossible, we can’t shoot this, it’s horrible. I can tell you 10 other movies its been in, I refuse.’ I usually start off the morning by refusing to do what I’ve signed on to do. So I brought that attitude, happily. I just thought ‘How are you gonna put all of us clowns together? He’s wearing a suit, he’s all jacked up, he’s so and so and poor Mark Ruffalo, he’s gonna out do us’. And we’re about six weeks in and I have to say Joss Whedon is nailing it. He’s so smart and so good. And it’s gonna be great. I can’t believe I just said it, I never could’ve believed this but it’s gonna be great.

Big surprise. An actor speaking highly of a film while it’s in production. That never happens. Still, Downey’s enthusiasm did seem genuine and candid, even though he’s a great actor.

Original Interview at Slash Film

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