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Jewel Staite: Interviews

22 January 2012 Leave a comment

Jewel Staite – INTERVIEWS


19 Jan: Blastr – Firefly’s Kaylee Vs Stargate’s Keller – who’d win? 

Jewel Staite: Interviews

21 January 2012 Leave a comment

Official Pix, Sci Fi Expo

6 December 2011 Leave a comment

Who: Official Pix

What: A two day conventions for fans of sci-fi and comics, with special guests, photo opps, mechandise and more.

Where: Irving Convention Centre, 500 W Los Colinas BLvd Irving, Texas

When: 11-12 February 2012
How: Online Booking

Price: General Admission: $15.00 (Kids 5-12 – $5.00) | Priority Pass: $40.00 | VIP Pass: $60.00

Whedonverse Guests:

Eliza Dushku

Adam Baldwin

Jewel Staite

Sean Maher

Ron Glass

Jewel Staite Talks Firefly, Food, Fun and Fillion with Very Aware

29 October 2011 Leave a comment



As a journalist I am duty bound to conduct interviews that aim for revelation–probing my subjects with deft questions that are supposed to push them beyond where they want to go. Thats how Oprah does it, thats how I’m supposed to do it, but funk that.

I reached out to Jewel Staite, a globe roaming gourmand and portrayer of both Kaylee Frye, the ever lovable mechanic on FIREFLY, and Jennifer Keller, the resident Doctor on STARGATE ATLANTIS, with the hope of having a fun conversation that I could share with you.

The following conversation does not contain revelations on the internal struggle of a suffering thespian, or a questionaire inspired by Bernard Pivot; frankly I’m not that good at my job.

No, instead of that stuff we touch on brain eating, cheap wine, the ego of Nathan Fillion, shrimp pot pie, Muppets, the creepiness of shag carpeting, and Jewel’s plan for world domination.

And now without further delay, Jewel Staite…

So you’ve been acting since you were 9 or 10. How are you so normal or is it all a clever ruse?

Jewel Staite: Sorry, did you just call me normal? That might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. I grew up with a mom who wouldn’t put up with any sort of diva-like behavior. She frightened me into being a well-adjusted person. Thanks, Mom.

I have become slightly addicted to late night re-runs of DA VINCI’S INQUEST, Nicholas Campbell, and Donnelly Rhodes (DANGER BAY!). You were on that for much of the first and some of the second season, and it seems like a role that was a key pivot point toward more mature projects. What was that experience like?

JS: I think that was the very first set I worked on where two of the lead actors were doing a love scene I had to walk in on. It was a very different change of pace from Disney and Nickelodeon, that’s for sure.

You’ve got the very wonderful blog, where you have revealed yourself to be a foodie and a whino, or rather, a wine connoisseur–I’m curious, does my preference for $5 bottles of Strawberry Hill “wine” make me a bad person or am I just keen on depriving myself?

JS: Sorry, I didn’t hear anything past “very wonderful”. Just kidding! Go ahead and drink your cheap wine. I’ve been known to down a glass of Yellowtail on the plane if that’s all they’ve got. But please do yourself a favor and make up for it with something expensive soon.

If one has the opportunity to saunter into a particularly fine restaurant are they better off ordering from the menu or giving the Chef carte blanche?

JS: Carte blanche always! Some of my favorite meals have been when I’ve trusted Chef to do what he does best. Plus, it feeds their ego when you let them do the deciding for you, and they really let loose most of the time. I like a loose chef.

There are stock questions like “what kind of weapon would you use in the middle of a zombie apocalypse” and “what would you’re death row meal be?” that I could ask, but those are boring so let’s mix it up: What do you want on your plate if you’re on death row during a Reaver apocalypse?

JS: The lobster pot pie from Michael Mina’s at the Bellagio in Vegas, and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. And maybe a Xanax.

I was at New York Comic Con this weekend (and so were you, but you know that) and I had a former pro wrestler call me “Big Daddy” and then give me an impromptu bear hug, what’s your weirdest “Con” moment?

JS: Well, I signed someone’s back at New York Comic Con that they later had permanently tattooed on themselves, so I think I trump you, Big Daddy. Weirder than that though was when a very respectable-looking older lady asked me to sign her boob. And I said yes. If you’re reading this, I’ll never forget you, Crazy Lady! XO

You played Doctor Jennifer Keller on STARGATE ATLANTIS; does the medical jargon stay with you and also how’s your Mandarin? Do you know medical jargon in Mandarin?

JS: I know no medical jargon or Mandarin anymore. As soon as it’s out of my mouth and the scene’s done, I promptly allow my puny brain to forget it. I have been known to use the phrase, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a mechanic!”, however.

Has Nathan Fillion changed now that he has “cop show, screw-you money“?

JS: He hasn’t changed at all. But I have. I let him pick up the check more.

Being a part of the “Whedonverse” surely comes with perks; I imagine some typecasting drawbacks as well. Is it an overall joy or is it frustrating to be so strongly associated with Kaylee and FIREFLY?

JS: It’s totally an overall joy. Really. That show’s one of the things I’m most proud of being a part of. I adore being associated with it, and I love every single person on that cast like family. And that’s about as serious as I’m going to get in this interview.

What were your thoughts when you first read the script for FIREFLY, and how surprised were you when Joss got the band back together for SERENITY?

JS: When I first read it, I couldn’t believe my luck, honestly. And I think we were all stunned when Joss got that movie green lit. That stuff just doesn’t happen very often. Plus, I was really relieved I was going to see Nathan again, because he owed me money.

So say AVENGERS makes a billion dollars, and Joss gets a green light for SERENITY 2. Is he touring the country, going from set to set like Kermit the Frog trying to track down stray Muppets or are you on his doorstep in full ragamuffin attire the next day?

JS: Who you calling a ragamuffin? Seriously, this Muppet would be there in a heart beat. Wait– which muppet do I get to be? Can I be Gonzo?

What can you tell me about THE PACT?

JS: THE PACT was a short I did last year for a friend of a friend that ended up getting into Sundance. It’s dark and moody and super creepy. Because it has a lot of shag carpeting in it.

How are you not like Kaylee Frye, how are you better than her, and how is she maybe better than you?

JS: She’s overall a better human being than me. She’s sweet and lovely and wide-eyed and wears her heart on her sleeve. I just wear my liver on my sleeve.

DOOMSDAY PROPHECY seems like one of those, “make a bag of microwave popcorn, Saturday afternoon on the couch, fun disaster movies“. What do you say to those who get a bee in their bonnet and think that Syfy originals are an affront to mankind and puppies?

JS: Those people are the kind of people that don’t believe in having cable because it’ll turn your brain to mush. Well, sometimes a mushy brain is exactly what we need on a Saturday night. I love movies I get to check out on. Not every movie needs to be flippin’ PRECIOUS.

We can’t avoid it–you ate brains on SUPERNATURAL. Now, you’re a bit of a food gangsta, would you find your inner Bourdain/Lector and eat a (non-human) sautéed brain of some kind?

JS: What makes you think I haven’t already…?

It seemed like Kaylee’s favorite place was her hammock (which I understand you stole, thief) what’s yours geographically and I suppose spiritually?

JS: Listen, that thing was given to me, I swear. You want to talk about being a thief, talk to Fillion. He’s got boxes of stuff he stole from that set, and the irony that he’s playing a guy who helps cops right now is not lost on me. But I digress. My favorite place is Maui. I spent a lot of time there when I was a kid, so that’s my recharge the old batteries place. One of these days I’m going to pull a Woody Harrelson and just move there permanently and become a beach bum and wear hemp and grow dreds. Okay, maybe not the dreds part. And that hemp’ll be Chanel.

What’s next?

JS: Same thing I do everyday. Try and take over the world.

Original Interview at Very Aware

Jewel Staite Tells TV Guide About her Supernatural Kiss

16 October 2011 Leave a comment

Firefly’s Jewel Staite on Sam’s First Supernatural Kiss, Eating Brains

Oct 6. 2011

by Hanh Nguyen

Eating brains was only part of the pleasure for Jewel Staite when she guest-starred on Friday’s episode of The CW’s Supernatural (9/8c).

“I saw that Jensen [Ackles] was directing,” Staite tells “He’s an old friend of mine, so I thought, ‘Ooooh, fun! That would be great.’ Luckily it all worked out. When you get on a show where one of the actors is directing, it can go either way. Sometimes they can stress out if they have too much on their plate, but he was so calm and so cool and so collected. He just really impressed me. We had some days we didn’t even go the full 12 hours of shooting. We were let out early because he knew exactly what he wanted and when he got it, he moved on.”

First Look: Buffy vets Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters Guest Star on Supernatural

In the episode “The Girl Next Door,” Staite plays a demon who knew Sam (Jared Padalecki) when they were both children. Despite her habit of eating brains (what’s a hungry demon to do?), they struck up an adolescent romance. More than a decade later, Sam will investigate a case in which he’ll again encounter his childhood friend.

Like her character, Staite also has certain appetites. The self-professed foodie and budding food blogger shared with us details on Sam’s young demon love, her latest projects and where she plans to eat next. (Plus, check out our on-the-set video of Ackles and Padalecki dishing on the new season.)

You’re quite busy, but I see you found time to contribute to your food blog,
Jewel Staite:
  Yeah, I’m trying to kind of branch out and blog about Toronto since I’m here. I just wrapped a seriesI’ve been doing over the last few months. It’s about a group of young actors and musicians and dancers in Hollywood trying to make it. Then I’m going to try and blog New York because I’m headed there next. I’ve never been to San Francisco. I’m dying to go. I heard that that’s one of the best food cities.

Speaking of food,  your Supernatural character is kind of hungry …
(laughs) I like that segue. Yes, she is kind of hungry, isn’t she?

What can you tell us about your character Amy?
She’s a special type of demon, but she’s a demon with a heart of gold. She’s just doing what she has must to survive and take care of herself and her family. She’s Sam’s long-lost love from childhood and she kind of comes back and takes him by surprise and throws him for a bit of a loop.

Is it just brains that she eats? Can you clarify how she does it?
Yes, kind of. She sort of sucks out the brains. It’s not as messy as it sounds. It’s a clean demon-killing.

She seems to have a conscience. Does she only target low-life victims?
She tries her best to do that, but sometimes the hunger is too much and she kind of slips up.

Is she in any way like you — a foodie and oenophile? What wine would she pair with these thugs’ brains?
That’s so funny! I don’t know if she’s that much of a wine drinker, honestly. She sort of strikes me more as a beer girl. I think beer goes better with brains.

What can you say about the relationship history that Amy has with Sam?
I think the most important part of their relationship history is that I was his first kiss. Amy was Sam’s first demon kiss. I can hold that claim to fame, which I’m quite proud of.

Is your character somehow involved with the case that he’s investigating?
Not really, well, a little bit. I think she’s the last person that he expects to see, let’s put it that way.

What does she feel about him now? And you mentioned that she has a family?
She has a son that she’s trying to take care of. He takes precedence over everything else. I think she has a soft spot for Sam and she cares about him. They have good memories together I think. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but she will if she has to in order to protect her son.

Is there a possibility of seeing Amy again after this episode? Would you want to come back if they made it possible?
Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but I would absolutely be willing to. That crew was so much fun. All they do is laugh on that set. That’s literally all they do. I think I laughed for three straight days. I would love to go back.

When I saw a sneak peek of the episode at Comic-Con, there’s a joke in there, when Amy goes by the name “Amy Pond.” Were you aware that’s a Doctor Who reference (one of the current Doctor’s companions)?
It was already in the script when I read it. I’m not a Doctor Who fan, and I had no idea about that until I mentioned it to some sci-fi fans. They were all like, “Oh my God, that’s hilarious!” They had to explain it to me.

Why do you think sci-fi fans are so devoted that they’re willing to follow actors from one project to the next? You caught them with Firefly, and then had Stargate: Atlantis after that…
There’s nothing better than a sci-fi fan, let me tell you. Once you’re in with them, you’re in for life. I don’t know why that is. I just don’t question it. I’m really grateful that they follow me from project to project and keep watching whatever I’m doing. That’s probably the only reason why I’m working.

Can you talk about a funny experience you’ve had with a sci-fi fan?
I’ve had so many. So many. There’s all kinds of things you see at these conventions. My favorite one was I was in this elevator with a whole bunch of sci-fi fans at a convention. One guy looked at me and said, “Has anybody ever told you that you look like Jewel Staite?” and everyone in the elevator started laughing. Then he said, “Oh, no, no, no! It’s a compliment!” It was the best.

Original Interview at TVGuide

Jewel Staite to Guest in Supernatural

19 July 2011 Leave a comment

Jewel Staite will guest star in the third episode of the new season of Supernatural. She will play a childhood friend of Sam’s in the episode which will involve flashback’s to their younger days. The episode is set to air on 7th October 2011.

Source: zap2it

Serenity Cast Will Answer Your Questions

3 October 2005 Leave a comment

First Joss Whedon answered your questions, now some of the cast will take time out of their busy schedules to answer your questions through Whedon’s World. Email your questions for Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Summer Glau to or post them in the forum link below. I will pass your questions on and they will try and answer as many as possible. Closing date for questions is 9th October 2005.

This post was transferred from the old version of this site on 6 September 2011 and backdated to the original posting date.

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