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Bai Ling: Biography

30 January 2012 Leave a comment

Bail Ling – Biography

Bai Ling (also known as Ling Bai) was born in the Szechuan province of China. At the age of 14 she enlisted in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army where she spent three years in a performance troop entertaining soldiers stationed in Tibet. On completing her service Bai performed at a local theatre in Beijing and appeared in two Chinese films, Shan chan feng yue and Arc Light.

In 1989 she was involved in the Pro-Democracy protests in Tiananmen Square and as a result fled to the USA in 1991 where, despite not being able to speak a word of English, it didn’t take her long to find work. Bai has appeared in many prolific films including the Crow and Anna and the King. Her role as a pragmatic Chinese People’s lawyer in Red Corder has prevented her from returning to her home country.

Bai continues to work, and has appeared in several films a year since her guest appearance in Angel as well as guest appearances in TV shows such as Lost.


Bai appeared on the front cover of Playboy in June 2005 and was the first woman from the People’s Republic of China to do so.


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