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American Reunion Trailer

27 October 2011 Leave a comment

Alyson Hannigan As previously reported, Alyson Hannigan will reprise her role as Michelle Flaherty in the latest in the series of American Pie films, American Reunion. Watch the completely not suitable for work or minors, trailer at MSN.


Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Alyson Hannigan from Marie Claire

9 October 2011 Leave a comment

Alyson Hannigan tells Marie Claire ten things we didn’t know about her in this video interview which you can watch here.

Entertainment Weekly EWwy Awards 2011

1 September 2011 Leave a comment

Several Whedonverse favourites have made into the poll for Entertainment Weekly’s EWwy Awards, celebrating the performers and series that the Emmys overlooked.

Nathan Fillion is up for Best Actor in a Drama

Vincent Kartheiser is up for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama

Neil Patrick Harris is up for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

How I Met Your Mother (which stars Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris and new to the Whedonverse, Cobie Smulders) is up for Best Comedy

To vote you need to first “like” their facebook page here and then scroll down through the catagories

David Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alyson Hannigan to Guest on American Dad

17 August 2011 1 comment

J August RichardsDavid Boreanaz, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are among a host of big name guests stars set to lend their voices to several of Fox’s animated shows this season. Our three favourites will all guest on American Dad.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Huffington Post Inyerview Alyson Hannigan

8 June 2011 Leave a comment

Alyson Hannigan Reveals ‘American Reunion,’ Details, Talks ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Posted 6/3/11

Alyson Hannigan grew up in Hollywood. And Hollywood has grown up with her.

The gentle, always smiling actress made her commercial debut as a child, starred in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and then shot to true stardom as the awkward, flute-loving prom date to Jason Biggs’ pie-loving character in the first “American Pie” film.

Each subsequent sequel of the dessert defiling series brought the awkward crew to a new stage in their lives, from high school to college to, in 2003, marriage. It’s become a generation-defining trilogy, and to hear Hannigan tell it, a total surprise, too.

“With the first one, they had put some sort of sequel clause in my contract and I was like, ‘ahh, I wouldn’t be in a sequel,'” she laughed in a conversation with The Huffington Post. “‘There’s no way. My character leaves at the end of the movie, so even if there was a sequel, I wouldn’t be in it.’ And here we are.”

Where Hannigan is, exactly, is Atlanta, filming “American Reunion.” Thirteen years after Jim and co. pledged to lose their virginity, their high school reunion brings them all back together. And as unlikely as it seems that the kid who crotch dived into a pie is the father of perky band girl’s child, that progeny is a major player in the new film. Continuing the pattern, Hannigan has a child now, too.

“I haven’t met my child yet for the film but I’ll meet him today, I hope he likes me and I hope my daughter doesn’t get jealous that I’m holding some other kid. I’ll have some explaining to do,” she laughed. “Like, ‘why is that kid calling you mommy?’ I don’t know how old the actor kid is, but he’s playing two, and my daughter’s two, so they’re probably in the same ballpark. I’m hoping they’re in the same weight category, because I’m only just holding my daughter who is 25 pounds, if he’s much heavier, I could struggle.”

Which, of course, would actually be pretty funny.

Beyond the child, though, there are many old cast members to catch up with. If you’ve imagined what crazy paths Stiffler, Finch, Jim and the gang may have taken, you may just see them on the big screen. And that real life awkwardness at high school reunions? Not in this one.

“It’s really true to how real life would be, where everybody, they’ve all gone in different directions, but of course when you get back together again, it’s as if no time has passed,” Hannigan said. “You’ll be able to catch up with all the characters, see what they’re doing, where are they now, it’s as if no time has passed when they all come back together. It’s my second day of shooting, but already it’s been such a blast and I can tell it’s going to be really, really funny.”

It’s not just the characters who jump right back into it — having gone through such a big, star-making experience so young, the actress, now 36, says that there’s a sort of friends-for-live vibe on set that matches their characters.

“It’s fantastic. There’s such a fantastic chemistry among this group and it certainly has not diminished at all,” she offered (as if to prove it, Jason Biggs was goofing off in the hair and makeup trailer during the interview, plugging his just-cancelled show, “Mad Love,” which he’d love to bring back, if anyone is interested). “If anything I think it has sort of gotten better because we all have this sort of common thread of here is this little movie that became this gigantic franchise, so it’s been really, really fun to be a part of.”

For Hannigan, motherhood is becoming a constant theme, both in life and on screen. Beyond her own child, and her child in “American Reunion,” her character in “How I Met Your Mother,” became pregnant at the end of this last season. She’s especially excited to see how that plays out on the screen — and to see what the baby will look like. Carrying this one will definitely be a problem, though, if it’s anything close to what she imagines.

“It’ll probably be a lot like, remember in ‘Mork & Mindy’ and the kid aged backwards from a man?” Hannigan mused. “That’s what I picture. Just because, if the baby has Marshall’s genes, he’ll probably come out 5 foot 6.”

With all this pregnancy and baby talk, perhaps it’s fitting that Hannigan is supporting the March of Dimes, the great pregnancy charity resource for expecting mothers.

“It’s so easy for people to make a difference and to donate money to the March of Dimes,” she said, discussing their new fundraising campaign. “For every person that goes on to the Johnson’s Baby Facebook page and hits like, for every like they get, they’re going to donate a dollar to March of Dimes. It’ll take a minute, it’s such a great cause, and it’s an easy way for people to make a difference.”

For all her obvious maturity, though Hannigan still has a soft spot for the Muppets, a franchise which, conveniently, is being re-invigorated by her “How I Met Your Mother” co-star Jason Segel.

“I’m so so happy. I keep thanking him for bringing them back. And I got to take my daughter to set when he was shooting. And she doesn’t watch television or anything, but she got to see Ms. Piggy and one of the other Muppets, and you could see the magic in her eyes,” Hannigan lit up. “She still to this day talks about Ms. Piggy and she was so happy and it was such an experience, even having never seen or heard about the Muppets, she got how special they are, so I keep thanking him for that experience for me and my daughter.”

On-screen and off, Hannigan has settled into the unlikely role of cool mom. “I like how my career sort of mirrors my life, because in the last ‘American Pie’ film, it was ‘American Wedding,’ and I was actually planning my wedding,” she said. “And now we’re doing this, and I have a two year old and Michelle has a two year old. So I’m just keeping on track.”

Original Interview at Huffington Post

EW Interviews Alyson Hannigan

7 June 2011 Leave a comment

Alyson Hannigan talks ‘American Reunion’ — EXCLUSIVE

by Clark Collis

This one time (not at band camp) we called Alyson Hannigan to talk about her returning to the role of the sweet, but raunchy, Michelle in the currently-being-shot American Pie sequel American Reunion. Read on to see what the How I Met Your Motherstar had to say!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You recently had the first cast get together and script read through for American Reunion. What was that like?
ALYSON HANNIGAN: You know, I haven’t seen most of those guys for, goodness, we couldn’t even figure it out — probably, like, eight years or something. And more for the ladies. It’s a little strange, because you’ve kept up with them in the media. Like, everybody knew I had a kid. But it was really nice. We got to show pictures! It was one of those things where the dynamic with everyone is as if no time that has passed. You instantly get along.

What about the actual read-through?
The read-through was at the end of the day and some of the people had to go. Like, Jennifer Coolidge wasn’t there. There’s so many characters and some had yet to be cast. So it wasn’t actually a telling reading of what the full movie is going to be like, because there were a lot of substitute readers. But even if we shot it with the substitute readers, it’s going to be really good. So I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when the parts are actually cast. It was really great.

While we’re on the subject of casting, I read there was a casting call for a role that required “upper frontal nudity.” The good news is that you can stop looking because I am absolutely prepared to do that.
You know what? I will call the directors right after I get off the phone. They will be so relieved.

Michelle and Jason Biggs’ character Jim got married in the last big screen American Pie movie. What can you tell us about the plot of this one?
We’ll, we’re still married, and we have a child. So we’re navigating the waters of parenthood and how that changes the dynamics of a relationship. But also they’re going back to their high school reunion and so there’s some nostalgia there of, “Aw, remember what we were like when we first met?” That kind of stuff. It’s really nice. I really love that relationship and they’ve stayed true to it. The great thing about this franchise is that, of course, there’s the raunchy humor but here’s also a lot of heart to it. And this fourth movie does not miss the boat on that at all.

The movie is being made by the Harold and Kumar guys, writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. Did you talk to your HIMYM costar Neil Patrick Harris about them?
He sang their praises completely. I think Neil knew that Jon and Hayden were doing the movie before I did, actually. But Neil knows about everything before I do. [Jon and Hayden] are such big fans of the franchise. I met with them ages and ages ago, before they were going off to write the script. They had said that basically they wanted to write [a film like] the original movie and then one of them saw the trailer for it. He called the other sand said, “Somebody wrote our movie!” So they’ve been sort of kicking themselves that they missed the boat back in, whenever it was, ’99.

We had lunch and they talked about their ideas. This must have been a year ago, and they were going to hunker down and write the script. I sort of heard, “Oh, they’re looking at maybe trying to shoot it in January or something.” But obviously that would have been difficult for me as I’m on the show. So you just kept hearing yammerings and then it was like, “Okay, well, they’re going to aim for your hiatus.” You just sit there and wait and see if it actually comes true. And it did.

Does your character’s flute-playing prowess come into the plot this time around?
There will be some… Uh… Yes, you know, it’s a reunion. [Laughs] What’s great about what Jon and Hayden have done is they’ve made a really good movie that people who aren’t familiar with the franchise will love, but they’ve also given the people that love the franchise a lot of inside jokes and stuff that you’ll really appreciate if you’re a fan of the American Pies.

So flautism — if that’s a word — does come up?
[Laughs] You will see the old band room at least.

Okay. Well, if you could just tell me who Barney was getting married to at the end of the How I Met Your Mother season finale, then I’ll be on my way.
You know, I wish I could tell you. Even if I knew, I would not be able to.

Original interview at EW

Alyson Hannigan on KTLA (Video)

1 June 2011 Leave a comment

Alyson Hannigan recently appeared on KTLA to talk about the season finale of How I Met Your Mother, the new American Pie film and the charity she is involved in, Stubb Hub. You can watch the video at

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