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Angel: The Groosalugg

29 January 2012 Leave a comment

The Groosalugg

Cast from his village in Pylea due to the ‘cow blood’ in him, and wanting to end his suffering Groo tries to kill himself by entering every battle he can. But no matter how dangerous the battle or how fearsome the opponent, he wins every time and the covenant is forced to name him The Groosalugg, meaning “the brave and undefeated”. As Pylean legend would have it, one day a princess will come to the land cursed with the vision, The Groosalugg must “Com Shuck” or mate with the princess and then the visions will pass to him. And verily, Cordelia plops though a portal into Pylea and finds herself a ‘cow’ slave until the covenant discover she is ‘cursed with the visions’ and quickly make her a princess. The Groosalugg is summoned, and, despite her fears, Cordelia finds him very attractive and is all set to “Com Shuk” ’til dawn until she learns that she will lose her visions.

When Cordelia has a vision of Groo fighting (and loosing) to a vicious beast, she begs him not to fight but the covenant persuade Groo that the beast (which is actually Angel) will defile his princess if he does not kill him and the two fight. Cordelia steps in beofre Angel can kill Groo. In the meantime, Wesley and Gunn have seen to the death of the evil head priest and Cordelia announces the abolishment of slavery, among other things, and hands over the rule of Pylea to Groo.

With Cordelia gone, however, things don’t go so well in Pylea and soon there is a Dance of Revolution and Groo is deposed. he finds himself back in L.A and back in the arms of his princess just as Angel is about to declare his love for her. Cordelia sets to work giving Groo a nice make over for his new life in L.A. (nice short hair that sticks up, black leather jacket, no, she’s not modelling him on anyone we know) and asks Angel to help find a potion that will allow them to Com Shuk without her losing her visions. Unable to deal with Groos stepping into his shoes in more ways than one, Angel sends the pair off on vacation where they can Com Shuk to their hearts content.

On their return they find things very different at Angel Investigations and Groo slowly begins to realise that it is not him that Cordelia loves, but Angel. His final gift to his princess it to make her realise this too, then he leaves.


Angel: Landokmar of the Death Wok Clan

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Landokmar of the Death Wok Clan

Landokmar of the Deathwok Clan is Lorne’s cousin and still resides in their home dimension of Pylea. When Cordelia receives a vision of a young girl who has been sucked through a portal, their search for her leads them to the library where she worked and the last book that she checked out. Attempting to read the book, Cordelia inadvertantly opens a portal herself, out from which pops Landok. Together they defeat the Drachen beast which has popped through a similar portal, leaving Landok with a very high regard for Angel. The day saved, and team Angel find a way to send Landok back to Pylea.

When Angel arrives in Pylea himself, he is welcomed into Lorne and Landok’s family home as the conquering hero and slayer of the Drachen beast, unlike Lorne, who is not welcome at all.


Angel: Virginia Bryce

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Virginia Bryce

Virginia Bryce is the over-protected daughter of wealthy sorcerer, Magnus Bryce. Magnus is approaching his 50th birthday and, unbeknownst to Virginia, is planning to sacrifice his daughter to the Goddess Yeska on that day. In order for the ceremony to work, the sacrifice must be a virgin and, believing Angel to be a eunuch (a misconception of the gypsy curse), Bryce hires him as a bodyguard for his daughter. Angel, however, has taken a little trip away to ‘find himself’ and Wesley takes the job in his place. Unfortunately, Virginia and Wesley grow close and soon the inevitable happens and the pair end up in bed. Despite Wesley’s convincing portrayal of Angel, Bryce discovers the truth and kicks him out of the house. When the celebrated day arrives, Angel Inc turn up to save the day, but it is too late, Yeska has already been summoned. but the sacrifice being ‘impure’, Yeska turns Virginia down and Wesley is most relieved to discover that he did not take Virginia’s virginity.

Wesley and Virginia continue their relationship until Wesley getting shot in the line o duty opens Virginia’s eys to the danger of his job, and, when he refuses to change his occupation, she breaks up with him.


Angel: Gavin Park

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Gavin Park

Gavin Park, young, up and coming lawyer at Wolfram & Hart, is brought into the Special Projects division to replace Lindsey McDonald. His arrival sparks a rivalry between him and Lilah Morgan as they both try to please their boss.

Gavin’s first job at Special Projects seems innocent enough, visiting the Hyperion Hotel, he finds no less than 32 building code violations, however, his real task is to install several ‘bugs’ that will transmit everything that goes in at Angel Investigations in full and glorious colour straight back to his bosses at Wolfram & Hart. The only place he missed, apparently, is the toilet. His ingenuousness leads to Wolfram & Hart‘s discovery of Darla’s pregnancy. Round one to Gavin.

Not to be out done though, Lilah is soon in secret consultations with the Senior Partners and their rivalry ends when she takes over as department head. Things go from bad to worse for Gavin when The Beast attacks Wolfram & Hart and kills all the employees, including Gavin, and turns them into zombies.


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