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Miracle Laurie’s Music Video Playlist from Examiner

6 December 2011 Leave a comment

Exclusive: Miracle Laurie’s music video playlist

Timothy Cox, Music Video Examiner

November 21, 2011

You may not recognize the name, but 30-year-old Miracle Laurie is forever in the hearts of Joss Whedon fans for her time as Mellie/November/Madeline (you’d have to watch the show to understand) in FOX’s short-lived television series Dollhouse. She’s also recognizable as Elizabeth Chivers in the web series Goodnight Burbank, which will continue as a television series in the future.

Odds are if you haven’t heard of Laurie by now, then you will next year. Next month she begins filming on Lust For Love with many other Dollhouse stars, including Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, and Maurissa Tancharoen.

Laurie’s wrapped filming on 100,000 Zombie Heads, a project that there’s not much information about. She will appear in next year’s Any Day Now, a movie about the true story of a gay couple who take in an abandoned teenager with Down Syndrome before authorities take the boy away out of discrimination. She’s also in The First Ride of Wyatt Earp, a Western film starring Val Kilmer, that’s scheduled to premiere March 30.

Miracle Laurie has provided with her 10 favorite music videos of all time. Her picks have been influenced by her interests in pop, humor, and an eye for beautiful visual entertainment.

Here at Examiner, we don’t know how Laurie found the time to type up a music video playlist, but we’re glad she did. We think you’ll agree that she’s a very fun and personable writer.

1. Soundgarden – “Black Hole Sun”

“The song is incredible (and I actually just loaded it onto my iPod the other day), but the video BLEW MY MIND…I think it blew a lot of people’s minds.  I just remember thinking that I had never seen anything like it. And obviously, after 17 years for something to stick, it had to be significant.”

2. Michael Jackson – “Remember The Time”

“Michael is on here a couple times because not only was he the king of pop, but he REALLY used the medium of music videos to make little 10-13 minute movies…for every song he did even if the song itself was only 3 1/2 minutes.  haha.  He was brilliant and fun and a fantastic showman and really got what it was to be an entertainer.  This particular video just cracks me up though, and my sister and I spent many an afternoon singing and dancing along and quoting some of the lines from this video.”

3. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

“Since we’re already here, I mean MJ was absolutely amazing.  A genius and pioneer for so many things.  The whole thriller experience when the ‘making of’ came out and whenever the video was on, I just thought, ‘WOW…it’s all so fascinating and fabulous!’  The little actor kid in me loved every aspect of it and I couldn’t wait to be a part of that kind of magic.

~side note: I realized that every MJ Video could be on here because they were all epically fantastic.  Honorable mentions: ‘Smooth Criminal‘ and ‘Scream‘ with Janet.”

4. REM – “Everybody Hurts”

“This song is perfect in my eyes and the video completely reflects what the song is about.  It’s cinematic and has a strong point and has stayed in my mind all this time.”

5. Blind Melon – “No Rain”

“Three words: Bumble Bee Girl.  🙂  Incredibley sweet video and message, beautifully shot with a beautiful little girl.”

6. Beyoncé – “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

“To be honest, I don’t really like this song at all.  haha, BUT the video is so distinct and was parodied like crazy, it would have been impossible for someone not to remember this video.  And quite frankly, upon another watch, Beyonce’s fierceness and dancing and attitude really are something to be in awe of.  She’s a wonderfully strong and beautiful woman and that’s admirable.  Another reason this video is dear to me a little bit is because one of our prop guys during Season 2 of Dollhouse knew the entire video and used to sing and dance the whole thing for us.  It was hysterical.”

7. Dave Matthews Band – “Crash Into Me”

“First let me admit that I am a HUGE DMB fan…like hard core, so I love pretty much anything they do.  The video itself is actually quite interesting.  Aesthetically, they have a lot of beautiful things going on and a good variety of shots and angles and colors and textures…the whole thing is just lovely and flowing.  Secret confession:  A dream of mine is to one day be “the girl” in a DMB video.  I think that would be a whole new level of awesomeness for me.  LOL.

“Honorable mention for DMB: ‘Ants Marching‘ – I LOVE that song and I love how they always have a very clear vision of the message they want to send with their videos.  I also think it’s just a great video to go with a great song.  AND this video pretty much put them on the map for the general public.  (Side note, I just realized upon a re-watch, that ‘Alex’ from Grey’s Anatomy is in this video…hilarious).”

8. En Vogue – “Free Your Mind”

“For some reason ‘Free Your Mind’ by En Vogue stands out in my memory. It’s probably for no other reason than I just LOVED that song and loved to sing along to it.  And I loved watching all those women rock the hell out of that runway and just be the beautiful, strong, fun, talented women they are.”

9. New Kids On The Block – “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”

“Why?  Because I was a kid of the 80’s and in love with them.  I don’t have a better reason other than it still makes me happy to think about them and that time.  haha.”

10. Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity”

“I think Jamiroquai was fun and kinda crazy, and again…when the video came out I thought, ‘wow – I’ve never seen anything like that.’  🙂  It’s a fun song and I think with music videos in general why not be creative and make the most of the incredible medium and showcase it is for your music.”

On top of acting, Laurie also has a ukulele cover band with her husband, called Uke Box Heroes. You can watch Laurie and her husband perform on YouTube by clicking here.

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Original Interview at Examiner


Miracle Laurie Cast in Lust For Love

13 November 2011 Leave a comment

Miracle Laurie

Miracle Laurie joins the cast of Lust for Love, made up largely of fellow Dollhouse cast members. Also joining the team are Shawna Trpcic as costume designer and Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen are providing some songs for the soundtrack.  The movie has well exceeded it’s target funding of $70,000 and is currently in pre-production.

Source: Lust for Love Kickstarter Page

CNN Interview Miracle Laurie

1 August 2011 Leave a comment

Miracle Laurie played Mellie, November and Madeleine on the Fox series “Dollhouse.”

My fangirl moment: ‘Dollhouse’ actress’

We are all guilty of having our own fanboy or fangirl moments, especially at a convention like Comic-Con. Believe it or not, convention-going celebrities have had those moments too. Here’s one example from Miracle Laurie, best known for her role on the cult classic TV series “Dollhouse.”

Miracle Laurie, whose character provided one of the best twists in the much beloved, but short-lived series “Dollhouse,” will never forget going to a convention in New York after the first season – especially meeting a certain TV and rock star from the ’60s.

“My total geek out moment was meeting Micky Dolenz,” she said of the Monkees member (who went on to further fame among the Comic-Con crowd for voicing Arthur on 1990s “The Tick” animated series). Laurie said she grew up watching “The Monkees” and didn’t even realize they were reruns at the time.

As excited as she was to meet him, she really couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Check out the video to find out what happened when she finally met a Monkee, as well as her thoughts on fan conventions, by clicking this link.

Miracle Laurie Co-Hosts GeekScape

27 April 2011 Leave a comment

Miracle Laurie

Miracle Laurie was recently the co-host on episode 207 of Geekscape where they talk about Goodnight Burbank among other things. You can watch the episode (or just listen to the audio) at

Anaheim Comic Con

19 April 2011 Leave a comment

Who: Wizard World

What: A three day conventions for fans of all media featuring special guests, panels, exhibits and much more.

Where: Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802

29 April – 1 May 2011
Online Booking

1 Day Ticket $30.00 | Weekend Ticket: $50.00 | VIP Package: $200.00

Whedonverse Guests:

Nicholas BrendonXander Harris in Buffy

Kelly DonovanXander Harris/Nick’s Stunt Double in Buffy

Miracle Laurie – Mellie/Madeline/November in Dollhouse

Elisabeth RohmKate Lockley in Angel

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