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Christina Hendricks Talks Gaming, Texting and her Android with Talking Your Tech

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Christina Hendricks on Granting Wishes and Wonder Woman from NYMag

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Christina Hendricks on Granting Wishes and All That Wonder Woman Talk


I Don’t Know How She Does It is about all the responsibilities that a modern-day working woman has to juggle, and nobody knows that sort of thing better than Christina Hendricks, who’s been busy promoting her co-starring roles in I Don’t Know How and Drive, which are both out this Friday. She’s also got plenty more on her plate since the fifth season of Mad Men just started shooting, and Hendricks segued to that immediately after finishing up a part in the comedy Struck by Lightning, which was scripted by Glee‘s Chris Colfer. Luckily, Vulture found some time to chat with Hendricks last night at the I Don’t Know How premiere, where she filled us in on her sweet Emmy plans.

The director of I Don’t Know How She Does It said that he cast you in this role because he knew you could bring a real warmth to it.
It’s certainly different from what I do most of the year, which is play Joan on Mad Men, and it’s a romantic comedy, and she’s the best friend, and it has this sense of humor throughout. And it was nice and refreshing to do modern day, so it was a no-brainer for me.

Did you have any idea this would come out the same weekend as Drive? They’re such different roles.
Completely different movies, completely different characters, yes. I had no idea. I finished Mad Men, and maybe within the month I finished Drive, and then a month went by, and then I did this. To be honest, the real reason I did Drive was because of Nicolas Winding Refn, the director. I had seen Bronson and I was floored by it, and I said, “I want to work with this guy. I don’t care what it is.” And this is a smaller role, but I just wanted to be part of what he was doing, and it’s an instrumental role, and I think it’s really different than anything else I’ve ever done, and an opportunity to work with Ryan [Gosling] … there were so many reasons to do it. And I love that I actually have these coming out on the same night, on the opposite end of the spectrum of movies, both enjoyable in completely different ways.

A lot of people are talking about the atmosphere and the music for Drive.
I know, isn’t it good? When we were shooting, Ryan would run bands by me: “Do you like this? Do you like this?” But I didn’t hear the full soundtrack until later, and then I immediately downloaded all the songs. Actually, I’ve just moved into a house, so it’s my unpacking music.

Nicolas is a big fan of yours as well. He really wants you for Wonder Woman. Would you do it?
Sure! I grew up on the TV show, and I had Wonder Woman Underoos, and my brother had a Wonder Woman doll — sorry, Aaron, you’re exposed. [Giggles.] And Nicolas said, when we were on set, “I want you to be Wonder Woman.” And I think he is such an extraordinary and exceptional director, that if he asked me to do it, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Funny enough, when Joss Whedon was going to direct Wonder Woman, you were one of the people he was considering … so you’ve got two directors who think you’re right for the role.
I’d like to think that Joss would have cast me! I also loved working with Joss [on Firefly]. I’m excited to see what he does with The Avengers. Hopefully the stars would align [for Wonder Woman]. It would be really fun. It would be cool, wouldn’t it? I’d get to kick ass.

The original Wonder Woman comics were all about sexual metaphors, because William Moulton Marston, the guy who created her, was trying to make Wonder Woman a combo of his wife and his lover, and the lasso representing their BDSM and whatnot.
Ah! Right. That makes sense now.

Would you want your Wonder Woman to be that kind of dark, sexually liberated character? Bring back the bondage?
Well, I would certainly do what Nicolas wanted to do, and I can only guess what his version would be, but as I grew up with and am now married to a comic book fan, I think it’s important to be true to the original comic books, because I know that the fans love every detail and it’s very important to them. So I think it would be cool to do that. I look forward to learning more about it, actually. I should probably start reading them, so that if someone were to ask me [to be in the movie], I would be fully prepared. [Grins.]

And you’re doing Struck by Lightning now?
I actually already finished it. Chris [Colfer] wrote this really great script, I think it’s really cool, he’s so talented. My character is completely different than this character, completely different from the Drive character; she comes across as judging and prissy and a little bit sheltered, and ends up having to deal with things she wasn’t expecting in her life. I was really honored and proud to be a part of it. Chris is doing some really great stuff, so I was honored to be in his first movie. He can do anything. He’s amazing.

Looking forward to the Emmys?
Yeah, I am! I’m actually bringing a date. I’m an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and one of the children, his wish was to go to the Emmys, so he’s going to be my date, along with my husband, and my dad and his girlfriend. So we’re going to have a really fun night and it’s going to be really exciting. I’m really excited for him to experience that.

How old is he?
He’s 19. You got to assume that if you want to go to the Emmys, you’re probably a little bit older, and Make-A-Wish goes up to that age, so yeah. I’m really excited.

Original Interview at NYMag


Mark Sheppard Talks Leverage With Assignment X

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Exclusive Interview: LEVEAGE guest star Mark Sheppard on the return of Jim Sterling

The actor talks about the Sterling/Nate relationship and working with director Jonathan Frakes

By ABBIE BERNSTEIN / Contributing Writer

Posted: August 28th, 2011

On TNT’s LEVERAGE, airing its summer finale tonight at 9 PM, Timothy Hutton’s former insurance investigator Nathan Ford rides herd on a small team of con artists who pool their various skills in the service of doing the right thing.

Not much rattles Ford, but we can see his spine stiffen whenever a male British voice utters the words, “Hello, Nate.” The voice belongs to Ford’s former colleague and frenemy Jim Sterling, played by English actor Mark Sheppard, who recurs on LEVERAGE to alternately thwart, aid and aggravate Nate and Company

.Sterling appears in “The Queen’s Gambit Job,” which serves as the Season Four summer finale, but Sheppard is careful not to put out any spoilers about just what he does in the episode.

MARK SHEPPARD: In the teasers [for “Queen’s Gambit”], we haven’t really seen that I’m with anyone. The only person we see me interacting with is Nate, and the “Hello, Nate” being the famous opening line for everything I do, really.

Well, this time, actually, I went to [LEVERAGE show runner] John [Rogers] and said, “Are we revealing me [as a surprise during the episode] or what?” He said, “God, no, we’re playing the hell out of the fact that you’re actually coming back for a change.” [laughs] So I think that was our determination from that start, that we weren’t going to have me do a “Hello, Nate” right in the middle of somebody else’s story. Although that was an awful lot of fun to do at the end of Season Two.

AX: The last time you appeared on LEVERAGE, did you expect Sterling to return?

SHEPPARD: Always. Why would Sterling not return? Sterling never loses, so Sterling will always be around. I don’t think you can get rid of Sterling that way.

AX: As the series progresses, do you feel the relationship between Sterling and Nate is changing?

SHEPPARD: It’s more along the lines of, we’re getting a further chance to see and explore more of the relationship between Nate and Sterling. Writing-wise, a lot of shows would have more and more things happen between the pair. There would be more and more new twists to their relationship. I think if you actually look at what’s happened to Nate and Sterling thus far, very little has changed in the way that they feel about each other, which is I think fascinating.

What’s actually happened is that the audience has had more and more of our relationship revealed. Our past has been folded very carefully into the episodes and as we move forward, we find out more and more of what caused their rift and why they were probably friends in the first place. It’s a great way to write, different than a lot of other shows, which obviously would have them do something that changes the way they feel about each other or do something that would be the purpose of bringing them back together. What’s funny is that they’re sort of inexorably linked to each other, they can’t get away from each other in that way, because they move in certain circles that are similar. And yet the more they talk to each other, the more that they interact with each other, the more we find out about what went wrong or what happened or what was good or what was bad in the first place.

AX: So they’re essentially discovering their old feelings about each other are still valid?

SHEPPARD: No. I don’t think that they’re discovering much. I think we are discovering that their old feelings are essentially valid [laughs]. I think that’s what the difference is – the subtlety is, I think that they’re carrying on regardless and I think that the audience is becoming privy to more information about them, which is fascinating to me. If you watch it from a purely story point of view, it’s an amazing way to handle a major relationship between two characters. You know very little about them, you know very little about what happened to them, and as you continue, all you do is, you find out more and more of what happened to them before.

AX: Now, do you feel like Sterling’s feelings about the other people on Nate’s team are changing, or does he just sort of disregard them?

SHEPPARD: I don’t think he ever disregards them. The fact of the matter is, it’s kind of a strange mutual admiration society. The team’s attributes are extraordinary. They are really very good at what it is that they do, but I think the further that Sterling travels with them, the harder it becomes for him to manipulate the situation, which is fascinating, and the more the team believes that they can handle him. And yet, on the other hand, the more that they believe that they absolutely can’t trust him. And yet [laughs], they still continue to do business with each other.

AX: Well, Sterling is not something they can walk away from, or even think they can walk away from, as opposed to, say, Leon Rippy’s character, who has been making money betting against the team’s adversaries.

SHEPPARD: Right, of course. [Sterling is] not the antagonist, per se, but he is very much the conduit to that. When he shows up, they know it’s not going to be easy – but you know, truthfully speaking, I think they could always say it’s been a lot of fun [laughs].

AX: He certainly prompts them to put forth their A game?

SHEPPARD: Yes, absolutely. He keeps them on their toes a little. I think it’s becoming more and more difficult [laughs] every time they meet.

AX: Jonathan Frakes directed “The Queen’s Gambit Job.” Had you worked with him before?

SHEPPARD: No. Frakes [worked with] my dad [actor W. Morgan Sheppard]. I walked onto the set and Frakes said, “Aha! The lesser-talented Sheppard.” [laughs] Frakes and my dad go way back and I’ve known Frakes a long time. I like him a lot. We spent some time together at the Dragon*Con, we’ve spent time together a lot of places. Lovely, lovely man. Wonderful, wonderful director. Truly makes a very special place to play. He’s fabulous at that. He’s fabulous at giving the actor the space and the room to create something really, really special. He’s somebody you can trust and lean on and it’s a fantastic thing to have a director who can do that. He’s a real director. He’ll direct when he needs to direct and he’ll stand back when he needs to stand back.

There’s not one correct way of doing anything and when you have somebody at the helm like Frakes – he leads with enthusiasm and he encourages the best out of people and his job, I think, more than anything, is to make a place where magic can happen, and that’s what he does. And it’s fabulous to work with him. He understands it better than most, because he was in one of the most grueling, long-running series of all time [STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION]. He does understand what it takes to finish an episode, he does understand what it takes to get it into the can, but he truly, truly loves actors, he truly loves actors, and he wants the best, he wants the best out of what you do and he’s fabulous at encouraging and bringing the best out of people. He’s a very interesting man. He makes it a lot of fun to play. I’m very happy to work with him.

AX: Speaking of directing, are you still in post-production on the film MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, which you directed?

SHEPPARD: Ah, the endless post of sci-fi movies. Yes. A lot of fun. I spent a lot of time down in Louisiana discovering what animals could eat me alive. Chiggers to alligators. It’s kind of amazing. Smallest to largest. I’ve been bitten in places people shouldn’t be able to be bitten. Yes, fun, interesting, hot, sweaty place. Lovely people, great food. They can fry water down there – they’re amazing. Truly fun experience down there – got to direct my dad, some lovely actors and actresses, and had a lot of fun making the most impossible Jules Verne story that’s ever been written.

AX: Anything else you’d like to say about LEVERAGE and “The Queen’s Gambit Job”?

SHEPPARD: Fabulous, really happy to be back, and I think this is a very special episode. I think it’s going to be an awful lot of fun. Hold onto your hat.

Origianl Interview at Assignment X


Christina Hendricks in Drive (Trailer)

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Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks stars alongside Ryan Gosling in action movie Drive (not to be confused with Tim Minear’s short lived TV series of the same name). The film tells the story of “A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman [who] discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.”

The film is due for release in September and you can watch the trailer here.


Christina Hendricks Cast in Struck By Lightening

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Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks has been cast in “Struck By Lightening”, written by and starring Chris Colfer. The “coming-of-age comedy” tells the story, in flashbacks, of a high school student blackmailed his fellow students into contributing to a literary magazine.  The film is set for a 2012 release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Everyday Health Interviews Christina Hendricks

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Christina Hendricks’ Six Secrets to Staying Healthy, Fit, and Sexily Confident

As voluptuous Joan Holloway on ‘Mad Men,’ Hendricks embodies calm professionalism. But how does she stay self-assured in the face of constant Hollywood scrutiny? Turns out it’s a mix of Indian food, salsa lessons, and a simple childhood lesson she learned from her mother.

As a child growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, Christina Hendricks knew of at least one four-letter “F” word that was off-limits. (No, not that one.)

Raised in an extremely supportive home, Hendricks knew not to utter the word “fail.” The actress, who most notably plays sassy, sexy secretary Joan Harris (née Holloway) on AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, says that her parents instilled in her and her brother a fearless attitude and an open mind.

“My mom never thought there was anything we couldn’t do. If we wanted to do it, she’d say, ‘Well, let’s figure out how to do that,’ whether it was dance or theater,” Hendricks says. If an experience didn’t turn out as successfully as her kids hoped, Mama Hendricks would spin it as a lesson to learn from — instead of a failure to dwell on.

Hendricks, who has teamed up with the maker of the eyelash-lengthening drug Latisse to help raise donations for the Make-a-Wish Foundation through, believes that her mom’s can-do spirit helped build her own red-carpet confidence today. And she wishes more women would adopt such an outlook in their own lives — and maybe even take a cue from the one and only Ms. Holloway.

“Joan is an inspirational character,” Hendricks says. “People are really supportive of her, I think, because she’s sort of a survivor. She gets knocked down and she gets right back up again.”

But lest you think Hendricks has it all figured out, she’s the first to admit her health and happiness are always works in progress. “I’m constantly trying to learn how to be healthier and take tips from people,” she says. “You have to remind yourself all the time.” Here’s some of the best advice she’s taken to heart:

  1. Exercise with a buddy. Although Hendricks says that she’s not a gym rat at heart, scheduling training sessions with her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, provides good incentive. “We try to work out together because it makes it so much more fun — and it makes the time go by quickly,” she says.
  2. Get comfortable in the kitchen. “I love food, and I love to cook,” she unabashedly admits. “One of my favorite meals is Indian food. It’s a bit more time-consuming because you have to roast the spices, but it makes your house smell heavenly.” But when it’s time for comfort food, she digs into spaghetti and red sauce. “It’s always comforting to me. It’s simple and you know what you’re getting,” she says.
  3. Break out of your workout rut. “I’m really into my Bosu ball right now. They’re kind of fun,” she says. Hendricks credits her dancing background for her natural ability on the ball. “I have good balance, so I feel like I’m good at it,” she says. Hendricks also keeps kettlebells around her house so she can squeeze in a strength workout when she has time. “I keep [them] right next to the bed, so I can run my bath water, do a set, and then do something else, and then come back and do another set,” she says.
  4. Save your face. Hendricks’ glowy porcelain skin is every bit as enviable up close as it is on screen, but the actress works hard to take good care of her creamy complexion. “I wear sunscreen every day,” she says. “I’m conscientious, but I’m not paranoid about it. If I sit by a pool, I’ll wear a sunhat.” She also keeps a regular skincare routine and uses Shu Uemura cleansing oil (“It doesn’t dry me out.”) and Remède facial moisturizer.
  5. Dance every day. After singing and dancing for her role in the musical Company at New York City’s Lincoln Center this past spring, Hendricks has been trying to keep her love of dancing front and center. “It’s an excellent way for me to exercise and not even know that I am,” she says. Hendricks and Arend recently began taking salsa lessons — and they also love having a good old-fashioned dance party in their house. Among her favorites to groove to right now are Arcade Fire’s latest album, The Suburbs, and Florence and the Machine’s Lungs.
  6. Have self check-in’s. As a true believer in moderation in everything — from food to fitness to shopping — Hendricks says that maintaining her health really comes down to self-awareness. “We’re all really busy people and it’s hard sometimes to eat the right foods or drink the right thing or put the sunscreen on,” she explains. “We just have to constantly check in and gauge and moderate ourselves.”

Credit: Apega/

Christina Hendriks in I Don’t Know How She Does It (trailer)

1 June 2011 Leave a comment

Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks stars alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in I Don’t Know How She Does It.  You can watch the trailer at Yahoo! Movies

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